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Roger Federer -- 'I Have Nothing to Hide'

10/15/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tennis superstar Roger Federer is lashing out at allegations that he gave inside information about his matches so the president of his management company could place bets ... saying the whole thing is "100% not true."


TMZ broke the story ... Agate Printing, Inc. filed a lawsuit against IMG and its owner, Ted Forstmann, claiming Federer gave Forstmann information about a match he played in at the 2007 French Open ... and Forstmann later used the information to make a $40,000 wager on Roger.

But moments ago -- at a press conference during an event in China -- Federer said, "It’s disappointing that someone’s throwing my name around. I would never do such a thing."

Federer continued, "My fans know that, the people who know me ... I have nothing to hide. I’m sorry for those who think there is something to the story. But there’s nothing."

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Seriously this is lame, if I am betting on tennis even to this day I would always bet on Federer. To make money you need to bet on him to lose and no way would he give you inside info for that because the guy would never want to lose and rarely does. This is a non story.

1466 days ago


What's up with everyone trying to pass the buck - dude, its your fault for betting - and that much money - put on your big boy pants and do something unusual = accept responsibility.

1466 days ago



1466 days ago


Was his inside information "Nadal is injured and not playing this tournament, I'm probably going to win it."?

1465 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

What inside information is he going to give?
That he is going to beat the other guy's ass?
It's tennis....

1465 days ago


What does the military service mean to anyone at this point? Does not even make sense..Federer has helped so many. How could there be insider info???This is tennis...I believe that he lost the match...Too bad that people have to look for something

1465 days ago


He's married you stupid moron #14 Sam dorkamorkus!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S HOT TO ALL WOMEN ON THIS EARTH!!! Jealous, maybe??? You should be!!! He's basically God!

1465 days ago


He is married. Married to the guy that sits next to Mirka and gets in a tizzy when he doesn't do well. I don't deny his talent, obviously, but come on - he's a sweetie. I feel for you Gayle because you're in love with a pickle smoocher.

1465 days ago

ben dover    

Rock Hudson was married too. Could he be a Homo Erectus?

1465 days ago


haha federer is so gay. mirka, his wife, is his beard. she was a women's tennis player. duh. he certainly likes gavin rossdale. and that swiss banker that's always at his matches

1464 days ago


I believe the information Roger claims to have given was that he was going to loose in the final to Nadal. Roger never has and never will beat Nadal on clay so he essentially told his agent something that any other person who even moderately follows tennis already knew.

1464 days ago


Yeah, I fell Roger did it! The guy bet against him winning when Roger was winning everything like you guys have pointed out; why would anyone bet against Roger when he was winning especially when he was on a winning streak? Roger lost that match; it does not make sense!

This guy did not like Tiger Woods, Jews or minorites and bet against Tiger hopeing he would lose, apparently Woods never did!

1464 days ago


I could see it if he bet on Federer to lose.

1463 days ago


media can't digest the fact tat someone can b famous n honest at the same time.n by the way wat does betting mean in tennis?noone can understand tat.one of the stupidist rumour ever created by media.TMZ, u suck!the show is all bout a bunch of losers tryin to poke fun at the whole world, but tat is wat empty vessels do.

1462 days ago

Mike B.    

I watched the interview where he spoke about the lawsuit. Ummm..."lashing out"?. He was asked a question about it and might as well have been the Dali Lama because he couldn't have been more composed and relaxed when answering. You can see it on the Shanghai Rolex Masters website under videos for "Federer's press conference on Oct.14" starting at 05:04. He was asked in Chinese.

1462 days ago
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