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Legal War Over Mel Gibson's 2006 DUI Arrest

10/12/2010 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The County of Los Angeles is asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit filed by the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for DUI in 2006.


TMZ broke the story that James Mee -- the deputy who arrested Mel in Malibu and witnessed his anti-Semitic rant -- filed a lawsuit against the County of L.A., claiming he was retaliated against after the L.A. County Sheriff's Department alleged he leaked the police report to TMZ.

Now the County is firing back -- asking that the suit be dismissed -- claiming the assertion that the Sheriff was retaliating against the deputy because he was Jewish is simply unsupportable.  In legal papers, the County says, "Simply receiving a directive to proceed in one manner with respect to a police report cannot in and of itself be considered discriminatory."

As we first reported, Mee was ordered to take out all references to Mel's anti-Semitic comments.

As for Mee's other allegations -- that he was "unjustly" denied a promotion, got a negative performance review and was forced to transfer to a less prestigious station --the County claims Mee's religion had nothing to do with it.


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oh yeah if he was so drunk then how the hell would he even know the cop was a jew? Cops are trained to be professional and they are not going to sit on the side of the road telling people they are jews..

1441 days ago

Fidel's niece    

LOL! Payback is a bitch, ah, Mee!

1441 days ago


Deputy James Mee's claims he was "forced to transfer to a less prestigious station" because of his religion. If his religion was a factor, how did he manage to attain a "prestigious" in the first place?

Look, the fact is Deputy J. Mee leaked the police report to TMZ. He can not be trusted around sensitive internal information and therefore is in the position he deserves.

Just like Mel Gibson, he is facing the consequence of his stupidity.

1441 days ago

jim davis    

Where is the infamous and long lost audio recording of Mel "the king of Melibu" anti -semetic rant?

I challenge TMZ to obtain and release the recordings.

Come on TMZ, is it not your duty?

1441 days ago


@tmzgossip who cares what he blew... its not uncommon for people to be on many things at one time. Hell he could have been drinking and dropping speed balls or pumping pure tar smack right up his pooper and still blow a .12

none of it was used by the DA or entered because there was ZERO proof get a clue. Mels been known to dabble in pain killers too like 90% of Hollywood.. now tell me what pain killer and booze will do?

He is a drunk that is fact. he was convicted of dui's that is a fact. not even charged with disorderly or anything else. Even the depts IA agreed this was bull****. If there wasn't cop unions he would be walking oh wait why arent they standing up for him now.. hmm yeah... oh didn't he get in trouble for ruffing someone up a year after Mels arrest also?

sorry man keep going.. zero proof man..

1441 days ago


Mel has helped the Jews in one of the best possible ways when he said in his interview with Diane Sawyer, that he truly understood now how deeply terrified they were of another global misunderstanding of them. Most people don't.
On the other hand the Jews have helped Mel a lot too by pointing out how much his dad has had involuntary influence on him and how much it is not by any standard, including the Bible, a healthy thing.

1441 days ago


That was a result of the jewish factor. If the officer had claimed anything else WITHOUT PROOF, it wouldn't have been a big deal. However, mention jews and you're automatically an anti-semite and it's all downhill from there. I doubt Mel remembered anything he said that night becausre he'd have to be pretty wasted to say the things the jewish officer said that he said. However, this is hollywood, so that's all she wrote.

Posted at 2:33 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by Tammy

why do you doubt he could remember it?
he blew 0.12 -- that's not drunk, it is impaired (and there is a difference, especially for an alcoholic like Gibson)

he didn't remember the Jewish rant, but he remembers that he didn't call the Sargent "Sugartits" 45 mins later?

funny, when he was drunk and ran a red light and rear-ended a car in Toronto, he also blew 0.12 and recalls all of that accident.

but hey, it's far more logical to say he blacked out and cant remember his transgressions

Posted at 2:41 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by TMZgossip

So, if he was ONLY impaired, which means he had some control of his faculties, are you saying that he just decided to blow his career by making jewish rants? Look, I don't believe people without proof, and as there is no independent proof in this case, I don't believe the cop. I also highly doubt Mel believed the cop, but in the jewish controlled hollywood media, I can see why he was advised to apologize.

1441 days ago


Last weekend I had the occasion to meet a member of the LASD at a social function. Dep. Mee came up in the conversation. Wanna know what was said? "Mee is an AZZ HOLE!!!! " Not only that, but it was intimated that this was the opinion of the department as well.


1441 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

He was shut down because he is a liar... there is ZERO proof Mel said what he said.

No other cops
no bystanders
no cop car recording
not even cop radio to dispatch (recorded)caught Mel yelling anything

Only person in this whole world heard it was this cop who in turn sold it. He was made to retract all this bull**** from Mels arrest report because it made LA sheriff liable for slander. Mels lawyer warned them and Mel still could have sued this cop but he didn't. He admitted he was to wasted to remember and took it even when his lawyer advised him to sue to clear his name since there was no way this cop could prove anything more than dui.

funny not even the paps with radio scanners recored this...

pure bull****.. he needs to be fired

Posted at 2:05 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by John

You tell it John!

No one knows what happened that night. One lone JEWISH officer at the time of the Passion is NOT enough to convice any normal preson of normal intelligence that Mel is anti semetic. Teh officer desreved to be correcte din the way tha th ewas. He does not deserve promotion according to his superiors and his coworkers. Officer Mee is just another whiner.

1441 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

TMZ, it only continues to be an issue for some folks. Usually the ones that keep raising the issue. You can't keep raising the same issues and hoping for a different result. Do you live for the day when you can say something without proof and no one challenges you? That'll be a sad day, lest you be the target...

1441 days ago


TMZGossip - - unless he was under oath, it's not proof! BTW, my anon source at LASD also said that Mee should NEVER have put anything in the report about what Mel said. It's "just not done".


1441 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Is there any reason the legal docs aren't coming up?

1441 days ago


the only ones that DENY that Gibson made the anti-semetic rant are the Team Mel / Team Rabid posters.

Gibson never denied it
Gibson admitted to it
Gibson publicly apologized for it by statements in July 06, Aug 06
Gibson publicly discussed and admitted to both the anti-semetic rant and the "Sugartits" statement in Oct '06 on GMA during his interview with Diane Sawyer

it's only an issue for those that are too blind to see reality

Posted at 3:12 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by TMZgossip

People admit to things they didn't do all the time . However, it's fine if you believe he did it. I'm still waiting for proof.

1441 days ago



Mel took ownership for the remark and apologized.

Actions speak louder than words however.

His sobriety is the ONLY way for him to SHOW the Jewish community that his apology is sincere.

And to his credit, he hasn't had a drink since.

It's been 5 years!!!

1441 days ago


ut hey, it's far more logical to say he blacked out and cant remember his transgressions ____________Don't take him for a stupid drunk. He drinks but he knows what he is doing. I'd say he is just a man of integrity and I am really surprised how he has made all the way up in Hollywood. He must be a GENIUS.

1441 days ago
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