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Kelsey Grammer's Wife: Miscarriage of Justice

10/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife and star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," feels "absolutely humiliated" over Kelsey's girlfriend, and feels her recent miscarriage is all part of bad Karma.

Kelsey Grammer divorce.

Sources who interact with Camille on the show's production tell TMZ ... she feels "very bitter and the bitterness has been growing" over Kelsey's sudden decision to pull the plug on their marriage.

We're told Camille feels sad about Kayte Walsh's miscarriage, but believes it's all part of the cosmos -- what goes around, comes around.

And, we're told, although the show reveals some of the bitterness, "It's way deeper than people watching would know."


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This is for all those folks singin' how Camille "stood by her man" during his difficult times (ie: substance abuse, heart attack. This is the same woman who has four nannies, whines that a 3500 sq. ft. apt. is too small for her travelling entourage, and wouldn't ruin her own body for a baby, etc. Trust me...during his illnesses Camille made sure she didn't have to break an acrylic nail doing anything. Kelsey probably went to the finest rehab facilities, had the best docs and hosp. staff while she hung poolside in Hawaii with his overweight friends...and whoever that cute guy was who showed up for dinner in Las Vegas.

1399 days ago


It's time that Camille came down off that high horse of hers. Calling Kyle's husband lower in the pecking order. She pretends to be so generous with her money but I don't know what's worse, someone who has money and is just overtly evil, or the one who has money, rubs it in your face that she is so giving, all the while pointing out where she stands in pecking order relating to her net worth. I think she needed this fall from grace and maybe now she can actually have her children view someone other than their nannies as their primary female role model. I mean, really, your child (son) is sick and you need to ask the nanny as an afterthought, how was his temperature. What mother doesn't do that on her own when her child is sick? When kids most want their mommies. I don't get her. But I am waiting and watching to see the train wreck.

1399 days ago


I don't condone Kelsey Grammer's poor choices, but if she is half as crazy as she appears on Housewives of Beverly Hills I can see why he got out of Dodge!!!!! She thinks all women are jealous of her, why would we be jealous of an insecure, totally fake, strange looking woman that needs four yes I said four nannies to take care of two children!!!!!

1399 days ago


Camille is a nut job who has latched on to Kelsey Grammar's money and lives the life of royalty. Don't get too comfortable sweetheart... your (3) homes in LA, multiple homes in Hawaii and (2) homes in NY are probably not for long. The house managers, four nannies, (3) cars and exotic trips may go by the wayside when you have to spend your own money. Loose the breathy, lofty tone in your voice sweetheart, you are from Jersey City, NOT Beverly Hills.
Camille is a nasty, bitter, insecure martyr who likes to pass judgment on others and definitely feels she is above everyone! She should be careful with her comments... she has a chronic illness and her mother is suffering from cancer

1397 days ago


Camille is a self-centered, spoiled b**ch who doesn't even raise her own children. Heck, she didn't even HAVE her own children! Both were born of a surrogate mother in order to preserve her figure. Pretty sad, in my opinion, and really makes her look as if she only "had" children in order to please Kelsey and or have something to ensure moola money forever from Kelsey. She makes me sick, and I am thrilled to see Kelsey Grammer divorce her. The only bad thing about it is that he has to pay her a giant settlement and tons of alimony and child support. On top of it all, she looks like crap (hello? She's only 42 and looks like she could be a 60+ year old who has had work done!) and is insecure and psycho. I feel sorry for her children, not her. Who the heck has four nannies and doesn't even work?! I think it was a joke when she tried to make it appear as though she's so busy running her households that she can't even take care of her own children. For crying out loud, they're like 6 and 9 years old... Camille is a worthless, ugly piece of crap and a total psycho. I have never posted to a blog like this before, but that woman really irritates me and is just not sane.

1397 days ago


And isn't it kind of obvious that she's screwing the family friend, Nick. Or is it just me?? I'd hate to see how she acted around someone she did want to f**K if she's not riding that! She is a worthless leech.

1397 days ago


Oh puh-leez, after seeing her with Nick on RHOBH, it is obvious she is guilty too. Her body languange and numerous sex comments to Nick SCREAM affair.

1396 days ago

JEff N    

Camille is a sickening woman. And if the cosmos really do even the score, then she's got more than her divorce to be worried about

1393 days ago


I agree with Camille 100% This tramp was sleeping with a married man and got pregnant with a meal ticket and lost it. I don't feel sorry for her one bit. I know a girl who has had like 3 abortions and has cheated on her boyfriend of years with married men while he had no idea. She got pregnant and lost the baby and was soooooo sad. She expected me to be sad too. You didn't want me to be sad for the ones you threw away so why would I be sad for the one you wanted. People need to think about the way they live their lives. Every action has a consequence.

1392 days ago


Of course Camille is hurt if Kelsey was cheating on her. So what....she's been there for her husband through tough times. That's what marriage is all about! She doesn't work...she has 4 nannies for 2 children, so I'd guess she's not spending much of her time being a Mom, she has a staff of assistants, house keepers, etc...Ummm....what's she bringing to the table? I would never condone adultry. I do think it is PURE EVIL to make such heartless comments about anyone losing a baby! If she's such a strong believer in Karma, you'd think she'd refrain from such awful comments! Dingbat!

1392 days ago

beverly sexton    

Kelsey is a good person but he has very bad problems, lets not blame the wife. He just likes whores. Lets not forget the stripper he met in Canoga Park and married. He doesn't know how to handle a good wife and children. This women will be gone soon and another whore will take her place. Lots of luck to cam and her children. I also bet there was not baby.

1392 days ago


To Eyes R Rolling:
Read your post again. You basically just answered why you are single.... and you confirmed what Fred said....

LOTS AND LOTS of men want me. I'm in my 30's. My mother, who is in her 60's, still gets picked up.

If you were more sensitive and didn't group men into one category you may be able to find love. Not all men want a 20 year old. I go out with lots of men who very very attracted to my intelligence. I've heard men say they DON"T want a 20 year old.

Your problem is that you seem to think all men want a 20 year old. You group men together incorrectly. I doubt you really want to be single. It's most likely a defensive attitude you've developed because you really don't understand why men dump you. You probably get dumped because you don't tolerate or accept people for who they are. Love is all about acceptance, which you don't have.

1390 days ago


one should watch the show camille is on. lets see...she shows her but crack...she flirts with other womens husbands, she speakds about her breast every chance she gets, she lied about kyle, then said she doesn't need kelsey BUT she then says perhaps her shuband is the highest in the pecking order and he (kelsey) may not do business with kyle's husband. hmmmmm , camille perhaps kelseys girlfriend spoke of her breast all the time and showed her burr crack for all to see. oh wait, camille we know who you are with 4 nannies for 2 children. sheesh.

1387 days ago


Camille has no class. She brags about all the homes she has, four nanny's for two children that aren't hers. A house manager and the fact that she embarrassed her best friend in a hot tub by telling the world that when her best friends husband lost his job they loaned them a house and a car. That's just how she is, she commented. The best friend looked humiliated. That was so....rude of Camille. Also, according to Kyle and I believe Kyle Richards, Camille wants the world to feel sorry for her so she lies, and lies and lies. If there is Karma, it has come back to hit her in the end.

1384 days ago


I would have left her too! She is a nutcase! You would think Kelsey was a nobody until she came into the picture. I think the house wives of Beverly Hills should kick her off the show. No one in the world is as special as she thinks she is.

1382 days ago
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