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Dina Warned About Lindsay a Long Time Ago

10/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan was warned by law enforcement seven years ago that her daughter Lindsay was out of control in Hollywood, yet mama Lohan did absolutely nothing about it.

Rewind to 2003, when Lindsay was 17. Law enforcement in L.A. became aware that Lindsay had a stalker. The threat was so real ... an investigator was assigned to follow Lindsay around town to protect her and possibly bust the stalker.

But our sources say the investigator became alarmed when he saw Lindsay clubbing all over town, which made the investigator fear she was drinking and driving. Law enforcement then contacted Dina to give her the heads-up.

Dina wasn't answering her phone, so voicemail messages were left warning her of Lindsay's Hollywood antics. Dina never called back ... not even once.

A source close to Dina tells TMZ, “If law enforcement was so worried about Lindsay’s safety, why didn’t they send someone to Dina’s home to inform her?”



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Wish someone would drug test Dina. I'd love to see if she tested clean. My guess is she wouldn't.

1415 days ago


I have been saying it for a while...that Dina is Lindsay's problem, not her father. Not that Michael is a standup guy, but I honsetly think he has Lindsay's best interests at heart. Versus Dina who has the whole living through my daughters successes at heart. A perfect example is the two younger kids...look at how she allows them to think they are this amazingness!

CPS should step in and strip the younger ones away!!

1415 days ago


Why didn't they bust her for underage drinking and bust the
bar(s) that were serving her?
Stalker or no stalker letting her drive when it was obvious she was bar hopping was really dumb.

Posted at 1:26 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by Spot

She lived in a hotel and most of the bars double as restuarants so that underage people are allowed in.
I think she could have got a DUI anytime after 05/06

The first DUI when she damaged her Mercedes was crazy.
She had been out partying all night, was driven home and then decided to take a drive at 5am.

1415 days ago


Was she misbehaving because the checks werent on time, and you specifically told her you wanted more money

1415 days ago


@ 27 Nicole

The cops were following her to catch a stalker, that means plain clothes cops and in close. When they see a drink put in front of her the game is over! Restaurant or not they have to card anyone who they serve if there is any chance they are underage and at 17 she sure did not look 21! The article says this was 03, so while I go along with you about her drunk driving in 05/06 they could have stopped her drinking and driving years before she got her first DUI.

Of course, this could be another invented story by Michael to raise money for his female only rehab center or to finance his quest for a conservatorship.

1415 days ago


Her parents are both a couple of jerks and are, of course, to blame for where their daughter is right now. OF COURSE DINA, if law enforcement leaves you a MESSAGE, MANY MESSAGES, it means NOTHING if they don't come to your house. Probably the stupidest answer I have ever heard

1415 days ago


Here are some clues for Dina Denial

February 2, 2005:
A personal-injury suit is filed against Lohan by Eddie Pamilton and Ilex Harris, who claim the actress injured them in a traffic accident that took place the year before.

January 2007:
Lohan checks into rehab for the first time.

May 26, 2007:
Lohan gets arrested on DUI after her Mercedes convertible strikes a curb in Los Angeles. Police report that they found a substance they believe to be cocaine at the scene. 5 offences were filed: DUI, Cocaine, Fleeing the scene of a crime (when she should have called the police or 911), Offender is a minor (aged 20), Damage to public property

May 28, 2007:
Lohan checks into rehab again.

June 14, 2007:
Lohan is accused of being drunk when she crashed into a parked van in Beverly Hills in October 2005, according to a lawsuit. Raymundo Ortega claims Lohan — who was 19 years old at the time — "consumed alcohol and became intoxicated" at the Ivy restaurant before the accident.

July, 14, 2007:
Lohan checks out of Promises rehab facility after more than six weeks and celebrates the end of her 45-day stay by soberly partying with some friends at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.

July 24, 2007:
Less than two weeks after leaving a rehabilitation facility, Lohan is pulled over by police early in the morning and arrested on five counts, including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended license and possession of narcotics.
Lohan checks into an undisclosed rehab facility hours after the arrest.

August 14, 2007:
Lohan gets sued again, this time for assault and negligence by one of the passengers who was traveling in the car the actress allegedly chased the month prior while driving under the influence.

