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Conrad Murray to Joe Jackson: Objection!!!

10/11/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is making it clear -- he will fight Joe Jackson tooth and nail in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit.

In new legal documents -- obtained by TMZ -- Dr. Murray's lawyer, Charles Peckham, is asking the judge to throw out statements attributed to Michael Jackson ... that Katherine Jackson was acting as an agent -- a go-between -- in funneling support money to Joe.

Peckham says the claims that Katherine was Michael's agent -- made by Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, and Leonard Rowe, the self-proclaimed former MJ advisor, are nothing but rank hearsay.

For example, Oxman said in legal papers filed last week, "[Michael Jackson] supported his father, Joseph Jackson, by making payments to his mother, Katherine Jackson, on a monthly basis."  Peckham calls Oxman an "incompetent legal expert."

Peckham also claims there is no proof Rowe ever served as Michael's advisor.


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Mjuls i am sorry to bother you again,could you please explain what a civil attorney is?

If i understand correctly the criminal attorney is the one representing a criminal in court.

1479 days ago


We all are gods and saints in the eyes of GOD our Creator!!

Psalm 82:1-8

1479 days ago


I see dumb people


1479 days ago


And You People Who Worship A Child Molester
Will Be Joining MJ IN HELL!
Posted at 8:55 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by OhWell
Nobody whorships Elvis. Hell is for the beast, the antichrist the false prophet, those who take the mark, and those who reject the saving grace of "You know Who" (JESUS)!!!.

1479 days ago


is it me or do joe's brows and mustache look tattooed????

1479 days ago



nobody worships elvis

1479 days ago


There are so many people who seem to think that Michael Jackson abusing prescription medication somehow makes him 'a bad person' or detracts from what an amazing human being he was.
How did it get started that MJ was abusing prescriptions medication? He admitted to dependency of pain medication. That does not mean he was abusing the use of the medication. MJ was under the care of one or more licensed practitioners for years. MJ had several medical diagnoses. MJ was not an addict!!! The medical professionals he trusted failed him and killed him.

1479 days ago


On November 22nd, Sony Music will release 'Michael Jackson's Vision'; an incredible, brand new DVD collection featuring ALL of Michael's groundbreaking short films.

The 3 DVD deluxe digipak will have a beautiful hard-bound 60 page booklet and stunning lenticular cover, plus a clear o-card featuring an iconic gold silhouette. It will also include 42 era-defining short films, all restored and remastered; 10 previously unavailable videos and Michael's never before seen 'One More Chance' video, the last music video he recorded in 2003. This will be the first time all of Michael's solo short films are available in one package.

Contents include:

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Rock With You
She's Out Of My Life *
Billie Jean
Beat It
The Way You Make Me Feel
Man In The Mirror
Dirty Diana
Smooth Criminal
Another Part Of Me
Speed Demon
Come Together
Leave Me Alone
Liberian Girl

Black Or White
Remember The Time
In The Closet
Heal The World
Give In To Me
Who Is It
Will You Be There
Gone Too Soon
You Are Not Alone
Earth Song
They Don't Care About Us
Stranger In Moscow
Blood On The Dance Floor
Ghosts *
You Rock My World (long version) *

Blame It On The Boogie (The Jacksons)*
Enjoy Yourself (The Jacksons)*
Can You Feel It (The Jacksons)*
Say Say Say (Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson)
They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)*
Why (3T featuring Michael Jackson)*
One More Chance (never before seen)*


[Total Running time: approx 4 ½ hours]

1479 days ago



[Total Running time: approx 4 ½ hours]

Posted at 11:36 AM on Oct 13, 2010 by mymjj5

Good, there're 10 unreleased ones. I'll definitely buy the Vision set addd to my MJ collection. Now, I know what to ask for as my Xmas gift. Already ordered the Jackson 5 Icon CD.

1479 days ago


I'll definitely buy the Vision set addd to my MJ collection.

Posted at 11:51 AM on Oct 13, 2010 by Daphne

Correction, I meant to say - buy the Vision set to add to my MJ collection. Hmmm, I'm writing like OW. Not good.

1479 days ago


MJ as 'angel'-perhaps so:) Check out the 3rd photo. A drawing I've not seen before. Not sure who the artist is but it's nice:) A gorgeous Michael.

Posted at 4:23 AM on Oct 13, 2010 by janalal4

Hi, Janalal4, can't see it. It said "image not found". But thanks anyways for posting the links. I'm sure MJ looked gorgeous, always. On another note, 20 miners out so far. Good job, get all of them out.

1479 days ago



Posted at 10:57 PM on Oct 12, 2010 by janalal4

Thanks, Janalal4, for posting all the links. It must have meant a lot to him going back to where it all started in Gary, Indiana.

1479 days ago


#211 MiMi

You made the comment:( I see dumb people... LoL...)

I'm assuming you were refering to my comment # 210,when I made the

following comment:( We all are gods and saints in the eyes of the Creator. Psalm 82:1-8).

Let me try to explain it better!

