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Oksana: Who Knew The Tapes Were Worth Money?

10/6/2010 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva says it never occurred to her the Mel Gibson tapes she secretly recorded were worth money ... this according to an interview she did with People.

Oksana tapes.
In the interview ... the reporter asked, "Did you intend to extort him or use the tapes against him?"  Oksana replied, "That never crossed my mind.  I didn't know that people can do such things."

Her answer is in stark contrast to TMZ sources, who say Oksana all but engineered the $15 million mediation package in return for keeping the tapes secret.

The full People interview will be out Friday.


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"were worth month .."


Worth month? WTF does that mean?

1477 days ago


"Did you intend to extort him or use the tapes against him?" Oksana replied, "That never crossed my mind. I didn't know that people can do such things."


::eye roll:: pffftt...

1477 days ago


She's the most vile woman on the planet right now. All her lies and nonsense stories. Bitch needs to pack up and go away. I don't think it's just Mel she has to worry about anymore. Out of her 1 billion lawyers why isn't any of them telling her to shut the f'up already? They need to remove her children as well. She's a famewhore and a golddigger as well as psychotic.

1477 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

A pathological liar at work.

Ox, you are the LAIR. Confess and apologize. Maybe youcan still avoid muff diving and scrubbing dirty floors. Unless you like those things....

1477 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

(and I am the BAD typist :P LIAR)

1477 days ago


I guess that's why she played one tape b/c there was nothing for her in Mel's settlement offer. Does this girl not know the email where she clearly says that is public? She puts idiots to so much shame that no village would claim her!!

1477 days ago


Lying Russian Mobster whore.

1477 days ago


does she think that we are so stupid that we beleive her when she says' oh, i didnt know people do such things?' gets no sympathy from me.. and whats with the mark near her eye in the mag cover?? a smudge? a beat down? trying to make us all sorry for her, thats bs..and 20 grand for a baby a mo? way too much.. mel gibson wish he never met her, and also wishes he would have stopped the rantings a long time ago..he has a big mouth and she plays all innocent for the big bucks.. what a rip..

1477 days ago


wow she's really spinning this, I hope Eric George will see that.

1477 days ago


The lies just keep coming. Is the Media that stupid. They sure are making themselves out to be with all the crap they are excepting as truth. Why don't they do a little digging on their own like they were suppose to and not just give one side all the time.

1477 days ago


My god, I truly wished now that Mel would have had punched that lying fish lips of her's.
She is pathological liar through and through, sickening.

1477 days ago


A Russian unfamiliar with the concept of blackmail and extortion? Not likely. Extortion and blackmail is a cornerstone of Russian society and government.

1477 days ago


She didn't know you could do such things as tape and blackmail? I'll bet there is a long line of men that would beg to differ with that little gem.

1477 days ago


TMZ, can you ban this celebjunkyz idiot. I'm tired of scrolling through an entire page of his nonsense. Sheesh!

1477 days ago


How did she not know they were worth money when at the mediation she pulled them out as a way to get MORE money!!??

Doing that, which I can totally picture in my head, they are talking about it and then she pulls it out as proof, plays one and say, I want more money or I play it for the world.

Her lies are getting tired and old and personally I am tired of them. I will of course read the article as I will then have more to talk about on here like the troll I am, but it's getting old...CHARGE THEM ALREADY!!!!

1477 days ago
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