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Studio Payout Won't Stop 'Transformers 3' Lawsuit

10/6/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Although Paramount Pictures is promising to pay hospital bills for the "Transformers 3" extra who was gruesomely injured on the set -- that won't deter her negligence lawsuit ... TMZ has learned.


Gabriela Cedillo
's attorney Todd Smith tells us Paramount made an offer to cover "reasonable and necessary medical expenses" -- and he says Gabriela just ended a 30-day stint in ICU where she was treated for the skull injuries she suffered last month.

But Smith says the lawsuit filed yesterday on Gabriela's behalf will go forward no matter what. Smith says, "Medical bills are just the beginning ... her ability to earn income is enormously affected."

Smith added Paramount hasn't actually bucked up yet, but he believes they will once Gabriela's current medical expenses are calculated.


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1476 days ago


I should hope so, They are liable for her injuries. I am sorry for Cedilo and hope that her health improves. Prayers.

1476 days ago


This seems to be one lawsuit that shouldn't really be defended, the insurance company and Paramount should just give her whatever is typical in these cases, and ensure she is taken care of. That would stop the bad publicity in its tracks.

1476 days ago


Poor girl. Do what's right Paramount. Pay her all of her medical bills and settle with the family. 30 to 50 million wouldn't put a dent in your wallet. This girl wasn't a stunt person and didn't deserve this. You guys know you were in the wrong here.

1476 days ago


They owe her more than medical bills. They destroyed her life. She is permanently paralyzed on the entire left side of her body, what kind of life will she lead, how is she supposed to earn a living. They should do what's right if not because it's the right thing then think about all the bad publicity they'll get from destroying this person's life and then refusing to give her what she deserves.

1476 days ago


"30 to 50 million wouldn't put a dent in your wallet"

#5 you must be joking. That is ridiculous. You must be american the way you said that so casually. As much as life and lively hood are invaluable, she and her family did not win the lottery.

1476 days ago

Big D    

Paramount will eventually settle. Her lawyer will most likely get her whatever she deserves. Over the years she'll need tons of medical attention and the more days she is unable to work will just add up the punitive damages her lawyer will also claim. Paramount would be foolish to try and fight this. She was almost killed. She has a big payday coming. Hope she can fully recover one day.

1476 days ago


Where's the rest of the article?

1476 days ago


OT- the tiger woods 'alleged' sex tape w/ devon james

so ROL is saying a web site was launched to release the alleged sex tape w/ devon james & tiger, but i thought tmz said BOTH parties had to consent to release the tape. and didn't tiger's lawyers already draft papers to prevent photos/videos from being released even if they were fake?

tmz do a report on this- is the tape fake

1476 days ago

Just Saying    

What's the story about insurance ??? Is the insurance not paying out damages and medical costs because of negligence on the part of the movie makers ?

1476 days ago


I went to High School with Gabby and she is one of the nicest and warm hearted people I know. She didnt deserve this horrible accident I hope her and her family get some justice

1476 days ago


I would find it odd if she didn't sign a waiver. She's on a movie set with dangerous stunts, so I think paramount would have to have the stupidest attorneys in history if she didn't sign a waiver which acknowledges the dangerous situation she was choosing to put herself in and releasing them from liability. I think covering her medical expenses is the right thing to do and I can see them giving her some money for pain and suffering. However, if she gets too ridiculous with her claim, that waiver is gonna pop up.

I know it's not popular to side with big companies in today's society, but she chose to put herself there. She went to them. I'm also sure she's seen Michael Bay's movies and know how many explosions, car chases and things fly on his sets.

1476 days ago


This is one time I'm rooting someone filing a lawsuit on. They were totally negligent and it was a horrible injury. I'm so tired of stupid idiots bumping their head or getting a knee scrape and suing people, because it makes it harder for people like THIS poor woman to get what's rightfully due, but hopefully she will be able to and Paramount won't make themselves look like arsehats by fighting it. I'd say she should get her medical bills paid and then bank like $2 million for future income she's out, in case she's never able to work again for the rest of her life. That should keep her. :)

1476 days ago


Usually lawsuits involving Hollywood are completely bogus, not this time.

1476 days ago


A cable cut into this girls skull. She needs to be compensated, period. Sounds like this will surely have an impact on her for the rest of her life and ultimately the studio is responsible for the "workplace" and safety of the people that are working there. I know Michael Bay and the studio will be compensated when the movie rakes in 100's of millions!

I really hope she recovers fully. God bless her and her family.

1476 days ago
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