August 23, 2007:
Lohan gets charged with seven misdemeanor counts for her two DUI arrests earlier that year. She reaches a plea deal, saying she would spend one day in jail, serve 10 days of community service and complete a drug-treatment program. Lohan is placed on 36 months' probation and required to complete an 18-month alcohol-education program and pay hundreds of dollars in fines. She also is to finish a three-day county coroner program that required her to visit a morgue and talk to victims of drunken drivers.

October 5, 2007:
Lohan leaves a two-month rehab stint at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah.

December 31, 2007:
In a video posted on TMZ, Lohan drinks straight from a bottle of champagne while partying in Italy.

October 16, 2009:
Lohan shows up more than an hour late to a probation hearing in Beverly Hills for a progress review on her two DUI cases. She gets another year of probation tacked on due to failure to complete alcohol-education classes as required.

Blair Berk, attorney drops Lindsay, refers her to Shawn Chapman Holley
Blair the top criminal defense attorney in L.A. who put the deal together that kept Lindsay from going to prison. Lindsay and Dina still don’t get it!

April 26, 2010:
Lohan is asked to leave the film "The Other Side." The director says Lohan was fired because she is not "bankable."

June 8, 2010:
A Beverly Hills judge issues an arrest warrant for Lohan and orders her to post $200,000 bail after she violates a court order to not consume alcohol while wearing a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. The warrant is recalled after bail is posted.

July 6, 2010:
Lohan is sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab for violating her probation

Nichole: Our taxpayer dollars are more wisely spent detaining Lindsay than someone calling 911 for an Ice Cream cake

1415 days ago


Let's all vote for Dina as "Mother Of The Year"! I am so glad I had the mother I did. The fact that Lindsay was living on her own at the age of 17 would really get Dina elected! LOL She is such a joke when it comes to parenting!

1415 days ago


"source close to Dina tells TMZ, “If law enforcement was so worried about Lindsay’s safety, why didn’t they send someone to Dina’s home to inform her?”"



1415 days ago


"Why didn't they send someone to Dina's house to inform her?" Um, DUMBASS, the person went over and beyond their job of protecting her by contacting Dina. Why the hell didn't lazy ass Dina pick up the phone and call the law enforcement person back? Dina, STFU. This is on YOU. Not even Michael this time, YOU.

1415 days ago

Jo Ann    

Why was Lindsey living on her own in Hollywood at 17? So she could make money! Why was Lindsey still living on her own when there was a stalker following her? So she could make money!
Any loving and responsible parent would be more concerned about the well-being of her child. Instead, Dina is more concerned about the almighty dollar!
As for the police officer that followed Lindsey to protect her, he absolutely did the right thing. He did not follow Lindsey into the club so he did not actually see her drinking or might I add nor did he see her take any drugs, however, his gut feeling was that she was in over her head even then. His phone call to Dina was a courtesy call. That Dina chose to ignore it does not surprise me.
Back then Dina turned the other way so that she could live the life that she wanted on Lindsey's money. Now that Dina knows how bad things really are, and she does know, even if she denies it in interviews, Dina is afraid to be the parent that Lindsey needs because she is afraid that if she makes Lindsey upset, Lindsey might cut her off as she has done to Michael, her father, and without Lindsey, Dina has no income. And I do believe that Lindsey would indeed cut Dina out of her life completely if Dina tried to stand up to Lindsey because these people do not love each other. They don't even know what love is.

1415 days ago


Im surprised how?

1415 days ago


I can't believe the disgusting and vulgar language being used here!.........mother!!......I'm outraged you should all be admonished for such crude language when discussing Dina Lohan!..........the phrase you should ALL be using when discussing the elder Ms. Lohan is....."Media Whore!"

1415 days ago


Dina didnt need law enforcment to tell her.
Any idiot could see there was a problem just looking at her drugged and passed out on tabloids

1415 days ago


It's really sad that Ms. Lohan has just destroyed herself, but hopefully she has at least taken a look at what she once was and is trying to focus again.

But one thing, and this is kinda sad, is that voice of hers. It totally reminds me of an old smoker lady. And you CAN'T fix that! It's there to stay.

So, hopefully she's exercising, eating healthy & getting lots of rest! To get back up there, she's going to really need to work for it!

1415 days ago
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