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Studio Payout Won't Stop 'Transformers 3' Lawsuit

10/6/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Although Paramount Pictures is promising to pay hospital bills for the "Transformers 3" extra who was gruesomely injured on the set -- that won't deter her negligence lawsuit ... TMZ has learned.


Gabriela Cedillo
's attorney Todd Smith tells us Paramount made an offer to cover "reasonable and necessary medical expenses" -- and he says Gabriela just ended a 30-day stint in ICU where she was treated for the skull injuries she suffered last month.

But Smith says the lawsuit filed yesterday on Gabriela's behalf will go forward no matter what. Smith says, "Medical bills are just the beginning ... her ability to earn income is enormously affected."

Smith added Paramount hasn't actually bucked up yet, but he believes they will once Gabriela's current medical expenses are calculated.


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She's not a stunt person, she was just an extra. This is ALL on the studio and who they hired to do the stunts are their sub-contractors, but, they can deal with them on their own. Not her problem!

A waiver! STFU

1456 days ago


Paramount, get your checkbook and pen

1456 days ago


Euh... I was an extra on a couple of movie sets, and no, YOU DO NOT SIGN WAIVERS FOR THIS KIND OF CRAP, 'cuz, normally, a production crew do not act so unprofessionally by putting extras in harm's way. Stunt people sign waivers to put themselves in danger, but extras should NEVER be near danger at any time.

Now obviously, you don't know what you're talking about, so let's just say you were ignorant on the subject and now you know, but basically, this poor girl should sue for everything she's entitled to from Paramount and not a penny less... for real.

Posted at 4:29 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by MightyMad

I never claimed to be an expert on this, but it seems sensible TO ME, that extras on Michael Bay set shoud sign a waiver. That's just good legal practise, but I'm not their lawyer. As I don't know if dangerous stunts were being done on the set which you volunteered as an extra, I don't know if a lack of waiver is standard for ALL sets.

1456 days ago


Paramount get your checkbook and pen out, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1455 days ago


The studio executives are complete morons if they don't know she will need lifelong care, unless miracle from God cures her of the massive injuries. Pay up, selfish greedy bitches!!!!!

1455 days ago


$50,000 is absolutely NOTHING for her, especially if she can never work again! Her attorney should start at $50 MILLION! Seriously, she's a young kid! $50,000 won't even pay her medical bills let alone feed her and provide shelter for her for the rest of her life!

1455 days ago


I hope she will recover fully. Paramount needs to take care of this woman for more than just her medical bills.

1455 days ago

Production Assistant    

The injured woman is represented by one of the nations most aggressive and largest personal injury law firms. These guys are not Larry H. Parker, they're big time. I'm usually not a fan of lawyers, but in this case I hope they take Paramount to the cleaners. I have several friends on the crew of Transformers 3 and this girl was not 500' from the stunt in a safe location like the studio claims. On a movie-set a safe stunt often means no one got hurt the last time it was done. That's like saying russian roulette is safe because the gun didn't go off the last time the trigger was pulled. This girl was hurt because extras are cheaper than stunt drivers. Period. Stunt people are aware of the risks, extras are not. I wonder who had the final word on-set and decided that the cars were to be driven by extras and not stunt drivers. I'll bet it was someone in production (producer, UPM or studio rep.) You didn't save any money on this stunt did you Paramount. They need to pay millions or they will go right back to endangering peoples lives, and having the pre-stunt "cover the studio's a**" safety meeting (we are going to blow stuff up, so don't get hurt) won't protect the studios. This didn't have to happen.

1455 days ago


Well said, PA. Maybe you have an answer to a question. Why isn't Michael Bay named in the suit and the Location Managers are? I hope Paramount is covering them.

1455 days ago

Production Assistant    

ThinkingWoman, I'm not a lawyer so I don't know why Michael Bay is not mentioned in the lawsuit. I think the Location Managers are mentioned because they are responsible for finding and helping overseeing a shooting location.
My friends say Michael and the shooting crew feel terrible about all this. I believe that, but something has got to be done about these stunts. Shooting crews are constantly put in very dangerous situations. You would be amazed how many times disaster is avoided only because someone was able to get out of the way at the last second before they got hurt. Ask any member of the camera, grip, electric... crews if they ever saw a stunt go bad, but quick reactions or luck saved the day. You'll be horrified by what you hear.

1455 days ago


Even if you sign a waiver, you can still sue. Also, she/her family didn't win a jackpot. They will spend the rest of their days and beyond taking care of this beautiful young woman. She WAS a "beginning" stunt woman, looking to break into movies, using her own car, and making minimum wage. They had practiced this stunt several times, but the last time, something went wrong and the iron bar wasn't attached properly. This is such a tragedy.

1455 days ago


this girls' life is ruined. No amount of money will ever bring her back 100%. Think of the family and her Mom and Dad that will need to provide special care....OMG. How awful. Prayers and my thoughts go out to her and her family. May they somehow return to normal someday.

1455 days ago


Typical , injured persons always think they are worth more than they think. Sorry she got hurt, they are going to pay her med bills , and give her some monies but 30 to 50 mil? BS ,her family is looking for a payday plain and simple. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT PEOPLE ! and for the record you do have to sign waivers when you are choosen to be an extra, I had to sign one during the making of dances with the wolves when it was filmed in Cherokee NC as a native American extra.

1455 days ago


Let the court decide whats fair but i would sue too...OSHA doesn't stop at movie sets !!!

1455 days ago


I work in this field and sadly She will remain the victim in this case. Its sad she had to get a lawyer but he is right and she wil have tons of loss.

A 30 day stay in ice could be upwards of a million dollars. Your looking at 4k to 20k a day just for the room. Then all the dr's etc..

Then you have stupid stuff like her bf/husband or parents having to rent a hotel or apt to be close to her. BTW if you can pick up a house right next door to a big hospital cheap get it and rent it furnished like a hotel with weekly/monthly rates :).. normally houses next door go cheap because of sirens and heli's all night.

Then after all this she lost work and all the PT and OT she will need for a year or two will be nasty. She might not be able to work for 18 months out and if it disfigured her then her chances of Hollywood calling are zero.

best case for the studio is 5 to 10 mill but I think more 25mill... sounds like a lot but it isn't after lawyers and bills are paid. She might be lucky with 10m for the rest of her life and I bet she will be in pain most of it and huge regret of loosing your dreams etc..

1455 days ago
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