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Gloria Allred -- Not Even 'SNL' Can Stop Me

10/13/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attorney Gloria Allred is still refusing to spill the beans on her alleged meetings with Oksana Grigorieva earlier this year -- but we did get her to admit that the spoof  "SNL" did of her this past weekend was worth a good laugh.


Allred says she's gotten her fair share of flack over the years -- and a little burn from "Saturday Night Live" is not going to deter her "from continuing to fight for victims of injustice."


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@Anna: I didn't say that all Oksana's claims are based on solid evidence, some of them are hanging in the air (far as we know), but Mel's e-mails & phonecalls (however edited they might be), gives regular evidence of a man, who is threatening, insulting & scaring his (secretly betrayed) girlfriend the best he can & possibly also admits that he has beaten her.

Oksana has been acting irrational & disturbed, as battered women often do. With the pregnancy just behind her & a baby to care for, a cheating & abusive father to the child & not too many friends around, many would collapse in this situation.

Oksana went "laywer shopping" is another phrase from Mel's camp & of course it is difficult for her to find the right team. She is not (as Mel) on beforehand dressed up with the best advisers money can buy, but actually realized along the way, that many CA laywers are in Mel's pocket one way or another.

The fact that she received the "friendly" offers from Kris Herzog also shows, that it's difficult for her to find the right people to rely on. It seems Herzog has also fooled some other celebrities along the way, hopefully he is now out of this story.

Oksana is fighting for the rights of Lucia, but also of course, for her own legal & moral rights as the mother of Mr. Gibsons daughter. By total silence Mel allows diiferent kinds of evil slander to grow, not at least the constant claim from Sweets & her followers, that Lucia is not Mel's child at all.

If Mel wanted to make way for a pieceful arrangement, he could bring the most damaging gossip to an end rightaway, but he has chosen to let the insults continue, probably because he can't decide, how much of the truth he dares to reveal & thus he is continuing to feed the destructive forces.

And this will continue until the court makes Mr. Gibson admit what is false & what is truth.

1440 days ago


I'm beginning to think that Allred is a MEDIA whore just like Atty. General **** (liar) Blumenthal of CT who is running against Linda McMahon of WWF/WWE fame for the US Senate from CT to replace Chris Dodd who KNEW that he would NEVER win another re-election. Can't wait to see what POWER position Dodd will get next- maybe head of UCONN Health Center that he got MILLIONS of $$$$$$$$$$ for? Let's wait and see!

Linda is going to whoop his ass on November 2nd! Blumenthal has ALREADY had Pres. Obama come to CT to stump for him, Pres. Clinton, Teddy Kennedy Jr., and now Michelle Obama is making her way here! IF he was so far ahead of her in the polls and so sure he was going to win the Senate race, I don't think he'd need all this "star" power cheering for him!


1439 days ago


Funny, I can say "ass", but the nickname for Richard (Blumenthal) got **** out! LOL.....

1439 days ago


You know how they say that if you were abused earlier in life, unless you get therapy, later on , YOU BECOME the ABUSER.

Gloria is an ABUSER!

Gloria abused Tiger Woods
Gloria abuses people all the time, maybe when she was young, her INTENT was to stop the Abuse, but she went from ABUSED to ABUSER.

Looking at her on video or in photo , she comes across as an ABUSER.

It is a vicious circle.

Same with Oksana, maybe she was abused when she was young, so NOW she is the ABUSER.

There is physical abuse.
There is Mental abuse.
There is Political abuse.
There is emotional abuse.

There are many way to abuse people.

And Oksana has for many months abused Mel emotionally and mentally and socially and financially ... the media doesn't care.

Do you?

1439 days ago


The woman in the white dress is Debrahlee Lorenzana, the women who was fired from Citibank for being too hot.

1439 days ago
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