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Foxy Brown Ditches Gig Over Diva Demands

10/9/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Notorious troublemaker Foxy Brown left a NYC nightclub in the lurch earlier this week when she showed up for a gig nearly 4 hours late ... all because she didn't like the car they sent to pick her up.

Foxy Brown

Foxy was scheduled to perform at Splash Bar New York in Manhattan on Wednesday night, but the promoters of the gig tell TMZ they got an angry call from Foxy's people that night when the car they sent to pick her up arrived. Seems Foxy had requested a 2010 model SUV, but instead she got a 2009. It's odd she would care about what year the car was ... since she hasn’t had a hit since 1998.

We're told Foxy eventually gave in ... but showed up at the club only 30 minutes before closing. Foxy never took the stage -- claiming the promoters refused to pay her the other half of her $1,000 appearance fee.

A rep for Foxy tells us, “They promised they would give her the rest of the deposit and balance due when she arrived, but did not! Foxy was disappointed that the deposit and rider requirements were not met, that was all.”

The club's promoters are currently “discussing their legal options."


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Sin D    

The sad story here is Mystic Yvonne and King Ralphy didn't get to snoodle their man-hamsters

1475 days ago


It's always the "wannabe's" that bull **** like this when you book them. So she shows up 30 minutes before the club closes and wants them to still pay....typical and all for $1000 fee? You would think she might be to embarassed to admit she is pimping for $1k a night to cause a stink but then again nobody ever accused her of being the smart one in the group.

Good job FOXY...I am sure the gigs are piling up for you. There is always JAPAN...they might still know you there.

1475 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Stop the insults...Foxy still a Diva , she is just going through Hell like everyone else...JZ is gone so you know that hurts...Loose some weight for health reasons and make some movies...Keep your head up ..or you will waste are what goes into your body will show ...liquor , smoke, pills, it all shows our appearance ...swelling up or drying out, falling out , in pain, mind rehearsing thoughts of the past..limbo is a bitch..this is science..Einstein theory of relativity ..just joking..but catch my drift's all good and FOXY ALWAYS A DIVA..ALWAYS GOOD NEVER BAD..

1475 days ago


There was no one else these guys could get? Was MC Hammer not available? Coolio? Vanilla Ice? Snow?

PS, this flyer looks pretty gay! lol

1475 days ago


I was there and I am very close to the promoters. She was on a contract to walk in and get paid $500 and then take the stage for another $500. They gave her $500 earlier and she was suppose to be there at 130am but she got there when everyone was gone and demanded money. Not gonna happen the promoters spent money on flyer and promotion for her. All the people came out for her and didn't even see her. So she came and demanded the money and they told her no. So she started getting crazy like she is still hott. Then her bk hood nikkas started saying *** this and *** tht. Not a good look. Plus it was planned cause reporters where there before her. So it was planned her supposedly show coming out. Anyway they gonna sue her ass.

1475 days ago


this women is washed up and was never good at anything other then getting into trouble. She is not no high list celeb . If Kath Griffin is on the D list then Foxy is more like on the Z list of celebs.

Why the heck would the club pay her anything? She was suppose to be there to perform and she showed up with only 30 minutes left before closing all because the SUV was a 2009 and not a 2010 , what a childish thing to throw a fit over. I think someone needs to give her a reality check on where she stands as a celeb because honestly she is not a celeb at all and I do not even know why anyone would pay her to make an appearance

1475 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

and you thought QUEEN DIVA FOXY BROWN was going out for a grand...hey.. NOT THE IL NA NA DIVA ..HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.... lights..action.. camera ...there's no biz show biz folk' stop all the HATE N..jealous losers.

1475 days ago


ha ha who would pay money to see this washed up ghetto ho anyway? The only thing she is good for is giving bjs.

1475 days ago


**** you. seriously foxy brown, **** you.

1475 days ago


I hope she gets help and gets over herself. If not she'll just go down in history as another loser whom couldn't cut it in life.

1475 days ago


great story

1475 days ago


The other half of her $1000 appearance fee? I guess the no show screwed her out of the free drinks and tips?

1475 days ago

The Truth    

Foxy Brown is not a has been, she is a never was. Whores are not diva's.

1474 days ago


oh wait she was on the monique show crying and talking about she is a christian...HOW STUPID some people will do anything just to save her career which was over years ago WHATEVER.

1474 days ago


WHo does foxy thing she is ... she hasnt made a hit since 1998 and she wants a 2010 suv lmaoo... Crack jokes on that one what does she thing she is the queen now HUN !! UR CAREER OVER you aint on top no more what the shade . it was very nice of the club to ask you to come and do a performance and you ask like u somebody HOT like get over you self ...

1474 days ago
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