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Laura Dern/Ben Harper Divorce Docs

10/12/2010 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the divorce documents Ben Harper filed Friday, asking for a divorce from Laura Dern.


As we first reported, Ben claims he's been separated from Laura since January. Now we know the specific date -- Harper claims the date of separation is New Year's Day.

What's weird -- the couple has been living and traveling together all this year.

The significance of the date of separation is all about $$$.  When a couple is legally separated, their earnings become separate.  We're told Harper out-earns Dern by a lot.


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Having this happnen once is understandalbe, but twice. She thought everything was fine with Billy Bob and then he was with Angelina. There's something about Laura that a man can only take for so long and then he's just gone with no effort to work it out or anything. Weird.

1470 days ago


"Nubian King", just so ya know, Ben Harper is a child of a mixed-marriage. Perhaps you should do research before commenting...


1470 days ago


This man is a real s*** sucking pig. Stop blaming Laura here. It's clear by the filing and the details of the subject filing that it's him that's trying to play with facts i.e. the date of separation and other stuff. He's just mean in an epic way.

1470 days ago


It must suck to be famous. Nothing is private in this world. The privacy act should include someones divorce papers. It's just none of our business.

1470 days ago


Is it "National Dump Your Spouse Week" in Hollyweird this week? Whos next to announce a split??

1470 days ago


1. Billy Bob left Laura because Angelina is and always will be a homewrecker. It's what she does best. She did it to Laura, she did it Jennifer, she's done it time and time again. To blame Laura for that is ridiculous.

2. Ben Harper is obviously a piece of low-life s**t to walk away from his kids without saying a word, and for trying to get out of paying her a sum of money he has earned since January. Obviously with having witnesses attest to the fact that they've been together for all this time and way after January, he's just a s***bag trying to get out of child-support.

1470 days ago

artie help    

big deal, who is responsible for this obama ,bush maybe carter, but certainly not clinton, when the chickens come home to roost, you'll all be looking for dan quail.

1470 days ago


Laura Dern comes across as a desperate person he did good by dumping her.

1470 days ago


I'm sure he has had a little honey on the side for sometime now...

1470 days ago


All these celebrities getting divorced at the same time. Sounds like a celebrity orgy gone wrong.

1470 days ago

Julia M.    

Stop repeating that lie about Laura Dern's break-up with Thornton. Thornton rebutted her claim and said they broke up months before he got together with Jolie when Laura left to go on location. I think that was when he changed the locks on the house. Thornton certainly has more credibility than Dern at this point.

Everyone's divorce filings are part of the court record and publicly available through the clerk's office. Marriage is a civil contract sanctioned by the state government. Most courts are putting many of their records on line so trips to the courthouse aren't even necessary to retrieve some of this stuff. Some parts of the record can be sealed with a judicial order but the initial filing of divorce and orders dissolving a marriage is always public.

You know as someone who works hard for her own money I never have a problem when someone wants to protect their own earnings, especially from a former spouse. It doesn't mean he won't be a generous parent to his children. Dern can go make her own money.

1470 days ago


Is it "National Dump Your Spouse Week" in Hollyweird this week? Whos next to announce a split??

Posted at 11:17 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by t

lol...demi and ashton

1470 days ago


Julia: You get that straight from Billy Bob? LMAO!

1470 days ago


BlancheDevereaux - julia is right. Thornton has said that several times on interviews when asked. He had broken up with Dern long before he got together with Jolie.

Dern one that broke up Thornton marriage. Thornton was still married when he started dating Dern. They were holding hands under the table at the Oscars, with Thornton's wife right next to them and still with Thornton.

Dern also broke up Harper marriage. At the time Ben Harper's wife was expecting.

1470 days ago


aspains: i don't trust any of them. there's his version, her version, they're version, the ex's version and then there's the truth.

1470 days ago
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