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Octomom -- I'm Unevictable, Dammit

10/14/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has just rewritten decades of foreclosure law ... claiming on the Kevin & Bean show this AM that the guy who holds the note on her home has no claim against her ... and she ain't goin' anywhere.



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I love that shes can be that big of an idiot and have 14 kids. I cannot wait to see all those kids in about 13 years. Ha.

1441 days ago


what a moron. harvey, please straighten her out on this issue. there are only 2 possibilities here -

1. she entered into a lease/option agreement where she was renting the home for a period of time (usually a year) and those payments were accrued to be the down payment on the purchase of the home. at the end of this she has to purchase the home and pay the balance or the option expires and she is a tenant. in either case, he can evict her.

scenario 2 - she purchased the home and the seller carried the note for the purchase. in this instance, she is correct, an "owner can not be evicted" under laymans terms. however, the lender (previous owner) can foreclose on the loan and take possession of the home. then she is not the owner anymore and the new owner (lender, previous owner) can evict her in a typical UD action.

this guy needs to pull the trigger already and stop ****ing with these morons and her attorneys. dont you ask yourself "how does she pay these people but not the loan?" toss her ass out, bring an end to this BS. it seems as though he is acting as the landlord instead of as the lender. typical problems with people who think they know RE but have no clue (99% of people).

1441 days ago


Posted at 1:05 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by Tina

Tina, bite the big one!

1441 days ago


I've been saying all along that this guy needs to be very careful how he proceeds. A single mother with a ton of kids and a lawyer can be darn near unevictable even if he does foreclose. She can probably stay in the house a year or more before being forced out, and if the mortgage holder makes a mistake the clock resets and he has to start over. He should have never carried the mortgage in the first place.

1440 days ago


"He should have never carried the mortgage in the first place."

The explanation has got to be greed. Octomom probably offered to pay him more than anybody else, and he didn't take all of the risks into account. As it stands, it seems possible that she will be able to squat there indefinitely without making any payments at all. The guy is totally screwed.

1440 days ago


HaHa! to all of you who wished she'd get kick out. I'm happy for her, I knew she'd come up with the money some how! I just love how all the haters keep on hating but they have no effect on anything revelant.

1440 days ago


and again, this skank slips through the process. i don't know what she does but she must be hella good at it!

1440 days ago


I told ya it was all just a scam to get money!

1440 days ago

So done with her!!!    

I'm sure there will be a chapter in HER book on how to become unevictable.
Oh and Daniel aka kimba10, she didn't come up with all the money. Only what was owed for Sept and Oct.
OctoAmer is now part of the OctoCamp.

1440 days ago


OMG Kimba/Sarcia has another voice in her head... Daniel post #21.

1440 days ago


Those radio guys are really making a jerk out of Octoscam. Hear them laughing at her? Just like most of the public! LOLOLOL

1440 days ago

Carter 123    

I hope she has 2 more sons, and their last name ends up being menendez :)

1440 days ago


anybody who supports octowhore is a fu**ing idiot..come one i've seen teens with babies take care of their kids better than this weird lady,she sounds uneducated and obviously she is simple math could tell you one person cant support all those kids...she's gonna be on welfare until those kids turn 18 once her 15 minutes are up she's gonna wish she had made better one is jelous of her stretched vagina and house full of kids.

1440 days ago


Nadya is a serial liar and manipulator. No one should ever believe anything she says. End of story!

1440 days ago


Hope everyone remembers the next begfest, she said her corporation owns the house. A lawyer on retainer, a corporation, gonna be hard to belly up to welfare and begging. She has committed FRAUD.

1440 days ago
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