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Miley Cyrus --

Guilt-Tripped Over Sexy New Video

10/9/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The backlash over Miley Cyrus' new body-grinding, panty-sporting, sexed up music video has already begun -- with a powerful parents organization ripping Miley for turning her back on young fans.

The video in question is "Who Owns My Heart" -- in which a blindfolded Miley (who's still 17 years old BTW) can be seen writhing around on a bed in her underwear ... before entering some other sexually charged situations. 

Now, Tim Winter -- President of the Parents Television Council -- tells TMZ, "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one."

Winter continues, "It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point.  Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."


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well, looks like Miley sailed that ship into whoreville where 17 y/o's wake up in a hotel room bed with masks on who sit in the back seats of limo's with no pants on and go to dirty night clubs and grind up on strangers, how disgusting and unrealistic.
and "mytwocents" its not the 17 y/o's we're worried about, its the 12-16 who thinks ok to look like a slut, I was on the fence with this Miley girl and letting my daughter listen to her music, but after seeing this not only will she not listen to her music, she will not watch her shows, wear miley brand clothes and I'm about 2 mins away from canceling the disney channel.
Shame on you Miley, your Dad, and the execs in the music industry, you ruined your career Miley, your a one hit wonder a few years away from playboy....Sad.

1421 days ago


It's not that bad of a video. The 80s european vids were the same kind of thing. Lots of bumping and grinding. Yawn. I do think the music industry and hollywood is going to ruin this kid though. They always do... use em, chew them up, spit them out and find someone else to take their place.

1421 days ago

tom terrific    

MC is a minor child. She could not make any video without parental support and consent. Send the complaints to her parents.

1421 days ago


Hey, Idiot! Don't say, "If you don't like it, don't watch it". We're talking a very young fan base here - not a-holes like you. Yes, YOU can not watch it (but I bet YOU do!). You just don't get it.

1421 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Thank you Kelly.

Don't let anyone tell you that we screwed up raising "our kids". This is GENERATION ZERO - and I don't care from what end of the political, economic, religious etc spectrum you come from - OUR DAUGHTERS ARE ALL BEHAVING LIKE WHORES - LOOK AT ME - LOOK AT ME - POSTING ON FACEBOOK ALL DAY LONG TO SEE WHO CAN POST THE SLUTTIEST PHOTOS TO SEE WHO WINS THE SLUT OF THE DAY AWARD. All in the name of finding THE WORST example possible for dirtbag boyfriends and loser husbands.

LOL. Personally, I am trying to learn to laugh about this as much as I can.

What a joke.


1421 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

This young lady and I used the term loosely has been a woman since she was 12 and more than likely having sex before that.
I have met a 12yr old mother(s). And it is obvious that her parents see her as an adult or approve of her actions. Either way or whatever it maybe. She is an adult and has been one for over 10yrs. She was selling a brand for disney the brand is now over. I agree that her perception selling her body sexually and seeing face you have seen played a little girl is creepy. But the reality she beleives she has to continualy force the issue which brings publicity current and offers coming. Next step reality show to show how she has become an adult; then a leaked sex video then a movie role that is somewhat reality based. Then a golden globe nod and then the possiblities are endless.

1421 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Miley had a big epic following as a Britney-lite and good for her. But she got greedy for more and tried to go all Ga-Ga on everyone--and there is a place for Ga-Ga but it is her place, not Miley's--and just flat-out trashed her own iconic status among her fans and their parental units who embraced her as a girl who just wanted to have fun. Miley should take off the stripper heels and take out the trash.

1421 days ago


Shes just doing what ALMOST every other young female singer is doing, slutting it up to enhance her status among the male demographic. Look at the girl who is on the show Gossip Girl. The way she talks and dresses when playing with her band is ripped right out of the young slut playbook.

1421 days ago


LMAO...I thought with all the comments that this was an extremely racy video. I've seen twelve and thirteen year old girls let out of their houses with less on than this and their parents aloud it. Yes this is too racy for her younger fan base, but this is actually pretty tame compared to other singers. I would not let my seven year old watch this video because of the sex innuendo, but the music isn't bad. Miley is growing up just like all of our children do. They go through the sex phase like Miley is doing. At least she is doing it older than a lot of children I've seen. I believe strongly in having an open relationship with your child where they believe they can tell you anything so you can help prevent something happening to them. At least Miley isn't trying to hide the stages she is going through so her parents can deal with the issues as they come. This child is a star so everything she does will be found out...that's just the nature of the beast and the life she chose. I don't see how this is contorted into bad parenting. She is trying to grow up so they are allowing her to test her wings just like most parents do. Give it a rest because, as a parent, you know there will come a time when they dress worse than this and act worse than this. All you can do is try to teach them values and morals to live by so all it will be is a stage, nothing more.

1421 days ago


she will be washed up in no time. Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato have somehow found a way to make a more mature song and video and not be half should try it Miley.

1421 days ago


she will be washed up in no time.....she should follow in the footsteps of her fellow disney stars like Demi Lavato and Selena CAN do a more adult like song and not be half naked to perform it. It really can be done Miley......

1421 days ago


I have been predicting this since she was 14 yrs. old. She has no parental supervision and if her parents condone this, they're idiots but I think they're hillbilly idiots anyway. She's a sleaze bag and please Miley, please don't tell me you're a Christian because you do not represent what a Christian is. Now go have sex and get pregnant.

1421 days ago


Doesn't this seem like a case of deja vu? Mouseketeer to sexy school girl...Disney kiddie pop star to sex romping teenager????
It's obvious that her parents have no say in what she does and I am sure she is in an all fire hurry to lose the wholesome image disney created. after all wasn't a twenty something underwear model live with her and her family a while back?? Come on guys she is on the same path of destruction as Britney and the rest of those type of girls...if some one don't stop her now she may be one of the tragedies!

1421 days ago


*** It's apparent that for some reason Miley wants to do porn as suggested by her videos lately. I say, give the little lady her shot at porndom! Have Larry Flynt offer her a shot at the crown in Hustler and spread those legs, Miley! Spread 'em twisted little sister! Finish what you started! YEE HAW! ***

1421 days ago


It's one thing to grow up in front of the camera and make the transition from child star to an adult performer - it's another thing to go from child star to porn star at the age of 17. Do her parents have any common sense?

Slow it down Miley - you'll be grown up with all the grown up responsibilities soon enough.

1421 days ago
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