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Miley Cyrus --

Guilt-Tripped Over Sexy New Video

10/9/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The backlash over Miley Cyrus' new body-grinding, panty-sporting, sexed up music video has already begun -- with a powerful parents organization ripping Miley for turning her back on young fans.

The video in question is "Who Owns My Heart" -- in which a blindfolded Miley (who's still 17 years old BTW) can be seen writhing around on a bed in her underwear ... before entering some other sexually charged situations. 

Now, Tim Winter -- President of the Parents Television Council -- tells TMZ, "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one."

Winter continues, "It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point.  Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."


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I understand where all the parents are coming from but she is growing up after all and is just shy of being an adult. It's natural for her to do videos of this nature while she is finding herself and the artist she wants to be. It doesn't make her any less true to her younger fans. Get off her back!

1412 days ago


the thing with miley is that you can compare her to britney when britney first came on the scene at 17, but britney's first video was at a high school, and for the most part besides he sexed up school girl outfit, was mostly clothed, even wore floor length pants in part of her video!!! miley is not yet an adult, and kids are acting WAY too old for their age these days.

1412 days ago


honestly though, everyone's done it.
Britney did that, Christina (Dirty, helllllo?!) did that, even Hilary Duff did that! Stars need to break away at some point, and this is what Miley's doing. She's turning 18. She's growing up and has fans that grew up with her as well. They all understand, it's just what the media wants.

1409 days ago



1395 days ago

she not normal    

okay you all say that she just going through a phase and she a teenager okay yea she 17 and most 17 year olds do that bbut there one thing she not a normally teenager she is under the spotlight i am 17 and we do that because we are not famous and we dont care what people think but she is always being judge she can go through a phase but when your famous you cant be turning your back on your fans which im not saying she isnt i mean that she gotta just be careful of how she going through it.

1392 days ago

Pure Cleanse    

i like Miley Cyrus and I always eager to listen about her exclusive so thanks for this.
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1384 days ago

Pure Cleanse    

i like Miley Cyrus and I always eager to listen about her exclusive so thanks for this.
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1384 days ago


i dont know how people like her she is so ugly i mean like her parents dont tell her anything like that one time she had a video and she was striping on the pole and the dad said if she is happy then iam happy like they dont even care, if that was my daughter i would of killed her already she is just a person who wants attention for reals she thinks she is super cute doing that but not really she is just f***** h***

1383 days ago


miley cyrus used to be my role model but now shes a slut !!! i hate her she made me cry when i saw that vedio and MUCH MUCH more im only 7 years old and now im cheering for selena gomez

1367 days ago


Why are you all trapping her? she wants to grow up so let her!!


1366 days ago


u think thats bad check this out its the right video this time my bad lol
she is sucking ********!?/

1043 days ago


well if u think thats bad check this video out shes sucking ****

1043 days ago


well amy selana is said to have a very bad bad tape so im sorry to hear that try a nice girl closer to ur age like the girtls off shake it up :) there for right now a better role model hun :)

1043 days ago


ok waite it was demi lavato my bad but selanas soo next count on it

1043 days ago
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