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New Docs -- Funny Biz in Federer Tennis Match?

10/15/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man suing IMG Prez Ted Forstmann claims he has new evidence proving Forstmann obtained inside info from Roger Federer before wagering on one of Federer's tennis matches. 


Jim Agate -- who owns the printing company suing IMG for gambling-connected tax losses --  filed phone records today with the court which he says prove Forstmann called Agate the night before the 2007 French Open final, and that Agate immediately called a Costa Rican betting service to place the bets. 

Agate also filed wager reports allegedly detailing the Federer bets. Ironically, Federer lost the '07 French Open to Rafael Nadal -- also an IMG client -- allegedly costing Forstmann a bundle. 

All tolled, Agate claims Forstmann lost $96,000 in the days surrounding the Federer/Nadal match ... and Agate filed a receipt for a $96,000 wire transfer to prove it -- money Agate says Forstmann paid him for the gambling losses.

Forstmann's rep, Michael Sitrick, tells TMZ the allegations that Federer gave inside information to Forstmann is an "absolute lie" made by a "desperate man."  Sitrick hasn't seen the documents Agate filed today, but says he wouldn't be surprised if they're phony.

Federer denies giving Forstmann any inside info about the match in question.

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Please leave Roger alone.

1477 days ago


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I bet you didn't hear about this hero's passing, but we've sure seen a whole bunch about Lindsey Lohan and Tiger Woods.

Medal of Honor Winner Captain Ed Freeman

Shame on the American media !!!

1477 days ago


Federer is sexy.

1477 days ago


"All tolled"? Are you kidding me?

1477 days ago


$96k is peanuts in the game of tennis...let him go cry on someone elses shoulders..i don't see any proof...if you have ever watched federer play nadal, there is no clear winner..it just depends on how the game goes that day. I think the allegation is ridiculous..the printer just wants to get his name plastered all over TMZ

1477 days ago

billy cema    

Federer's collapse is mystifying. And equally so is the body mass Rafael Nadal acquired in such a short time around that time period. Hmmmmm!

1477 days ago

Get back to work!    

"All tolled" LMFAO

* Written from the Jersey Turnpike *

1476 days ago


Please, please, PLEASE, just this once, let these allegations prove to be completely false! There has to be one honest athlete...

1476 days ago


Roger wouldn't do something like that! It doesn't even make any sense as to why Roger would benefit from doing something like this.

1476 days ago

What the?!?    

Let's see if I've got this straight... The agent losing a bundle is supposed to be proof he had inside information?! Isn't the purpose of getting inside info to WIN big, not lose big. Obviously any alleged info he got from Federer was WRONG!

1476 days ago

Pound Sand    

Main Entry: all told
Function: adverb
Date: 1828
: with everything or everyone taken into account : in all

"All tolled" lol who is writing these posts...1st graders?

1476 days ago


Go ROGER! You're awesome!

1476 days ago

Get back to work!    

Main Entry: all told
Function: adverb
Date: 1828
: with everything or everyone taken into account : in all

"All tolled" lol who is writing these posts...1st graders?

Posted at 8:33 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by Suck IT

I am a 1st grader, and I am highly offended by your remark.

1476 days ago

Ima Lawyer    

hey jim agate?


lol.. you friggin putz!

1476 days ago


Godspeed and God Bless Captain Freeman.

Federer like any pro sports star is in it for the money, of course he cheats. They ALL do. A-L-L. The only non cheat I can think of from recent Pro Sports is Pat Tillman.

1476 days ago
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