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'Dora the Explorer' Voice Made $300k Over 3 Years

10/13/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She claims she's worth millions ... but TMZ has learned the girl who voiced Dora on "Dora the Explorer" was paid roughly $300,000 for her three years on the show -- the same rate she agreed to when she signed her original contract back in 2007.

According to our spies inside Nickelodeon, Caitlin Sanchez raked in approximately $1,250 an hour for her work on the popular children's TV show -- and still has untold amounts of cash in the pipeline from merchandise royalties and residuals from reruns.

But as we previously reported, 14-year-old Sanchez claims her salary just doesn't cut it -- insisting she was unfairly pressured into accepting the deal and subsequently lost out on the millions she thinks she's worth.

How much were you making at 14?


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I agree with those saying she was screwed. She has one of the MOST FAMOUS voices in the world-considering the show is one of the most popular with children everywhere. Compared to what others make, she got the short end of the stick. That is wrong.

1409 days ago

Jeff Becker    

If the show failed would she have accepted less money from the contract she signed???? NO!

She could have chosen not to sign the contract too.

I doubt she is the only person who could voice the charactor.

1409 days ago


She should be lucky to make $300,000 at only 14 years old, but that is just my opinion.

1409 days ago


She is a voice for an annoying cartoon. She made what she deserved she needs to shut up and maybe someone will offer her another gig. On another note I can see why she is behind the scenes and not in front of a camera. She should have had Her attorney present if she didn't like the contract. Mommy and Daddy must have spent all her money now she is pissed.

1409 days ago

mathata..south africa    

maybe it because of shes LATINO....thats why they give her a bad treatment.

Good ppl have mercy pls.

1409 days ago


doesnt matter how old she is. they made BILLIONS off of her. she deserves more than 100k/yr. look what the kid from two and a half men makes a yr.

1409 days ago


That's the problem when you have a mom be the Manager. Moms get greedy and f..uck everything up..Case in Point..Hillary's Duff Mom vs Disney...Disney chose to show her the door and till this day..Hillary hasn't really gotten her career going.

1409 days ago


to Chris
immigration status, shame on you for pulling that card out

1409 days ago


Wow anyone who thinks she doesn't deserve more money is nuts. Voice actors make almost as much as live and in some cases more. Whoever signed her contract is at fault. She should have been paid more.

1409 days ago


Greg, Sanchez hasn't made billions for Viacom...Dora's been around for 10 years with various voice actors. Have you even watched the show? Dora is so annoying and literally millions of girls could provide the same voice. Yeardley Smith, as Lisa Simpson has been doing it since 1987, when the Simpsons first appeared on the Tracey Ulman show. Plus, she brings the character to life and has won an Emmy for her performance. Angus from Two and Half Men is a hilarious actor with great comedic timing and has been doing HIS job, live and in person, for SEVEN YEARS. Dora's script readers are a dime a dozen.

Now, if you want to talk serious long as Boots agrees to put on some freakin' clothes, I think HE deserves a raise and the star treatment!

1409 days ago


The courts will uphold what she signed, so this is a stupid move and will only hurt her in hollywood in the long run. She'll now be viewed as a greedy girl who doesn't live up to her contract, which will affect future job offers. I mean, who would want to work with someone signs a contract and then turns around and sue them because she doesn't like what she signed?

1409 days ago



1409 days ago


considering how popular that show is? she should be getting a lot more

1409 days ago


Who unfairly pressured her since she is a minor? Her parents?
Just wondering.........

1409 days ago


A contract is a contract and many parties (parents, agents, network attorneys) are involved in its signing when a minor is involved. These parents are clearly being greedy.

Moreover, this actress is not even the original voice of Dora. The previous actress did not have her contract renewed for similar reasons aka growing up and voice changing.

I think it is sad for all parties involved and mostly the career of this actress. When you bite the hand the feeds you (in this case $300k+) I doubt she will find any work from future employers.

1409 days ago
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