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Taylor Momsen -- Gunning for Miley-Like Controversy

10/14/2010 12:57 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Underage "Gossip Girl" actress and raccoon-eyed wannabe Courtney Love rocker, Taylor Momsen has pulled a Miley Cyrus and ticked off a powerful parents organization for her sexed up, gun-toting magazine cover.


The Parents Television Council -- the same group that criticized Miley's new controversial music video -- believes parents should be "alarmed" with the 17-year-old (who is also the face of Madonna's clothing line, Material Girl) posing on the cover of the hard rock mag Revolver "wearing lingerie, gun belt and nothing else."

PTC further states, "By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy, and contributing to the already epidemic problem of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders, and sexual risk-taking."

A rep for Taylor was unavailable for comment.


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This girl is only 16. Where are her parents and why are they allowing her to dress & look the way she does? I mean, bitch looks 40ish, older than I look and I'm in my 40's. I have a young daughter and would never let her look like this not even for fame & fortune.

1469 days ago


She is Soooo HOT!

1469 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

As much as she shouldn't be posing like that, the PTC needs to STFU before someone sues them again for being hypocrites and liars.

I have an idea, don't buy the damn magazine, that's how you send a message. The holier than thou bible thumpers are only drawing more attention to it, much like how they went after Grand Theft Auto and the game's sales INCREASED!!!


1469 days ago


HEY! I like my women in stockings and guns :)

1469 days ago


The Parents Television Council is a bunch of idiotic parents..Funny enough they shouldn't even be parents. In this day and age no one can accept responsibilities for their actions nor can they blame themselves..So instead they blame the media,entertainment industry.

If a kid is so easily influenced by someone they see on TV/Magazines that they have never even met before then thats not Taylor's/Miley's or anyone elses fault..Thats BAD PARENTING. Funny enough, they are more concerned with the whole sexualized part and they could care less about the guns..Watch what your kids buy/see/listen to. Don't blame other people.

1469 days ago


"By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy,...."

Guns and violence ARE sexy. But she's not.

1469 days ago


and here we go with this "teen THING!"

what in hec is up with this little "look at me now" teen.. she really thinks she's all that.. talk about madonna blew up her ego..
it should be considered child-porn due to her age alone.. and the magazine should pull the cover.. this is silly extreme.. she's not even old enough to even have a gun permit..let alone even strong enough to shoot that thing..

this is a sad exploit of a teen-ager.. look at me now.. the cw should now pull and toss her contract..gossip girl ratings is in the hole anyway.. talk about booooooooooring

you look like nothing but a tramp


1469 days ago


"Guns and violence ARE sexy. But she's not."

Agreed, she looks really lanky and unappealing in this picture.

She should've ditched the stupid looking heals and the unflattering nightgown in favor of some kind of leather-matrix looking outfit with a low cut top.

1469 days ago


What do they expect from a Gossip Girl star? Heck her character is trashy and dresses like a hooker. I'm surprised she is wearing this amount of clothes on the cover.

1469 days ago


Taylor, f*ck them. Nothing you do as an actress or a musician is directed toward children. Why the hell do the PTC think they are saying you must be a role model? F*ch them, rock on girl! :)

And yeah whoever said guns and violence ARE sexy, right on man! lol

1469 days ago


What young kid is going to read this magazine anyway???

1469 days ago


who the hell is this?

1469 days ago


I bet her mom is best buds with Dinah.....they must be so proud of their little darlings!! Great job Mom!!!!

1469 days ago

Gloria Unread    

#6 - I was just going to say the same exact thing! Guns and violence are definitely hot!

#10 - I agree. I don't think this chick has ever claimed to be a role model.
If children are immitating celebrities, the blame lies with the parents who haven't raised them well enough to make their own decisions and seperate fantasy from reality. It's not the fault of the celebrites - Most of whom *don't* ever proclaim to be a role model of any sort.

1469 days ago


when does she turn 18? i'm wondering when i can start leaving comments about her like "i'd -- her". i'm on my way to the gun club range right now to shoot up an old dead lawnmower with my assult rifle.

1469 days ago
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