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Greg Giraldo 911 Call -- 'He's Not Breathing'

10/11/2010 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made the day Greg Giraldo overdosed.

Greg Giraldo 911 call.
During the call, a hotel employee at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ tells the 911 operator that Giraldo was in his room and was not breathing.

The employee also tells the dispatcher Giraldo's girlfriend had been trying to reach him all day -- and at the time of the call, she was in the room trying to administer CPR.

Giraldo passed away on September 29, five days after he was hospitalized for an overdose.


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Drugs and alcohol will getcha every time. I just listened to an NPR interview with comedian Mike Berbiglia. Saw him on Comedy Channel. Now here's guy who uses his imperfections and flaws to make people laugh. He does not cut down others or say horrible things about or mock others. Mike talks about the things he's done and struggles in his life and makes them humorous. That's comedy I can appreciate. Greg Giraldo thought it was funny to laugh at people. Maybe he's looking back from wherever he is now and thinking, gee maybe I should have taken the stabs and pokes at myself, not left others bleeding emotionally, even though they may have nervously smiled during my performance. We'll never know. I was no fan of Greg Giraldo. His years of abuse finally caught up with him. He had a Jekyl and Hyde personality. It was all just supposedly an act,and in real life he loved everyone. Really? If he did, he sure did not know how to show it on stage. I think he was just venting his tormented, troubled life to people who would give him a rush by laughing as they downed their expensive drinks. Looking back I am amazed no one saw it. They say D'Nile ain't just a river in Egypt. It's so sad that only after someone dies do people begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. His humor would have been acceptable had I heard him take a few on the chin. It was his calling women the most foul words, ridiculing their figures, cursing like he was a Soprano, and mocking God that turned me totally off to him. I hope the God he apparently did not believe in has a sense of humor.

1468 days ago


"It is always amazing how the most ignorant people can be so arrogant in their judgment of others when, but for the grace of God ..."

Wow....Greg Giraldo made a living JUDGING PEOPLE! He called it comedy but we now realize it was his inner demons feeding him all that material. Does anyone believe that it was all just 'made up' and he pulled those cruel lines out of thin air? Trust me, it was his inner monologue moving his lips. He was a troubled, confused, intelligent, insightful and yes, sometimes funny man. However, the source of his humor was his deeply troubled inner self. You don't just accidentally take a fistful of pills and guzzle a few drinks unless you are in the pits of hell emotionally. And the real tragedy here is not so much his death, but that so many blind people watched his performances and thought he was hilarious. Not so funny to his three young kids, is it? As Seinfeld said...."Good luck with all that."

1461 days ago


well i know him he lived in the upperwest side near me and my family he was married and had a son my daughters age also named greg. stop making up your own stories i knew whim well we attened the funeral thankyou very much

1349 days ago


i just wanted to add how sad i am for his family's loss. i think it's so terribly sad when anyone dies(with the exception of rapists, pedophiles, murderers, etc). we all have someone who loves us and will truly miss us when we're gone. and i think those of you who are coming on here saying negative things about him are really pathetic and obviously have nothing better to do in your own miserable lives.

1314 days ago


TMZ is horrible to put something like this on the internet. I have always loved Greg Giraldo and really, what a waste, but if you have nothing but cruel things to say about Greg then just don't post on this. It's useless. Just because of the way that he died doesn't make it any less sad for his family/friends, regardless of how you feel about his work. He was making a living just like the rest of us. If you don't like it then don't watch it. Being so judgmental is such a waste of time and really don't you have anything better to do with your time?

1269 days ago


Maggle Fraggle

1136 days ago

Ducky Mallard    

Been over a year since that POS croaked. I looked back at all the immediate denials that his drug overdose could have even POSSIBLY been a suicide. They jumped right on that, didn't they? Quick, send in the rumor controllers! Truth is, in the case of every FAMOUS celebrity, the authorities always soon give an OFFICIAL cause of death. Not the family, not the spinmeisters, not the publicist. The MEDICAL EXAMINER! So far, dead silence. No pun intended. I wonder what THAT really means. Maybe he's not even considered famous or celebrity enough to warrant an official report. A 2 bit comedy club drunk who had something to say about everyone yet was a boozer, divorced a couple time, paid for LAW SCHOOL and came out a comedian! THAT'S rich. Then he's found unconscious with a jar of pills and a quart of hooch in his gut, unresponsive and brain dead? Nice work, Greg. You gave us a great laugh! Oh, not WITH you....AT you.

1087 days ago

G. Carlin    

@Jena, comment #35: You certainly seem to have an awful lot of time on YOUR hands to be able to be critical of others. Just because you "love" Greg that's no reason not to allow those who don't happen to have cared for him or his lifestyle to speak their mind as well. It's called fairness. Imagine if everyone thought just like you. What a boring place this world would be. Allow others to have their say as well.

Greg was a sleazebag, a drunk and a drug abuser. I know; truth hurts. And like you, he was quick to condemn those who thought differently. So now we get to condemn him...and laugh hysterically the whole time. After all, wasn't that what he was about? Making fun of others? Hurtful jokes at other people's expense? Right? Now he can spend eternity thinking up some new ones. Hey, did you hear the one about the alcoholic who popped a few dozen pills follwed by a fifth of liquor? He was too stupid to kill himslef and stayed in a come for 5 days and then his family had to watch as they pulled the plug! Hey, wasn't that a scream? Nooooooo? Oh....where's your sense of HUMOR?

"Being so judgmental is such a waste of time and really don't you have anything better to do with your time?" That's funny because the exact same thing can be said of you!

1053 days ago
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