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Lisa Rinna Learns She's Been Burgled ... on Live TV

10/5/2010 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin just interrupted their live interview on "Today" to take a phone call on the air ... from someone who informed them that their L.A. clothing store had just been burglarized.

Lisa Rinna
The couple had just begun to promote their books and reality show -- when Harry received a call on his cell phone about the burglary at the Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Harry was visibly P.O.'d when he learned the bad guys took "piles from the first two racks."

Hamlin informed Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that no one had been injured ... but he clearly wasn't happy with his alarm company.

UPDATE: The alarm company -- ADT Security Services -- has responded to Hamlin's criticism of their work ... claiming operators took "appropriate action" after the incident and had notified cops within 2 minutes of the break-in.

ADT also claims they have a guard service available -- but Hamlin and Rinna don't pay for that level of protection.


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Really?! WHO gives a turd about these two publicity starved losers?! Give me a break. Publicity stunt? YOU be the judge...

1481 days ago

go home!    

omg i love these guys. hilarious that he answered the phone. love their store too, i just wish it wasn't soooo expensive. I'd shop their a lot more!!

1481 days ago

John the Lawyer    

I wonder how much they paid some ex-friend to do the "heist" and time the calls. maybe that will be episode three lol

1481 days ago


I agree with those who think this is all a stunt to get publicity for their new show which I wouldn't watch weather it was real or not.

1481 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

At minimum the phone call part was staged. Probably trying to get publicity for their store just like those Kardashian ho's did with their fake graffiti damage.

1481 days ago


Can only imagine what her other set of "LIPS" look like?

1481 days ago


This looks totally fake. I'm glad others thought the same thing.

These two aren't the best actors. It's a ridiculous publicity stunt.

There's nothing newsworthy in their lives so they have to use a store robbery and lip reduction to get noticed.

1481 days ago


What luck! All this publicity just as their show premieres! Do these people all really think we are that ignorant? Never heard of them and I wouldn't watch anything they did anyways. Isn't it illegal to stage a crime? Oh, wait, you can do anything in LA if you're a "celebrity". The thief isn't worried about getting caught because he'll be back on the street again in just a couple of days anyways.

1481 days ago


Is it just me... or does this seem a lil fishy.
Who takes their phone on set and answers it live??

what were they on LIVE promoting to begin with?? seems like publicity stunt

1481 days ago

This Is The Facts    

How could anyone be hurt it was 7 a.m. in the morning here... and by the way, no one robs a store on Ventura Blvd. at 7a.m. That is a very busy street.

1481 days ago

Eddie baca    

he is right A D T security does suck. they never send any officers out no matter what and they are very rude.

1481 days ago


This really does stink. I have never ever seen anyone answer their cell phone during a live interview on any of the morning news shows from any of the networks. A day or two and it will come out that this was a set up.

1481 days ago

Marjorie Stewart-Baxter    

by the way, cortney, you're not only a douche, but an annoying one at that. peace and love ;) ;) ;)

1481 days ago

Marjorie Stewart-Baxter    

the part that annoyed me the most was as his cell phone was ringing he sat there talking about how EDT sucks. ANSWER THE GD PHONE!

1481 days ago


This guys such a douch bag.I cant even put into words what kind of a douch bag this guy is. How tacky is it to answer your phone in a live tv interview, whether it was staged or not, you just dont do that. I dont care if someone was being murdered. Its live tv!!! Do what you came to do, promote your pathtic reality show, and THEN go take your phone call. And then the whole thing about bad mouthing your security company, it was just digusting. I in all honesty have no idea who he is and im pretty on top of pop culture. But this guy just seems like the typical hollywood a-hole. Like the type of guy that if you had to work with on a shoot or something would just completely treat you less than and try to make you feel worthless. You can tottally tell he's a self centered arrogant ego maniac. If i ever saw this guy on the street i would punch him in the face (joking about that but i sure would want to lol)

1481 days ago
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