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'Sister Wives' Wedding -- Guests Hide from Cameras

10/11/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has every aspect of his life filmed for a reality show -- but TMZ has learned when he got hitched to wife #4, a number of his polygamist guests were not nearly as camera-ready.

Sister Wives.

As TMZ first reported, Brown married Robyn Sullivan a few months back. TLC's cameras were not allowed in the actual religious ceremony, but they did film the reception.   But here's the problem ...  About half the polygamist guests did not want their faces on camera because of the legal issues in which Kody now finds himself embroiled.

So Kody made accommodations by creating "camera-free zones" -- where lots of publicity-shy well-wishers hung out.  As one person said, "The reality is that bigamy is still a felony and the mainstream still doesn't accept it."

As for the particulars of the reception, sources tell us there were about 200 guests ... mostly other polygamists. They served finger foods, open faced sandwiches, relish trays, and lots of varieties of cheesecake.

One of the plural family guests had their son and daughter sing a song for everyone -- "We Are Families," perhaps?


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I think this show is stupid, all of them wives and imagine how them kids are going to be.... IF it is to be honest then the last three mariages aren't considered real marriages, so therefore, his has committed a sin.... They should all be ashamed of theirselves...

1427 days ago


First off-this is a SICK situation. How dare Kody tell Meri that it would sicken him and be disgusting if she takes another husband. Kody is a PIG!! Why is that different? He is lying in bed with a different woman every night and not runway models I might add.
Why is Meri telling Kody about her jealousy issues? This is not her first rodeo. Why now is she having issues about other wives?
Meri also made the comment that if it were just the 3 of them her life would be empty. There are alot of people in the world who have struggled with infertility. Some are successful some never. They say they have faith but at the same time she is not BLESSED WITH WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN HER. THE ONE CHILD SHE DOES HAVE. Your life can be just as BLESSED AND FULLFILLED with ONE CHILD as it can be with more than one.

1426 days ago


First off I'd like to say is this show is SICK!! Why did Kody tell Meri that if she took another husband that would sicken him and be disgusting-quoted by Kody? Its ok for him but not for a female? Kody is a PIG!!
Also, Meri told Kody that if it were just the 3 of them that life would be empty. Wait a minute!! There are normal one wife-one husband couples out there that have struggled with infertility. Some successful some never. They come across like they are so faithful-BE BLESSED WITH WHAT GOD GIVES YOU!! Its all how you look at it. You can have a very fulling life with ONE CHILD just as you can with more than ONE.

1426 days ago


...perhaps if he called them bunny's and they lived in his 'mansion'... then it would be acceptable? odd values these days in America....

1421 days ago

Sandra T.    

October 31st, starting at 5pm central time. TLC will show entire season, if you have time to watch.

1420 days ago

D Redden    

I think Kody is the biggest jerk I have ever seen. All he wants is sex from all of the women. I think it is a disgrace to have such a program on tv. What has this world come to to put up with this whoremongering?. What jerks the women are - how sad for this to happen and for people to get enthralled by the show. I saw enough previews to know that it was not right for this to happen. What jerks! No more comments from me.

1397 days ago


i love the show, i feel like i know these people, and i would love to be in this family. i support them all and they are a wonderful family

1395 days ago


i think there are more important things to worry about.and there not hurting anybody so leave them be.its a way to make money i wish i would have thaught of it. ha ha

1317 days ago


Regardless of the moral implications or anyone's opinion about it, they CHOSE to be polygamist, they CHOSE to make it public by going on television, therefore they have to accept whatever fallout comes from that. Don't cry to us about losing your job or possibly being taken away from your children, or even going to jail. If you choose to do something that is illegal then you also choose the consequences! Talk about someone wanting their cake and eating it, too. They wanted the fame and money that would come from having a television show, but whine and cry and expect sympathy when their lifestyle being made public backfires on them. What in the world did they expect!!??

1302 days ago


I am getting tired of hearing from them how they don't like the negative publicity. What did they think was going to happen when they presented their personal lives on national television. ?!

1262 days ago


This show is awesome. These people have a wonderful loving family. You people watch TV where all these movie starts have multiple kids from multiple partners, and barely see and take care of them. This family takes care of all their kids. They aren't doing anything illegal, since only the first marriage is legal. There are many different types of families and people and we need to teach people to be open-minded to them all. Leave them alone. They are a wonderful family.

1112 days ago
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