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Miley Cyrus --

Guilt-Tripped Over Sexy New Video

10/9/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The backlash over Miley Cyrus' new body-grinding, panty-sporting, sexed up music video has already begun -- with a powerful parents organization ripping Miley for turning her back on young fans.

The video in question is "Who Owns My Heart" -- in which a blindfolded Miley (who's still 17 years old BTW) can be seen writhing around on a bed in her underwear ... before entering some other sexually charged situations. 

Now, Tim Winter -- President of the Parents Television Council -- tells TMZ, "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one."

Winter continues, "It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point.  Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."


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Vegas Wrestling    

So those bible thumping hypocritical lying pieces of garbage are still around huh?

Ask them how Vince McMahon and WWE kicking their ass in a lawsuit tasted years ago? Yes. they got sued by WWE and LOST!! These worthless self righteous do gooders will make up lies about any show that isn't the 700 Club.

Literally, they are liars and hypocrites and WWE neutered them pretty good several years ago. Whatever, they can all STFU.

1413 days ago


@Jamie, first of all, it's an obvious lie when you say that Billy Ray is using Miley Cyrus to bring "in the bucks." Billy Ray Cyrus is worth $150 million--look it up! He doesn't need his daughter's charity! Second of all, the girl's one month shy of 18. She's exhibiting the kind of healthy and free sexuality any normal young adult enjoys. Nothing wrong with that, and I don't think child protective services is going to get involved--if they do, I'm going to be calling for their terminations over the abuse of power. We don't need out government enforcing puritan constraints on us. Third of all, Billy Ray, just like most recording artists with a career as long as his, has had his highs and lows, but he's still making great music, still has lots of fans, still tours and seems to be having fun doing it. It's amazing to me that there are so many sick-minded people out there who can't stand to see others having a little success.

1413 days ago


My call - the next Lohan just waiting to let heard it here and takin all bets..Joking of course, gambling is illegal unless run by the State or Indians in California. Miley shows all the signs of another Britney, Lohan, Paris, and don't forget the girl that drove on the wrong side of the freeway flow and did 10 minutes of jail time for being drugged out ofher mind - Nicole Richie. So what will Miley be arrested for first?????

1413 days ago


I've had to tell my seven year old that Miley wants to be a grown up and she's not really for little girls any more. I think she's going to lose most of her fan base. I'm thinking they will not be showing this video on the Disney Channel.

Posted at 1:30 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by mom
That's EXACTLY the point!! Also Miley made a boat load of cash
lending her name to merchandise aimed at little girls!! I saw Miley and Hannah Montana Halloween costumes, wigs, pinatas, plates, cups, etc the other day at the "Party store."

The little girls I know don't like her anymore so I don't know who her demographic is now!?! They say there is no way they would want anything of hers. Not her clothes, dolls, music, nothing! Much less dress like her!

It's sad to see her turn on the very ones she got rich off of... and she said she was just like them. It's also funny to see people walk right past her merchandise and make snarky comments!

1413 days ago


i hear what u are saying about her fans that have grown up with her, im fine with that, parents should be supervising their choices, but my 5 and 8 year old watch her too and have watched every hannah montana show, they cried when they saw her new sexed up image, i liked it, lol, heh it sells records, I understand the business thinking. but my daughters don't understand business, so I see it as a calculated risk, lose the pre-teen audience and capture a more mature audience, I get it now

1413 days ago


Ha! Fred I agree with ya! Alot of 17 year olds ARE acting this way if not worse! There are no morals or ethics anymore it seems.

People need to realize that the generation thay raise will be the ones who elect a president, choose their nursing home, etc!

Miley should have enough cash to last her if she crashes and burns now!

1413 days ago


I say if it works, great for her. As for me and mine....we'll pass on her.

Hasn't she lived with a 20 or 21 year old guy for a while now??

1413 days ago

Tony B    

★ ★ ★HOT!!! LOVES IT!!!

STFU haters. Vid is awesome. Let the girl grow up.

Keep on ownin' it, Miles baybee. You're a cool beyatch.★ ★ ★

1413 days ago


She is turning from her biggest fans when I was little I remember dancing around with her songs. She needs to think this over. More than half her fans are 7-10 year old girls.

1413 days ago


Yep, I sense the need for damage control.

1413 days ago

Laffn Bear    

It is a shame when public opinion takes the place of parental guidance.
It will be interesting to see if she gets the message in the long term.
There must be a better way to transition from the tweeny fan base to a more adult audience. This is risky business as she is conducting it.

1413 days ago


"Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls..."

Uh, yeah... when she herself was a young girl. She is allowed to grow up, you know. Her contract with Disney did not bind her to become a nun.

1413 days ago


This is the story in Nashville for years now;
Daddy Billy didn't marry her Mother til HIS Daddy told him he had to! They just kept making babies plus they each had their own! The story goes that his Dad told him "You're gonna marry this one!"

So considering that, the standards aren't that high.

As for all the comparisons to Britney, no way!
Brit is appealing to all because she has that "dingy" thing, you feel like she doesn't know any better.
Miley comes off as calculating. Like she knows exactly what she's doing- that being only what Miley wants to, not what's right or best!

1413 days ago


It's sad how hard Miley is trying to be edgy and sexy. But even if you get past the inappropriateness, the video and the song are just awful. Perhaps she's using controversy to try to divert from the fact that the music is so bad.

1413 days ago


My kids like Hannah Montana, but I'm not concerned with them emulating Miley Cyrus... I guess that's one of the benefits of having younger kids who haven't essentially grown up watching the show: they're not interested in the girl, just the brand.

I can understand why some groups of parents might be upset over this, but she's apparently had enough of her childhood and wants to move on. Those parents should let her move on and focus on their own children rather than fussing over how somebody else raises their children.

1413 days ago
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