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Octomom Delivers Miracle Payment, Saves Home

10/14/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's labor has finally paid off -- TMZ has learned the part-time bartender, garage sale saleswoman, and human photo prop has raised enough money to stay in her home ... for now!

Amer Haddadin -- the guy who owns the note on Nadya Suleman's L.A. area property -- tells us he had a "very constructive meeting" with Octo's attorneys yesterday ... they finally handed over a check for two months of back payments.

As for the additional $450,000 balloon payment that Octo still owes -- Haddadin tells us he's agreed to grant Nadya an extension ... and the two parties will establish a new deadline in the next couple of days.


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who cares?
we dont wanna hear anymore bout that octo-whore
and her phony landlord anymore

1468 days ago


your ****in joking.

why wont he kick the skank out and grow some balls.

wat a pannnsy

1468 days ago


She gave him the draws.

1467 days ago


she gave him more money and told him to say 2 months
so she can continue getting money from pricks

1467 days ago


This is a vicious circle as far as her house payment is concerned.

She should really find a less expensive dress code to raise her brood.

This will only get harder, especially being behind in payments.

1467 days ago


half a milli seems a tad HIGH? for a slumlord dump.I`d say she better get out of that deal before they hump her 2death what a fn crook GO TO A BANK BUY OUT THE LOAN though the bank and lower the payments for the next million years.BA!LUNE slumlords make me sick.She`ll have to buy out the loan OR be ripped off forever... broker is a joker coker

1467 days ago

Y do he got    

BROKERS WILL BLEED YOU DRY go to a bank and buy the loan and lower the interest..your daddy did you wrong by setting you up with this one uses a broker only bank notes it had to to bad and he will resale again and again and again thats the GAME brokers play on folks who won`t use banks.He`s a middle man and makes his money for nothing other than haveing a better credit rateing and some money in his bank.He just marks up the interest and makes a killing by taking food from the mouth of babys

1467 days ago


Ha! I mean ZIP code, not dress code....busy morrning

1467 days ago


Who cares?
He's apparently in on her begging and scamming scheme.

There will be a next time and he won't get any sympathy from the public and neither will she. Enough is enough.

1467 days ago


such crap..this is a cycle and all the players know their parts. around christmas time they'll pull out this now tired "destitute" and "foreclosure" thing and do it all over again

1467 days ago


maybe she took care of him in a different way..and i agree,,he just wants face time but there is no demand for an archie bunker look alike

1467 days ago


This is my opinion, the whole thing is a scam with the balloon
payment. I think most of us agree on that. I'm not going to comment
on this crap the next time, that helps her with the begging.
Personally, I think the house is more paid for than we know.
A wolf has 4 legs, and they are ALL CROOKED!
TMZ, investigate her finances. She enjoys making everybody look
like fools, even you! BTW, Harvey, you are paying for that privilege!

1467 days ago


Who cares- kick her out already.

1467 days ago


Thought she is living off her father's money as he is in Iraq or did he run to get away from her. No job, since she loves the free ride she is getting from ARNOLD and CO.

1467 days ago


so, when does her video come out? "Octomom takes on the Octodad""

1467 days ago
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