I beleive that the Creator... created every Human being in the Image and likeness of God, at the same time of their conception at Birth!

I beleive that my life and Sainthood in me is a free Gift from the Creator,God,Jehovah,Allah...!

RIP,MJ Justice for MJ and th

1479 days ago


Torture! Part 3............
-#134: Cathy, I understand the emotional force that drives your posts--you support LisaMarie and LaToya and think they both LOVED him, we get it--but remember your own statement--NOONE REALLY KNOWS HIM....and I will say that includes LisaMarie and LaToya since neither of them had REAL contact with him since the 90's--LaToya wrote in her song and admitted she had grown apart from him. Of course, she was there at the 2005 Trial, but after that when Michael took off to Bahrain, she and the rest of the family didn't interact with him except for the parent's anniversary May 2009.....
BTW: It's rarely ever a good idea to speak in absolutes. It always amazes me how people on these boards ASSume they know who they're talking to, when NONE of us can see each other. None of us can say for certain how much another poster knew about Mike, unless they're Mike himself.....
-#135: Unknown, great post but one thing--NANNY GRACE......I agree that she spent years working close to him and that she knows things many don't know, but I'm convinced Michael never let her get to his heart. What's telling is a statement she herself made about why she was fired--ONE of the times: she stated Michael fired her because she allowed PPB to call her Mom, something he CLEARLY didn't want his children to see her as. But if she were SO CLOSE to him, I find it hard to believe he would've had issues with this. I think Grace was a necessary evil for him, after so many years, she knew how to anticipate his needs and PPB--who had no other Mother figure, had grown attached to her....a natural thing since they grew up with her, especially Blanket who knew her from infancy....
But there was something about her that Michael had issues with and in the end when he was cleaning the toxic people out of his life, he fired her along with Tohme, which speaks volumes, imo.....
And although Katherine rehired her for a bit to ease the children's transition after Michael passed, she became an issue for Katherine and was fired AGAIN......good riddance!!
-#139: Cathy, okay this is getting to be a bit much. OBVIOUSLY, YOU don't know him either or you wouldn't have been DUPED into believing everything you read about him and calling him a freak!
And all of the people you listed KNEW HIM AT POINTS IN HIS LIFE, but not longterm and that's what Unknown was getting at...
And for the record, NOONE truly knows the mind of ANYONE. You only know what I WANT you to know. I have family now that couldnt tell you HALF of what I've experienced, and I'm sure I don't know half of what they've experienced.....we're all GROWN adults....but we do LOVE each other and consider ourselves to be close. You can know a person's ways or CHARACTER without knowing every minute detail of their life.....
-#141: Love Michael, we KNOW Murray admitted he gave Michael the stacks of benzos and the Propofol, we KNOW he said he thought Michael was addicted to the Propofol, we KNOW he didn't have the proper medical equipment to monitor his patient, and we KNOW he says he stepped away and left Michael unattended....
Is that enough KNOWLEDGE for you??
-#199: Janala--these are more ASSUMPTIONS on your part. You wrote:
I'm sorry that the most Murray can possibly get is 4 years but unfortunately, you can't charge someone with murder if you can't substantiate the charge & as I see it, 'involuntary manslaughter' really IS the best the prosecution can do because there was no 'intent' to 'kill' MJ. It was horribly tragic & foolish but MJ's death WAS an unintentional one. -Janala
But you have NO WAY of knowing WHAT Murray's intentions were unless you're him. It doesn't take rocket science to see that Murray's story does NOT add up, and RESEARCH will inform you that there are more than just Murray involved in this CRIME!!
-Hey Human Nature!!
-#215: Hey Mymjj5! I'm totally with you on this, just can't seem to say it is briefly as you can...LOL x 50!!!
BTW: Isn't funny how Sony has the "Vision" DVD's listed under "EPIC/LEGACY" instead of "SONY"........AS IF we could be fooled by a different division......
No Peace till Justice!

