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Sheriff Gets Legal Eagles In Oksana Extortion Probe

10/7/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is consulting law professors and attorneys to determine if Oksana Grigorieva was trying to extort Mel Gibson, or if it was just good, old-fashioned negotiating.

Oksana extortion.
We're told Sheriff's investigators want experts to weigh in on Oksana's role in the mediation -- specifically, whether she was a participant in a legal negotiation with Mel, or whether she crossed the line and simply demanded money in return for not ruining the actor with the inflammatory tapes.

Investigators are still conducting forensic tests on certain evidence, including Oksana's iPhone, which she used to secretly record Mel.

And Sheriff's investigators are approximately two weeks away from turning the extortion case over to the L.A. County District Attorney ... this according to Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore.

Whitmore tells TMZ ... Oksana is the sole focus of the extortion investigation.


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1443 days ago


Man I hope they get this clown so we can stop reading a hundred stories of her everyday on here. It's getting to the point where its ridiculous. She has told so many lies, I have no idea how her new lawyers even keep them straight. She is nothing but an OBVIOUS golddigger.

1443 days ago

your own luck    

I am so sick of this story. I think we have all overdosed on the insanity of these people and their pathetic lives. Please move on to something else.

1443 days ago


The bad news is that Oksana is the soul focus of their investigation.

1443 days ago


They've got no case for extortion. She was engaged in lawful negotiations, nothing more. "Team Mel" will be shocked and despondent when she is exonerated. *big smile*

1443 days ago


One more step to finally get this lady facing some real consequences for this mess.

Her people magazine interview is the final nail for the public. Nobody is going to believe a word she says.

1443 days ago


How do they wanna prove extortion in court beyond a reasonable doubt, if they cannot even determine it themselves?

1443 days ago


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck . . .

1443 days ago


I have a bad feeling about this. They're already using the phrase,
"good, old fashioned negotiating." Is this what they got from talking to Eric George?

1443 days ago


It's Hollywood,
it will be legal bargaining,
there are too many precedents that Oksana's lawyers can argue.
Unless they can trace the Tapes and money to her or an explicit
demand. She will walk away

1443 days ago


ask how mel first was made aware of the recordings.
ask did she record her conversation with mel when she
first told him she had been recording him.
ask what she told mel she was going to do with the
ask what she told mel she wanted to get for not
airing the recordings even before she called
her attorney and before they went to mediation
that is where the base would be for the extortion
she initiated.

1443 days ago


So, should I be thinking that neither the Sheriff's Department nor the Prosecutor's Office know CA law well enough to decide if she's guilty of extortion? This is ridiculous!! Somebody call me when someone in the prosecutor's office have the brains or balls to make ANY kind of decision on this psycho bimbo.

1443 days ago


It was extortion becuase the terms of her extortion against Mel Gibson, releasing those recordings, came to fruition.
Oksana threatened Gibson with the tapes, he did not meat her demands and the tapes were made public. She recorded those tapes with the intention of releasing them to the public and that is exactly what she did.
Oksana has displayed from the begining the intend to extort mel Gibson and the moment she researched on how to record him she displayed the behavior an extortionist would display. She prepared to record him on what may be ten different occasion, if there are ten tapes as she admits, on several different occasions she displayed tendencies of an extortionist.

There is no doubt at all Oksana intended to make those recordings of Mel Gibson public and the entire world could testify that they indeed hear the result of her extortion.

1443 days ago

Zooma Zoom    


1443 days ago

Just Saying    

The DV case is finished -- by her own big mouth. If the above story is true, it sounds like everyone in the case is trying to avoid having to prosecute Oks. I don't think the authorities will want to charge Oks if they can't charge Mel. I know what I say sounds stupid, but everything to date has been a circus, a joke - yes, even the authorities and the courts and the judge in the child custody case. That's US taxpayer dollars hard at work !

1443 days ago
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