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FBI Torpedoes John Lennon Auction Item

10/6/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Lennon's application for U.S. residency has been yanked from auction after the FBI put its foot down ... this according to the auction house.

John Lennon auction.
A rep for the Gotta Have It! Rock & Pop Culture Auction tells TMZ ... "The item has been under investigation by the FBI because it is considered government property."

We're told the auction house has now pulled the document. Too bad ... word is the starting bid was for $100,000.

So far ... no comment from the FBI but a government official tells TMZ, "There is currently an investigation regarding the John Lennon documents in the auction and it's being headed by the FBI."



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Not cool, world. Have you no shame?

1486 days ago

Y do he got    

Not the FBI`s department...Can`t be a true story where does your staff come from mixacola???

1486 days ago


Here is somebody else that was all for Unity the CIA wanted to get rid of. Gee I wonder why its Government property?

1486 days ago


****ing Bunch of Idiots. As Deb would say

1486 days ago


Ownership of an item that is today worth a lot doesn't mean just declaring that it once belonged to the government makes it theirs. For example, it might have been given to John or Yoko by a government employee when it was not worth anything, or retrieved from a garbage can after John threw it there in disgust. In either scenario, it wasn't stolen. Of course, the FBI might want to identify which government employee broke their rules.

Government offices sometimes even have coffee rules. Everyone puts some money in a can when they get a cup. What happens if someone takes a dollar from the can and buys a lottery ticket that wins the Powerball Lottery? What do they owe the can, a dollar or mega millions?

It looks as if they are investigating the theft of a dollar from the coffee can 30 years ago because they want a piece of lottery jackpot today.

1486 days ago


It can be a true story, the FBI has been investigating John Lennon since the 60's. It was all started by J. Edgar Hoover way back when. Hoover worked ever so hard to keep not only John Lennon out of this country but also his fellow Beatles. (how old are you?)

1486 days ago


what is with his middle finger on the right hand? It looks like its got and extra tip

1486 days ago


For the "slow news day" people, sorry that you didn't get your daily Spencer Pratt fix, and had to endure an article about some random music hack.

1486 days ago


This stuff is going on because of a John Lennon daughter coming.

1486 days ago


They sure as hell seized it but they never established that it was wrongly transferred from the government's custody.

Lennon's immigration lawyer said he noticed it missing after a television interview, but that means he had possession of it, as if it were Lennon's property. Whether it was lost or stolen from the lawyer or if Lennon had access to it and gave to someone was never determined.

They were a far distance from rightfully claiming to own the do***ent.

1485 days ago


Shouldn't they be looking for Jimmy Hoffa?

1483 days ago


I've seen a incredible movie of John Lennon 24 Hours of Life on
It was a genious....

1448 days ago

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