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Clay Aiken & Tyra Banks

Train Together

10/7/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken and supermodel gal pal Tyra Banks took their relationship underground ... and rode the NYC subway together on Wednesday.


Looks like Madonna has started another celebrity trend.


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Who cares if Clay is cool or not? He is a success and sold millions and tours all the time. Too many clowns on the radio can't sing and are just freaks. Clay is talented so he's better.

1422 days ago


What luck, having a photographer there on the NYC subway to get pics. You sure are on top of things.

1422 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

GAY AIKEN IS GROTESQUE. He recently did some PBS Concert special and where do I begin.
First of all, He makes the Most Effeminate, LIZA MINNELLI style faces when he sings. He is so detached from his music while he's performing it because he spends all his concentration on mugging for the camera.
He has a UGLY mouth with little baby teeth and he makes these weird horse like mouth gestures while he sings. On top of it , he walks around the stage holding his hands to his sides in the typical fruity fashion and saunters around like he's doing a Cher impersonation.
He did a cover of Roy Orbison's "Crying" with that washed up hag Linda Eder and the song was unrecognizabl;e due to the horrib;e"Arrangement" as well as both of them going off on self indulgent tangents with no melody of the original song even present. IT WAS AWFUL.
I wouldn't necessarily have posted this was such detest but I've met him several times and he;s an ARROGANT, BEECHY QUEEN with a HORRIB:E TONE to his voice. SO he can hit a few high notes. Big Deal. With a tone like that, who wants to listen to him.

HEY CLAY, Be Humble. You lucked out on Idol during a relatively low talent year. Kim Locke was the best singer, but they had to have a fat black guy win to be politically correct. Kimberly Locke should have won. Adam Lambert has worlds of talent over you and even he's not all that.

Be Humble and grateful, Not Arrogant and Entitiled , (like you act). I

1422 days ago


LOVE, love, love Clay Aiken!!!

1422 days ago


OMG HAHAHAHAHA #33!!!!! You said it! I COULDN'T have said it better.

Hate to admit it, but I ACTUALLY saw that PBS special and it was SO BAD that I couldn't stop watching it. EVERY song was unrecognizable. The "guest" singers were as pathetic as Clay. Wtf people? Who the F would pay for this NO TALENT freak? I wouldn't have paid to get him off the TV. Poor PBS are you that desperate?

1422 days ago


omg someone has a lot of time of their hands to describe everything they don't like about Clay Aiken, what do you do spend your days and nights on the internet finding articles about him and make lenghtly comments about him. Or do you copy and paste it everywhere? LOL

1422 days ago


Tyra is almost bald - thank god for those wigs she normally wears!! Her natural hairline goes back almost to her mid-scalp! Ewwww!!

1422 days ago


OMG #33 to 35 are such pathetic haters! Adam Lambert fans are so bitchy and competitive! Go away!

1422 days ago


I enjoyed seeing the they had fun riding the sue them. Staged or not. Obviously those who came to comment had some interest in this story. Even those who happen to have a grudge against Clay personally, which by the way I don't get? I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times and he was nothing but nice, charming and very funny. Maybe he had a bad day when you met him or I caught him on an off "diva" day, not sure.

1421 days ago


D list? I don't think so. I don't think he is even on a list! But who's this guys publicist? Because they deserve a HUGE bonus for getting this freak of nature even photographed.

Oh yeah, and there's ALWAYS time to point and laugh at this loser!

1421 days ago


Tres, if it weren't for "old ladies", you wouldn't be here. And someday, if you are lucky, you'll be an older adult. Don't knock it.
As for the scathing reviews of Clay's PBS special, did your teacher force you to sit down and do a movement by movement analysis of the show? You've paid way too much attention to the entire show to be anything other than a hate monger.

1421 days ago


Clay looked cute and adorable as usual. And if he's such a D-lister, why is everything he does SUCH BIG NEWS, huh? Go to a Clay concert and see how much his fans continue to love and support him. As for the great PBS special, the "look" was retro to go with the "Tried & True" songs, but guess you dopes didn't GET that! Only special performers get to have a special like that, by the way--NOT D-listers. He's a great guy and loved by millions. What have you done lately??? So if you still think Clay's a D-lister, what would that make you--less than pond s***.

1421 days ago


I'll never understand why people follow this man around the internet just to bash him. They must feel awfully threatened by him in order to spend so much time trying to diminish him.

1421 days ago


It isn't just random people, #43. Its Adam Lambert fans who hate Clay Aiken because he's better than that Screechy Clown.

1421 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

I DO NOT "follow Gay AIKEN around the internet" as #43 suggests. Nor am I an Adam ***bert fan as #44 suggests, although he is better than Gay Aiken.

I am a person who reads TMZ and when this post came up, I commented because I happened to see that PBS Special, and like #35 said, could not change the channel from this train wreck.

It was AWFUL. I didn't "STUDY" his every move. It was all so weird that if you have a brain and a pulse, it was hard not to notice. He held weird screechy notes, and did some crazy Patti Labelle thing in Unchained Melody. He went flat and sharp several times. I'm in the music industry (as I've stated before) and sometimes have to bite my tongue when dealing with talent, so I do enjoy laying it down on here when the opportunity arises.

I know music. I have never understood the appeal of him until I was a guest of someone at his Christmas Special a few years back. Then when I saw all of the overweight, middle-aged to elderly, trailer-trash that adores him, it made sense. He appeals to a lower socio-economic, white trash demographic, who are fairly uneducated and were blind to the fact of what a fruit he was when he was on idol. because they were so dumb. They felt safe with him as there is no masculine threat by someone as effeminate as he is.

Say what you want about my motives, but most of you are not in the industry, have never met him, or any other talent, and sit home adoring losers whose lives seem better than yours. But take notice. His life ain't better than yours, SO quit blindly idolizing a grotesque talentless freakshow and do something to improve your own quality of life.

BTW His hair as the weird POOF because he USES a FLAT iron on it every day, because he has naturally wiry red hair, as told to me by one of the hairstylists from IDOL. If you don't believe it, look at his audition tapes. He also is 6'1" and has a big fat woman's azzz and is pear shaped.

HE"S GROSS and I can't even imagine how hideous you must be if you think he's hot or even remotely attractive. He's A FREAK.
And BTW, he had to do that PBS special because that crap album didn't sell in the stores, and PBS had to basicially give it away, when you made a donation to the station. Are you all really that stupid??? He needed to try and recoup some of the costs of making an album that didnt sell. That 's how it works PEOPLE.

1421 days ago
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