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Sherri Shepherd:

O'Reilly's in

'The Pinhead Category'

10/16/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd isn't finished with Bill O'Reilly for the things he said on "The View" -- telling TMZ his comments about the mosque at Ground Zero land him straight in the "pinhead category."


Shepherd was at LaGuardia Airport yesterday, where she also insisted that Bill knew what buttons he was gonna push when he said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

As for dirty details from the set of "The View" -- Sherri seems to be under a gag order ... telling us, "I can't talk about that."

We're guessing the powers that be are holding that story for Monday's show ...


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OK now all these retards commenting on here need to read a book & not all this media BS. Yes the people that attacked us were of the Muslim faith but they do not speak for every Muslim in the world most disagreed & hate what has happened. So to say an entire religion & race is to blame is ignorant. So is it OK for the people in Iraq & Iran to say all Americans are to blame for what is happening to there country how innocent Iraqi's & Iranians are being killed in the persuite of so called freedom. That is like saying all Christians are to blame for how this country is ending up because most people in the US are Christians and this country has done a lot in the name of Christ that a lot of Americans don't agree with. So also you are saying that every country is right in saying that we are to blame for a lot of what has happened to there countries when we stick our nose in business that doesn't have anything to do with us just as we fought for our freedom to become this great nation so should the people be able to do that for themselves but then again that is what we can accept from the republican & tea party drones sheeple is what most of this country is following and not being able to deside for themselves what is right and wrong get a clue & use that brain for more than just woundering what you are gonna eat for dinner f'n loosers. The same people blasting the show & it's people are the same that probably think mexicans should go back to where they came from well guess what dumbasses they are or did u loosers forget whose that alot of land was takin from the mexican people they didn't cross the border the border crossed them get a clue. That is why our country is going in the **** hole because of the extremists that we have here in our own country going against our own people. We were founded on principals that have been forgotten & people are trying to change laws & skew those principals in there own favor. O' Reilly said that Obama is to blame don't look to the past but if you don't look to the past then how we ever to learn from it Bush screwed us up & Obama is making us strong again face it most people that hate Obama are ignorant & don't know that this country is in serious trouble & those that want the Bush era to resume are basicly saying we should fall as a nation get over yourself & think of the big picture not just yourselves & if you do believe in god he says help your fellow man not yourself so really what kind of christian are you glad I am an Atheist.

1432 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Bill O'Reily has been talking about this on the last couple shows. He stands by his comment that "Muslims killed us on 9/11" and even mentioned the last TMZ poll showing 67% think Whoopi and Joy looked worse for walking off stage. I love Bill, watch his show every night if I can. He tells it like it is and seems to enjoy the conflict from stuff like this. He'll go on The View again, I'm sure and probably just to piss them off.

1432 days ago


Bill had a point when he said we didn't go around saying Japanese extremist killed us. The View ladies pitched a fit about saying Muslims attacked us. Yes this is America, and everyone has a right to practice their faith. On the other hand you need to take into account the sensitive nature of 9/11 and having a mosque built so close to ground zero. Move the Mosque. They can easily have their Mosque built where the shadow of 9/11 isn't looming over them.

1432 days ago


Sherri, Have a little respect for your viewing audience. Not an O'Reilly fan, but knew exactly what he meant by his statement. Whoopi, when everything calmed down, I was anxiously awaiting for you to be the voice of reason and go one on one with the manner in which O'Reilly made the statement. The pointing and reference to (paraphrasing) "listen and learn" was a typical O'Reilly move and I knew you could handle it. Then----off you went! Why am I not mentioning the other lady involved? She's been off her game for some time, throwing out remarks hoping one will stick and usually she is the only one sneering or smirking. I love the concept of The View, but the two of you set it back by "folding".

1432 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

To everyone in support of this Mosque being built here, a right our country has provided the builders and backers of this mosque, please, PLEASE watch this 37 second clip.

I have heard both sides, but what I hear over and over again is that not all Muslims are terrorists. They're not. However, all of these terrorists that want the entire western civilization wiped out happen to be Muslim.

I do not believe any of the Muslim men, women or children in this clip are terrorists, BUT... why are they dancing??

Please watch...

1432 days ago


Now i see why Sherri wears a wig. She's nice, but not too bright. Man those boobs are big. She could use a breast reduction. It's time for a change. I'd like to see her and Joy replaced. Let Joy go. She has been on for far too long. I'm sick of her big fat mouth. I was really surprised that Whoopi followed old Joy off the couch. I thought Whoopi had more class than that.

Joy is so out of touch with America. Time to kick her to the curb!

1431 days ago


Those who want to build that POS mosque LOVE all the attention they are getting right now...why do you think they picked the spot they picked? They KNEW they would cause 9/11 victims EMOTIONAL PAIN, but they don't care! They just want to futher their cause about Islam and get can Joy and those at the view be so ignorant and dim?
Why are they trying to be so politically correct? Being PC helps NOBODY!

I can tell you the "View" LOST a LOT of viewers the day joy and whoppie acted like babies......and now Joy's other show will probably go down the tubes too....I refuse to watch now. I never watched the POS view anyway...idiots.

1431 days ago


No wonder her husband cheated on her, she is a racist pig hereself!

1431 days ago


Isn't the show called the "VIEW"? I thought Barbara wanted to make a show with women who had different opinions. Seems Elizabeth is the only one with a different opinion. Why don't they have another conservative? It's not a fair fight....Four against one. We love Elizabeth. She has mid-west appeal....and values.

1431 days ago


This fat, ignorant, loud-mouthed (install favorite "B" word here) needs to just shut her pie-hole for a change. Anyone would think The View is the "Sherri Shepherd Show" the way she interrupts and takes over each and every discussion.
And if I hear "Jeffrey" one more time I'm going to throw something at the tv. FAT PIG!

1431 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Can't stand Bill, an arrogant bully. I have never watched this stupid show either but I will go along with Bill on this one.

1431 days ago


Comment #1 shut this down. Shepherd has no credibility to judge ANYTHING.

1431 days ago


Sherri, Muslims flew the airplanes into the buildings. Muslims crashed the plane into the Pentagon. Muslims brought the plane down in Pennsylvania. Muslims bombed the Cole, Muslims bombed the embassy in Africa, a Muslim tried to light a match to his shoe bomb in a flight across the Atlantic Ocean and failed (thank God), Muslim tried to blow up some bombs in Times Square and also failed (thank God again), Muslim shot at people at Forthood, and etc., etc., etc., Muslims strap bombs to their bodies and blow themselves up. All Muslims All the time.

1431 days ago


The most vile and digusting people come to this site to comment. Spawns of the Devil. Sherri is a nice person , a single parent who is working hard to make a good life for her son. While some of you lazy, no job, crackheads just come to the site to look at celebs and make negative comments. Leave the woman alone, she has way more class in her pinkie finger than you all.

1431 days ago


Sherri...the Muslems are responsible for 9-11, and
Sherri, they also killed BLACKS in those towers, not
just whites. So shut the hell up and instead of
inserting your foot into your ever yapping mouth,
take some time and READ on what happened that day,
and WHO is responsible..and go on a damn diet. You
look like Orka the whale with all that fat hanging
off your arms and your 6 chins. And nice fro Sherri...

1431 days ago
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