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Lisa Rinna Learns She's Been Burgled ... on Live TV

10/5/2010 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin just interrupted their live interview on "Today" to take a phone call on the air ... from someone who informed them that their L.A. clothing store had just been burglarized.

Lisa Rinna
The couple had just begun to promote their books and reality show -- when Harry received a call on his cell phone about the burglary at the Belle Gray boutique in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Harry was visibly P.O.'d when he learned the bad guys took "piles from the first two racks."

Hamlin informed Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that no one had been injured ... but he clearly wasn't happy with his alarm company.

UPDATE: The alarm company -- ADT Security Services -- has responded to Hamlin's criticism of their work ... claiming operators took "appropriate action" after the incident and had notified cops within 2 minutes of the break-in.

ADT also claims they have a guard service available -- but Hamlin and Rinna don't pay for that level of protection.


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So ridiculous. This was so staged to get publicity for their stupid show, they should be ashamed of themselves.

1449 days ago

My New Name    

I would like to respond to this comment:

"Publicity Stunt. The Today show would not let you take your cell phone live on air unless this was set up. Posted at 9:20 AM on Oct 5, 2010 by nacho"

Nacho, I don't know what kind of dictatorship under which you live or how little say you have over your own life, but a television show doesn't "let you take your cell phone" anywhere. The Today show has no say over someone's cell phone. What a ridiculous thing to say.

Why on earth would you think the Today show would actually be able to tell ANYONE they could or could not take their cell phone with them on the air on anywhere? Do you live so far in the boonies or so far removed from civilization that you actually think that because people are on television they have some kind of all-encompassing power or authority to dictate ANYTHING to ANYONE?

Harry Hamlin and anyone else can take their cell phones with them on the Today show or any other show they want. I am not a famous person, but if I was on the Today show, uhh, today I would take my cell phone on the air with me.

Dude, it's just a television show.

1449 days ago


It is basic decorum to turn off your cell phone in a public place, and wherever its use is perceived as rude. On air and during a live interview is certainly among these instances. It is the same rule of decorum that the rest of us follow when we turn our off our cell phones at the dinner table or at the movie theatre. The Today Show producers can make a reasonable assumption that guests will not take calls during live interviews unless, of course, these same guests are complete attention-seeking jerkoffs. There's a reason that Harry Hamlin hasn't worked steadily in the industry for over twenty years. Hamlin is entitled to carry his cellphone with him at all times. Common sense and courtesy dictate that he should turn it off whenever the cameras are rolling, and particularly when he is an invited guest of the Today Show, and is promoting an awful book and reality show. If the situation is a genuine emergency, then politely excuse yourself from the set. Otherwise, expect the public to call you on your BS publicity stunt.

1448 days ago


Obviously a publicity stunt! they both washed up!

1448 days ago



1448 days ago

My New Name    

Yes, the Today show producers do have a reason to make an assumption that people won't accept cell phone calls while in the midst of an interview on camera. That wasn't the point I was arguing. I was arguing the point that someone writing here apparently thought that somehow a television show could "allow" a person to take his/her cell phone with them when they appear on camera. Nobody "allows" an adult to determine where he/she will take his/her cell phone.

Now, in some instances, like in a hospital or on an airplane, people are restricted in when they can USE their phones, but not whether or not they can HAVE their phones.

However, the point I didn't argue and was not arguing was whether it was appropriate or rude to use your phone in certain situations. I don't think cell phones should EVER be heard, so I am definitely NOT a fan of public usage. I shouldn't have to hear everyone else's annoying ringers going off constantly.

Every cell phone has a vibrate or some other method to contact you quietly when it is ringing - if you are in public - USE IT. So, no - I was definitely NOT arguing that it was appropriate to use a cell phone on camera.

One last point. In this unique situation, Harry Hamlin's use of his cell phone during the interview while a robbery was occurring at that moment was great television. If you think for a second the Today show producers were unhappy about how that went down, you REALLY have no idea what the industry is all about.

1448 days ago


@ New Name:

I got your point the first time around. I was adding an additional perspective. I understand how the industry works just fine, and that any opportunity to boost ratings -- regardless of how lame -- will be capitalized upon by the network. Nothing involving Harry Hamlin and Lisa RInna constitutes "great television", and this contrived moment was no exception. The "Today Show" featuring Kathie Gifford with guests Hamlin and Rinna is a crime against quality television programming, and harms the general public more than any boutique burglar ever could.

1448 days ago


Guess I'm not the only one calling shena****ns on this fake story. Can't believe someone thought this up as publicity. Pitiful.

1448 days ago
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