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The Situation -- Don't Worry, It's Only a Rental

10/9/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation sure looks pissed off about this mustard yellow Mustang being torn apart ... but TMZ has learned it was really no big deal.

The Sitch's manager (pictured above) tells us the car was only a rental -- and it was the manager's rental, not The Situation's. The manager tells us he was backing up the car and didn't notice the truck behind him had its lift down -- so when he hit the lift and tried to pull forward, it ripped the bumper almost clean off.

Let's hope he got the insurance.


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And this guy is a MORON!!!

PLEASE, someone put us out of our misery by cancelling his show and all the other garbage he does...Thanks!

1474 days ago


To me, the real situation is how to get rid of this no-talent a$$ and everyone associated with "Jersey Shore". The world would be a (slightly) better place if that happened.

1474 days ago


Yea...No big deal. Just run around and destroy other people's property. It's all good.

1474 days ago


To all the haters:
Why the heck are you on TMZ this site was made for people like "The Situation" and yet you complain..About what?? Reality stars are not trying to win an Oscar the very definition is that cameras follow people around and the ones with charisma stand out. If they are an a$$ its even better because idiots like you will follow their every move just like the people that hated Howard Stern. The best part is that their managers and PR people know how dumb you are and this kid is making $$$ because companies know he has the haters that follow his every move and that equals their products in front of alot more people. So keep hating reality starts love it and it is you that extends their 15 minutes into an ongoing career.

1474 days ago


that's not his manager, it's his gay lover!!!

1474 days ago

Y do he got    

PLastic car plastic show WOW it falled a p a r t

1474 days ago


dont make them like they use too

1474 days ago


It's amazing there are some on this planet that breathe the same air as those who have a clue. What a waste of a Mustang. So what if it's a rental, somebody still has to pay for the repairs.

1474 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

that car would look fine when i brought it back a little duct tape and maybe some sheet metal screws.....good as when i rented it!

1474 days ago

Only in America, so no talent and his morons can have a show on MTV, but I remember that MTV was music television not crap television. I guess the "ME" generation" are morons too. I hope the next generation would be better. I wish that MTV scrapped its present programming and get back to music. Here's an ironic twist: MTV still has Music Video Awards even netwotk doesn't show any videos period. Thanks "ME" Generation for this crap!!

1474 days ago


Brain cells are not a great commodity for these folks.

1474 days ago

Y do he got    

SO this story is about nothing but sitchies ridin biich IE 2nd seat

1474 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

New Jersey please keep your trash in your state.

Lets hope the truck driver, if there was even one, sues the snitch for whiplash.

1474 days ago


Hey #11
MTVam shows videos every night at midnight and it has been years of non music programming so quit complaining and get over it. It they will never go back because current programming makes more money and its what people want or the rating would show no viewers. So go get in your El Camino with the 8-track player and whine that back in your day everything was better.

1474 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is that really the Situation's manager, or a male friend?

1474 days ago
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