1478 days ago


Torture - 2.0..........
-#196: Janala, thank you for your post. I will respond in order of appearance:
1. I know all about the bottles of Prop and the storage closet, but remember, Murray had AMPLE time to set up this scene. According to the LAPD affividavit, Murray had Propofol delivered to his babymama--Nicole Alvarez's house nearby, which is why they questioned her. SO he had easy access to PLENTY of the stuff. ALSO, the security guards told the LAPD that before he left the UCLA ER, Murray told them he was going back to Holmby to hide some bleaching creams of Michael's....this gave him MORE time to stage the scene as the LAPD didn't send detectives out there until hours later.....
2. LisaMarie's posts about what she could or couldn't control are IRRELEVANT because she's referring to her experience with him in the mid-90's--the ONLY TIME MICHAEL STATED HE HAD A PROBLEM WITH PAIN MEDS. Of course, she did hang out with him on several do***ented occasions during the HISTORY era while he was still married to Deb Rowe, but riddle me this: if she had issues with his drug problems, why would she be chasing after him still....and while he was married to someone else? Her comments regarding any other time is SPECULATION AT BEST.....
3. Regarding Neil Ratner, the Anaesthesiologist who was Michael's physician during the HIStory Tour, I saw that Sanjay Gupta story also, and Sanjay stated that someone connected with the Tour said Ratner would "Take him down at night, then bring him back up in the AM." When Gupta asked Ratner about this, he only said he had lost a friend and felt it was inappropriate to talk about anything...he NEVER said that.
It was also known that Michael had severe dehydration problems when he would Tour, and that was also the Tour where he broke his foot and had several other accidents, so I figure Ratner was more likely dealing with his dehydration which I'm told requires an IV, and he was more likely providing pain meds/therapy as well--this may have made Ratner nervous when Gupta asked those questions since Michael had a history with dependancy on these meds, and Ratner himself had been in trouble due to his affiliation with a NYC doctor who ran an Insurance scam at a Fertilization Clinic they worked at. I'm sure his lawyers may have advised him against commenting on something that had only proven to be hearsay...
4. You stated:
I've no doubt MJ had used Propofol BEFORE the time in which he was rehearsing for the O2 concerts. Common sense would also tell anyone that you simply don't just 'decide to start using Propofol as a sleep aid one day out of the blue' unless you've had some 'experience' with using prescription drugs in ways which are definitely considered 'not usual' or 'off label' in the past. This is just 'typical addict behavior'.
My question for you is: HOW is it you have NO doubt? Were you living with Michael from the late 90's to 2009? DO you have DO***ENTED PROOF that he was taking Propofol or any other meds, for that matter?
Common sense should also inform you that you can't simply believe something because you read it or hear it on TV. You appear to have digested what the Media spinned against Michael all of these years--and you aren't the only fan, unfortunately, there are many who accept the "ADDICT" label for Michael, but I don't....and not because I love him, but because there's NO PROOF......
In all honesty, I don't know if Michael used Propofol before anymore than anyone else does. He had many procedures done, so he may have had it during one of those. But what I think happened is that his murderers KNEW of this story about Ratner and the History Tour--it's been gossipped about for awhile--and they had to use something unusual that wouldn't paint Michael as a bad guy, so Demerol, Oxy and all of that was out. They decided on Propofol because it had already been connected to Michael, and it was well known that Michael had Insomnia. These elements were important so that they could profit from his death. If the public heard that he was just trying to get a good nights' sleep so he could be up for his concerts, they would be more sympathetic. And the idea of him dying of an OD was acceptable also because the Media had labeled him an addict for so many years....
My point is, I don't believe that he asked for the Propofol, I believe that asd the LAPD affidavit states, he complained of being severely dehydrated after that last rehearsal and called Murray who came over and treated him. It does NOT say what Murray gave him for the dehydration--maybe you would know (IV drip??)--anyhow, Michael went to sleep for 4 hrs, then after that somewhere along the line something went wrong or was MADE to go wrong, and that's when I believe the stacking of the benzos occurred culminating with the fatal dosage of Propofol..
And Murray spoke to several people on the phone (besides his former patient and his girlfriend,) who WERE those people?? Could they have been someone who was instructing him on what to do?
5. And I know you meant well for bringing up Chopra, but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. He claimed a lot of things, including the laughable idea that he and his son, Gotham wrote many of Michael's songs during the History period. Funny how ALL of his claims about Michael came out AFTER he was gone and couldn't defend himself.....
6. The Autopsy stated that Michael's body showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE!! AS you insist he was an addict, how do you explain that? ALso, the Benzos and Propofol found in Michael's body were given to him BY MURRAY. You offer this as proof that he had a TOLERANCE and was therefore an addict, but IMO, this does NOT verify addiction, it only verifies that Murray gave him those meds that night. You are confusing what you've been TOLD with the FACTS, and the facts are: Murray told the LAPD that Michael asked for the Propofol, but he had been trying to WEAN him off, so he started with the first round of benzos, which he had used before and it put Michael to sleep, but he claimed it didn't work and Michael continued to beg for Propofol. He gave him more benzos until finally he gave him the Prop...and you know the rest......
Bottom line, you don't have to be in medicine to know what addiction is. Most of us brush shoulders with it everyday. And I do think there's a difference between someone who has a DEPENDENCY on Prescription MEDS. vs. someone hooked on street drugs.....
Thing is, everytime any of Michael's Supporters speak against the drug farce, you're automatically accused of not loving him unconditionally, which is total BS! I have loved and followed Michael since the J5, WAY before any IDEA of issues came into the picture so I would love him even if I found out tomorrow that he definitely abused ANY kind of drugs. My love for him knows no conditions as I feel like I've grown up with him and I've gotten to see him close up.....
My reason for fighting against the DRUG label is the same reason why I'd fight against any injustice--none of it has been proven, it's all CONJECTURE at Michael's expense......
All I ask is that people open their minds and CONSIDER a different story from what the Media is hawking.....they've duped us long enough--especially where Michael is concerned and it saddens me to see that even his fans just ACCEPT these allegations at face value......WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!
No Peace till Justice!

1478 days ago
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