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Kelsey Grammer's Wife: Miscarriage of Justice

10/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife and star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," feels "absolutely humiliated" over Kelsey's girlfriend, and feels her recent miscarriage is all part of bad Karma.

Kelsey Grammer divorce.

Sources who interact with Camille on the show's production tell TMZ ... she feels "very bitter and the bitterness has been growing" over Kelsey's sudden decision to pull the plug on their marriage.

We're told Camille feels sad about Kayte Walsh's miscarriage, but believes it's all part of the cosmos -- what goes around, comes around.

And, we're told, although the show reveals some of the bitterness, "It's way deeper than people watching would know."


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Bob D    

I don't know about this "karma" business but this Kelsey guy is a jerk. He'll get tired of his latest fling in due time and screw up someone else's life again. The trouble with these Hollywood types is that they always are not satisfied, the bad part of it all is that most of the time kids get caught up in their escapades. Very selfish people with no self-respect.

1472 days ago


Considering OTHERS are reporting what she's says or feels, she has nothing to apologize for. Camille is entitled to her thoughts and feelings. I would, however, advise her to find better confidants.

1472 days ago


"Kind of hard to believe that there are people defending Kelsey Grammar here."

As far as I can tell, nobody is defending Kelsey Grammer. Nobody has said what he did was right. However, regardless of what he did, that doesn't give anybody the right to wish harm to come to innocent people.

1471 days ago


This bitch getting dumped is HER BAD KARMA. I know it hurts to get kicked to the curb, but you should NEVER blame losing a child on anything as ridculous as that! I lost a baby last year and it utterly disgusts me that this bitch would be so heartless as to suggest it was her karma that allowed this to happen. SHAME on you tacky bev hills bitch.

1471 days ago


maybe she meant karma about the two of them getting hammered...while pregnant??? them with drinks in hand...were a plenty...a few weeks back...maybe it's karma for not caring that much...for the the first place???or........
maybe it's karma for something earlier in life...the 15 year old babysitter he raped...when he was 30...the child of his good friend...he's a low life...she's entitled to any opinion she has...i hope she dishes more or the a-hole...he deserve it all...and worse

1471 days ago


After watching the firt episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I found it odd that she had so many nannies (I know.. I know... they rotate in and out). Then when Camille said that a surrogate gave birth to her two children.... you could see the other housewives gasp along with the rest of the country. It caused me to feel sorry for Kelsey Grammer because it appeared that his wife was more concerned about maintaining her figure than experiencing the joys and burdens of childbirth with her husband. When taken at face value, it seems that she married Grammer not for love, but for what she stood to gain.

1471 days ago


camille needs to just go away cause shes just a cold and heartless bitch

1471 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    


1471 days ago

northeastern mom    

whether she was pregnant or not - to say the miscarriage is karma is just cold.

1471 days ago


The reason she had a surrogate was because she has irritable bowel syndrome and cannot carry a child to term.

1470 days ago


Karma kinda sucks but after what he did to her I'm sure he has more bad karma coming his way,

Karma sucks again because she should of left him for dead when he had his heart attack. Instead the pond s*** lives thanks to her and in return he put her and their children through massive public humiliation without a care. It would of been more worthy if she said too bad he didn't kick the bucket instead. Anyone who thinks she's wrong for thinking, saying or feeling that way needs to get a clue. He put her through hell and made sure it was all out for public viewing. God's will or karma, call it what you will, you treat someone that badly something bad is bound to happen.

Was she even really pregnant? The time line of events don't really add up.

1470 days ago


What Kelsey did was wrong but to say that losing a baby is due to bad karma is just cruel beyond words. That baby did NOT deserve to die. The mistakes his/her parents made were their fault not the baby's fault. I completely understand that Camille is hurt, but Kelsey did what almost every man in Hollywood does, traded his wife in for a newer, younger, fresher, less plastic model. It doesnt matter how much plastic surgery you have done Camille you will NEVER look like a 28 year old. So stop trying PLEASE. And also while you are at your next Doctor's appt. ask for a personality and heart transplant. For it is so obvious to see that you have neither of the two.

1470 days ago


Menopause? EVer hear about male menopause? That's when the man has problems in the sack, looks for a younger womnan to fix his problems! And as to Camille, if you lived in Hollywood wher half these guys trade in their old wives (old being older than 30 in most cases) they are in a panic to keep their looks! Who can blame them? None of us know what went on in their marriage so all these women bashers look to yourselves, it isn't always the womans fault!

1467 days ago


Umm Correct me if Im wrong but wasnt Camille the mistress herself once upon a tim? Seems like Karma is a b*tch and she got a dose of her own. Once a cheater...ALWAYSSS a cheater!! kelsey Grammer is a disgrace.....shame on him. What example has he set for those children. Disgusting.

1467 days ago

Just one of those days     

Kelsey must be a total loon; he married Camille without a pre-nup? Calling her a gold-digger? No call him an idiot...and an unattractive old man. Why else would anyone young marry (or date)him? Money.... and he is stupid enough to give it away.

1465 days ago
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