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Sherri Shepherd:

O'Reilly's in

'The Pinhead Category'

10/16/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd isn't finished with Bill O'Reilly for the things he said on "The View" -- telling TMZ his comments about the mosque at Ground Zero land him straight in the "pinhead category."


Shepherd was at LaGuardia Airport yesterday, where she also insisted that Bill knew what buttons he was gonna push when he said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

As for dirty details from the set of "The View" -- Sherri seems to be under a gag order ... telling us, "I can't talk about that."

We're guessing the powers that be are holding that story for Monday's show ...


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sherri is the pin head along with Whoopie and the other looser ... yeah to fox and Bill O'Reilly !! i love Bill !! and i love Fox news,,,,

1476 days ago


Muslems DID KILL US ON 911. Muslems do not go around wearing sighns stating "I am not an extremest Muslem or vice verca. Do not ask questions if you do not want the answers. He was invited on the show; and has been many times. Ignorant people disgust me.

1476 days ago


An Inconvenient Fact

1476 days ago

Upskt Celebs    

Why can't muslims kills bill?

1476 days ago


It is a real world out here and that trash Bill O be dishing out is BS. He remins me of Hit---L---er!!!!

1476 days ago


WOW...SHE'S calling someone a "pinhead"? What do you call a mother who has a disabled son at home while she's out and about doing everything but taking care of him? Huh? What do we call YOU, Sherri? Selfish women like you should NEVER have children!

1476 days ago


30. Tim Mcvey was Muslim?
Posted at 7:16 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by Ken

No dimwit and he wasn't Christian either. Tim McVeigh was AGNOSTIC and antigovernment. The fact that Waco just happened to be a bunch of cult members was incidental. Maybe you should read up a bit before opening your pie hole.

1476 days ago


Sherri go to school to learn how to use words to defend yorself

so you won't have to "ACT OUT FOR LACK OF WORDS" like your co-workers.

1475 days ago


Sherri is a bbw and of course there will be haterz, that just makes her all the more famous and all the more richer,because hater aide is how a millionaire is made. The more her name is out there and the more people chat or blog about her-- hey that's money in the bank, They Callin They Askin -- the magazines -- the talk shows- the endorsements-- the book-- THE MOVIE DEAL...go SHERRI!!! Girl and when you are counting your money -- EXHALE and say Thank God For Haterz

1475 days ago


Good point cocoapuff!

1475 days ago


Everyone who think the Muslims of the word attacked us on 9/11 are ignorant fools. It was Muslim extremist- even the incredibly ignorant Bill O'Reilly knows that bc he said it. He does not educate he merely attempts to manipulate the masses to his own benefit.
And to those of you that are so ignorant to think it was just plain and simple Muslims that did it you might as well think that all Christians bomb abortion clinics, all Catholics molest little boys, all Jewish people are good with money, and all atheists worship the devil.
Before you know what a religion is (and not from the 700 club) don't judge it because you only know about it what you are told and that make s you ignorant and me ashamed to be called an American, our country is supposed to have been founded by those seeking freedom form religious persecution and now you all are persecuting others, our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves with shame.

1475 days ago


Technically, Muslims did attack us on 9/11. Not sure where the confusion is. Yes, they were extremist, terrorists, etc. - but technically persons claiming to be of the Muslim religion. Terrorists from a variety of religions have attacked people throughout history. All the indignant political correctness in the world can't change facts.

1475 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Why would anyone pay attention to a moron who thinks the world is flat?

1475 days ago


This coming from the woman who thinks the earth is flat. And Bill is a pinhead?? On a side note, I've never seen Sheri's natural hair. Her View hair stylists are AMAZING!!

1475 days ago


you guys are stupid im sorry theres no other way to put it. no muslims blew up those buildings our beloved government did. why so they can enter middle eastern countries and gain control over the resources there, for example OIL!! Our government doesnt give a **** about killing its own people. and its a shame how many more of us will die before we see this!!

1475 days ago
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