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Christina Aguilera

and Boyfriend


3/1/2011 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera was arrested early this morning along with her boyfriend in West Hollywood, TMZ has learned. Christina was popped for public intoxication and her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence.

Christina Aguilera Arrested
Cops say ... Aguilera was a passenger in a car driven by Matthew Rutler when officers noticed he was driving erratically around 2:45 AM ... so they pulled the vehicle over. 

Officers determined Rutler was drunk and arrested him for misdemeanor DUI.

Cops say the deputies determined Aguilera was also "extremely intoxicated" ... and since she was unable to care for herself, Aguilera was taken into custody.

Aguilera was booked for public intoxication -- and according to the booking sheet, she was listed at 5'2" and 100 lbs.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, Rutler's bail was set at $5,000.

However, the source adds, "If the driver had NOT been arrested for DUI, [Christina] would have never been in trouble."

Sources close to Xtina tell us they have been trying to get the singer into a rehab program for weeks.


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CNN is reporting $250.00 bail.

1303 days ago


I'd like to rehab that lil piece.

1303 days ago

Sidney Allen Johnson    

She apparently felt all the other misbehaving celebrities were leaving her behind so to keep up she concocted her own arrest. Kind of like a gangsta rapper waving his gun around so as to get some street cred...and to think I was just thinking about how much smarter she seemed than the rest of her ilk. Nope.

1303 days ago


She isn't winning! She is not meant to party, she cannot handle it.

1303 days ago


Maybe she and Charlie should get together.

1303 days ago


Well somebody had to take the heat off of Lindsey and Charlie LOL

1303 days ago


Hollywood needs to get clean and get its act together.

1303 days ago

Donald Schmitt    

Nothing new here. Typical, young woman, albeit talented and living a lavish life of fortune, with no anchor or guidance in matters of life's priorities. All screwed up with no central male role model to right the ship. Britney, Lindsey, Paris, and soon Miley, move over.

1303 days ago


Such a shame! She was doing really good when she was married. Now that she has this boyfriend she has hit the skids. I hope for her son's sake she can pull it back together.

1303 days ago


Do the local Hollywood papers have a section devoted exclusively to which celebrities got arrested for drunk driving today? This week? This month? Sort of like the weather report and sports scores?

1303 days ago


Way to go, Mom. Hopefully, her ex-husband will get custody now.

1303 days ago


100 lbs IN HER BRA. Or maybe her hair. We'll have to see the mugshot.

1303 days ago


Karma's a b*tch. Ruin the Ntl anthem and you will pay

1303 days ago


Really? So you're suppose to update your drivers license every time you gain 5 lbs? People, get real and give her a break. Chastise her for what actually matters.

1303 days ago

Joe Astroturf    

She's a democrat you can tell by how she sang the national anthem. At least she's not violent like a lot of them. We should be keeping our eyes on including Democrat Congressman Michael Capuano who wants to bloody anyone that don’t agree with him fits right in with a lot of Obama’s cohorts. He should get right along with Obama’s Philly Black panthers that want to prevent whites from voting and kill little white cracker babies. They call tea partiers racists but Obama and his ugly looking friend Andy Stern formerly of SEIU didn't care about Kenneth Gladney almost getting killed by some purple shirted SEIU thugs as they were calling him the N word. The fringe media didn’t report the beating here it is below no one has been prosecuted. After the Assembly vote to approve Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill Democrat State Rep. Gordon Hintz turned to Republican Rep. Michelle Litjens and said: “You are F***king dead!”.

Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube.

Here’s a verse
Soldiers as you and your wife leave your last trace
at least you won’t have to see Nancys botox face
that chicken neck of hers wouldn’t look good on a snail
her and a few of her pals in 2012 wil be in jail

Tea partiers I can’t hear you

You won’t have to see that venemous plastic face
she wants patriots like Gladney to disappear without a trace
she wants the purple shirts to call him the “N” word and bury him in place

Townhallers I still can’t hear you

1303 days ago
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