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Favre's Alleged Sextee -- In No Mood to Party!

10/12/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As the NFL investigation into Brett Favre heats up ... TMZ has learned Jenn Sterger -- the chick who's allegedly on the receiving end of some penis-heavy text messages -- is pulling herself out of the party scene.


Sterger -- a former NY Jets reporter -- was scheduled to host a party called the Big Ten Tackle at Bull & Bear Bar and Grill in Chicago this weekend.

But now, with the investigation into Penis-gate underway, Sterger has fired off an email to the party promoters saying she's "100% not attending the event."

A source close to the deal tells us Sterger insists she will work on rescheduling ... especially because she already collected her deposit.

Sterger's rep tells us, "Our only concern right now is what's in Jenn's best interest."

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so how much money do you think she wants and why does it take 3 years to come forward? Just saying ......

1474 days ago


this girl is nothing but a fake-boobed, butterfaced, football whore...get her off this page. good god I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but even Kim K has more credibility as a human than this girl...

1474 days ago


Zero credibility.......

1474 days ago


OMG, you really think b/c this girl makes money off her looks and bubbly personality, it gives a guy the right to harass and send her unsolicited texts and pictures of his peen? YOU'RE the ones with the problem!

1474 days ago


It's trash chasing trash chasing publicity...as far as Brett Favre is concerned, there is no such thing as "bad" press. Like another poster said...he's such an attention whore he's probably hoping and praying that more women will come out of the woodwork. I would feel sorry for his wife, but she HAD to know he was a dog.

1474 days ago


Just another creepy old man hitting on a young woman. Don't he have a wife and kids at home? These people never learn. Guess he's trying to the next Tiger Woods. You're over the hill Bret

1474 days ago


funny how it came out just before the Monday night game in NY -

1474 days ago



Play the game.

"this girl is nothing but a fake-boobed, butterfaced, football whore...get her off this page. good god I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but even Kim K has more credibility as a human than this girl..."

1474 days ago


Hmm, let me see, most pics I saw of her are pretty risque and somehow that's suppose to attract what kind of attention? I suggest putting a bag over her head to avoid problems in the future or just put on some clothing on.

And Favre needs to keep it in his pants.

1474 days ago


he is wrong but she seems to be a whore! i think she went after him and he finally gave in. he is still wrong

1474 days ago


Sports Media coverage was better when men were doing the interviews. Woman sports media broadcasters are simply glorified cheerleading television eye candy.

There is a reason the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders can't date the ballplayers, drama & distraction! No I am not a male-chauvinist-pig! It's called human nature. Males like eye candy and the billion dollars plus support of the Internet porn industry is proof.

The networks do it to boost ratings. The babe-reporters do it for money and to boost their image(sex appeal) and careers. Sex sales. If it's about equality, how come the News sources don't use ugly ass dyke ex-jocks from the WMBA or any other sport? Dykes with comando flat-tops are a definite turn off, but it would solve the equality issue and kill the sexual harrassment charges.

Brett would have been better off setting up a late after game interview an banging her behind the bleachers!!!! :-O

1474 days ago


Favre is going to be the new leader of North Korea...his name has changed to Him Dong Ill

1474 days ago


If you want to comment on the story, get your facts correct first.

1- Sterger did not sell those pics to Deadspin. She did not file or verbalize any complaints about it. She remains silent on the whole story.
2- Her former roomate got Brett's tender bit pics off Jenn's computer and the former roomate, not Jenn, sold them to Deadspin.
3- Favre got Jenn's cell number from someone in the Jet's organization, not from Jenn.

Soo..... what we have is a hot chick who got unsolicited messages from Lord Favre complete with text pics of his family jewels. Jenn ignored them. She did show them to her roomate, but basically brushed it off. Three years later ex roomate needs some cash, and possibly some limelight, and sells the pics she grabbed of Jenn's computer to Deadspin.

Have any of you considered that maybe, just maybe, Jenn didn't want those pics to come out ? maybe she is emarassed by them too, maybe she didn't want to publically embarass Lord Favre and hurt his wife ?
Get off her back, she is non complicent in this whole scandel. She did nothing to put the dirt out there. She remained silent and still does.

1474 days ago


This girl is a whore that thinks she has talent because people want to screw her.. period. She could have let the whole thing go, but she is playing the situation to her advantage. She's ambitious and intelligent enough to play her cards well... but she's still a whore..

1474 days ago


no one wants to see the elephant in the room. Ben Rothlisberger and his unpunishable crimes have wreaked havoc on the perception of what the NFL and its players about. It's no longer an undercurrent.

Without a complaint from the woman, the Jets were accused as a team, almost literally, by the NFL of "bad behavior". Tiki Barber is not announcing for NBC after marital infidelity charges. Now Favre.

Now the spotlight is on sex as far as the NFL is concerned and the press is acting like they are all auditioning for TMZ.

I was listening to talkradio and one four-hour show couldn't keep their minds off of Favre's pictures. I was hoping to hear some game analysis, but apparently that is too much to ask if it means taking their minds and eyes off the pictures.

I am not mad at the girl or Brett. Frankly, it's none of my business.

My expectations have certainly been lowered.

1474 days ago
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