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Khloe K Shows Her Stripes

10/7/2010 10:31 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's youngest Kardashian sister Khloe Kardashian at the season finale party for "The Spin Crowd" on Wednesday (left) -- and a real live zebra at a zoo in Rome (right).


One is often seen in small harems or large herds.

We're just sayin'.



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And Claudius said "at least I'm still here"...and later became emperor of Rome. You say they do nothing, but they own a boutique. What do you own? Their father was rich and left them money. Was your father rich? She lays on her back and gets famous for focking Ray Jay...that horrible ebony King Kong! Do you look as good as Kim Kardashian? And don't tell me you wouldn't run to the bank full sprint for your money...if you weren't so common...making mass-adulation pretty much impossible for you. Aw truth hurts doesn't it? Now who were you criticizing???

1484 days ago


LOVE IT!!!!!

1484 days ago


Which picture is Khloe . . ?

1484 days ago


This should have been a "Who'd You Rather"

1484 days ago


The Zebra is beautiful..that other creature needs to put a bag over it's head..

1484 days ago

Throwback kid    

She has bad posture and is getting fat again.

Can she go through one dinner with her family without talking crude about sex?

1484 days ago


You go Khloe! You look beautiful, girl!

1484 days ago


The zebra wore it better.

1484 days ago


Hey 68, you're right! my daddy wasn't rich I've had to work and EARN my money, No I don't own my own store that sells overpriced junk because I have to support myself, by WORKING, I've never had a million dollars just handed to me simply because I was born lucky. I would NEVER make a porn tape, then release it on the sly and lie about it because I'm a truthful person who chooses not to deceive anyone.Nor would I ever whore out my family and friends just to get fame.As far as Kim looking "good" thats your opinion and definitely NOT mine but I for sure would not stuff myself into outfits 3 sizes too small just to get my picture in the paper. TnA may sell products but they're only selling theirselves so I guess to you the end justifies the means? As for being common? There is only one of me so I guess that makes me unique huh? When they stop being on every site for doing absolutely nothing then I'll stop complaining but realize this, people struggle everyday, they work hard because they HAVE to and yet they continue to work for their dream by taking classes to improve their skills meanwhile we have these other people who are seen everywhere, doing nothing...oooh she went shopping again, oooh look at that ass oooh...don't hard working dedicated people deserve even just abit of that attention? My truth is just fine and no it doesn't hurt me at all

1484 days ago


All she can think of is pets; striped ones, solid ones, furry or smooth ones,

SINCE SHE CAN'T GET PREGNANT (he's had children)
her equipment needs to be checked out.

1484 days ago


The K sisters have incredible natural beauty. Puked in my mouth. Klhoe is always on her sisters azzz. Im sorry but I have never met or want to meet a woman that is clearly turned on by her siiiisssttteeerrrrrrr. sorry had kourtneys accent on siiiissssttteeeerrrrr

1483 days ago



Because she dates a black man she is Gross?

Posted at 1:35 PM on Oct 7, 2010 by Tray


Khloe is dating a black man? Do you think her husband, Lamar Odom, knows she's dating another dude?

Khloe is a cow and Lamar will eventually realize as much and he'll move on. Unfortunately Khloe will take a huge chunk of his money with her when he kicks her to the curb.

1483 days ago


If Snooki was taller she'd be Khloe's twin.

1483 days ago


Khloe looks gorgeous! Way to go girl!

1483 days ago


Have any of you guys that posted nasty comments looked in the mirror recently? Are any of you worthy of a second glance? Who made you judge on how pretty people should be or what type or size clothes they should wear? None of you are perfect and all of you have your insecurities no matter how much you put on a front! How would you feel if that was you in the picture and everyone was being really nasty? You lot need to grow up or get a hobby or something. Its actually embarrassing that you could be so immature! Jokers!!!

1480 days ago
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