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Clay Aiken & Tyra Banks

Train Together

10/7/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken and supermodel gal pal Tyra Banks took their relationship underground ... and rode the NYC subway together on Wednesday.


Looks like Madonna has started another celebrity trend.


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Quincing Snuff, bullying and gay bashing is alive & well in your sick world. Clay has endured both for many years and is superior and successful. The homophobes that have no life are the losers in this.

1446 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

#46 Kallie. It has nothing to do with the new "BULLYING" craze in the media so don't even try that. And it isnt even gay bashing. He's WEIRD AND UGLY NO MATTER WHP HE SLEEPS WITH. There are plenty of Gay men who act like men. There are plenty who act like girls. He just acts WEIRD. He's a MISH MOSH of a bunch of weird celebs ( most are of the opposite sex of him.... which is odd). He's like The WORST OF Barry Manilow, Cher, Liza Minelli, and Charles Nelson Riley, all rolled into one. with a bad attitude and a self loathing demeanor. Keep livin in your fantasy world Kallie.
Im outta here.

1446 days ago


Quincing Snuff, looks like your jealousy of Clay Aiken is the least of your problems. You need serious help, fella.

1446 days ago


they are not together so stop it.

1446 days ago

RJ Sneed    

I don't like a blond country singer, but you will not find me wasting my time posting hate messages. Life is to short and I rather enjoy the good things that are outside the four walls of my room.
If you don't like what on PBS, and you can not change the channel. Noboday held a gun to your head and made you watch the whole thing...just turn the darn TV thing off.
Personally, I enjoy the show, and I think the pictures of these two riding the subway is great.

1446 days ago


Clean Up in aisle 3!!! #45 and #47 went and spewed some vile stuff. I hope they go sleep it off somewhere.

1446 days ago


So I guess that leaving snotty comments makes some people feel better?

I feel bad for celebs just trying to live a normal life and have to put up with not only the pap's but idiots who feel compelled to say something nasty for whatever reason.

For all of you who can only say something nasty - GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN.

1446 days ago


Why are people so mean and nasty when they hide their true identity on the intertent? I was brought up with the saying was "if you can't say something nice than don't say anything".If you don't care for a person (for whatever reason) than just remain silent. I think young people today, due to the internet,think it's OK to bash anyone and don't care who they hurt in the process. Please people, before you respond to anything on the net, think about other people's feelings. What if this was your brother or sister being would it make you feel? The media doesn't help when they make rude remarks about people, in fact they encourage it so they can get hits. Shame on the media and those who bash others.

1446 days ago


As an Adam Lambert fan, a Clay Aiken fan as well as many others, I find negative commenting on another silly and petty. I saw Clay's PBS special and he was very good. It was not my favorite type of music, but it was very watchable! For those calling Ruben names, he looked great during his and Clay's Timless Tour this past summer. I also enjoyed Adam's concert! AI has produced some fine talent and so I continue to watch it. Tyra seems to be a nice person, so why all the spewing?

1446 days ago


I do take offense to Clay's fans being called "trailer trash". Excuse me, but I am well educated and I have a good job in the business world and I do enjoy Clay Aiken. His concerts are fun and entertaining and I have seen many of the best performers in the world. I live in a nice home and a nice neighborhood and I resent being called "trailer trash!" Every performer attracts all kinds of people and to sterotype them is insulting.

I will admit that there are a lot of "older" people at his concerts but hell go to see Paul McCartney and you will see the same thing! Those "older" people as you call them have lived through decades of great music and great performers, so what if they now enjoy the voice and talent of Clay Aiken.

If you don't like him, so be it, but don't insult the people who do, that is low by anyone's standards.

1446 days ago


Until you walk a mile in someone else's shoes, you have no right to question how/why/when/where they live their life.

1445 days ago


Clay and Tyra probably knew they were on camera, but they were just enjoying the day together, and getting a kick out of the attention. Don't think Clay has ever ridden the subway before.
As for #47's post, I do enjoy Clay's voice very much, and I am hardly trailer trash. I live in a golf course community, and run a business. My hubby has a Master's Degree and then some. We happen to like outstanding voices, and Clay's is most definitely one of them. He is also a really good, charitable person. Can't help but notice that without the hilarious hair, he is very handsome to boot. Of course, I wish he had not made the splashy announcement so late in the game, but it was his choice. It has nothing to do with his being a top notch entertainer, and he's hardly a D lister!

1440 days ago


Don't know why I even bother, but hey, Clay's a great guy & certainly doesn't deserve pathetic haters spinning their web of lies about everything he does & says (or doesn't do & say because most of what haters write is FICTION) every single day for 7 freakin' years. Sure you're in the biz, Quincing Snuff, sure you've met him, blahblahblah..... you're still a lame-o loser hiding behind a keyboard who WISHES you'd have accomplished as much in your life as Clay Aiken. While he's devoting a great part of his life to disadvantaged children (since long before he was famous), you're just spewing negative energy into the world that will come back to you in a HUGE way. KarmaGotchoo!

1440 days ago


What are the odds?

1436 days ago
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