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T.I. Gets Probation Revoked, Sentenced to 11 Months

10/15/2010 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper T.I. had his probation revoked by a federal judge today and was sentenced to 11 months in prison.

T.I. was busted last month on felony possession of a controlled substance ... while he was on probation for a 2009 federal gun possession conviction.

T.I. told the judge he needed help for drug addiction and begged not to be sent back to prison.

We're told one of the officers from Wednesday's jumper incident testified on T.I.'s behalf.

He has two weeks to turn himself in.


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I guess the whole helping a suicidal guy publicity stunt didn't help.

1470 days ago


its a damn shame but you do the crime you gotta do the time

1470 days ago


Let a Felony Probation Officer give her two cents here on this situation....I used to hear this BS racism charge from time to time from some of my offenders when I told them that I was going to take them back to court for a violation hearing....they would say..."your just racist"
(i'm white)...but I would point out that I did not go to their house and put the weed or crack or whatever into the mouth/hand etc. Or I did not force them to carry the gun in their hand or car and then call the cops and give out their location b/c I don't personally like them. (As if!!?) I can't CREATE a violation if one doesn't exist! Only the person on probation can f*ck up their own probation. Asking the probation officer to overlook a new charge, is asking them to NOT do their job. When the Officer says they are GOING to DO their job, THAT IS NOT RACISM!!!!! GET IT!??

NOW, can you make the connection with T.I? Nobody put drugs in his hands? The Judge isn't racist b/c he followed the law. T.I. is the criminal, b/c HE can't follow the law, JUST LIKE Lindsay Lohan. They are NO different. However, you have to understand sentencing guidelines for the different states before you can comment and say it isn't fair. If you don't know, you can't comment. Calling LL or Paris a "cracker" is not very mature and is very racist btw....I don't believe they have ever whipped anyone or owned slaves....grow up. You are probably upset b/c you are on probation yourself.

T.I. played with fire and got burned..plain and simple. He knew the rules and stipulations in advance...he hasn't learned and hasn't grown up. He got what he needs.

1470 days ago


People you have to keep in mind that Paris and Lindsay committed misdemeanors and I think Lindsay committed one felony. T.I committed a federal offense(the guns) which carries heavier punishment and time done in jail.

Also T.I lives in the state of Georgia which the laws are much more strict than California law.

California law doesn't keep non-violent criminals in jail long because of overcrowding whereas Georgia doesn't have overcrowding like that so they can keep the criminals in longer.

1470 days ago


I truly believe TI is just a good man with a bad problem. I think it’s sad that someone who makes so much effort to be better and teach the youth he identifies with and that identify with him is given NO credit yet LL and PH and BS and all those other lovely little white girls are given chance after chance after CHANCE to fail.

I hope and pray everyday that TI will become a BIGGER voice, a LOUDER VOICE for the problems that young black males face. I hope and pray everyday that those young black males that look up to him will take the queue...

I think it a great injustice that that Ti, a man who since his first conviction, has given SOOOOOO much back to his community and so obviously cares about people in general is sent back to prison when people like LL and PH routinely endanger and flaunt their wealth and "power" are only ever sentenced to probation... SAD.

Today is a sad day and a very telling day for our American Justice System.


A Very White Girl from Blue Blood Atlanta.

1470 days ago


Guess we all now know what T.I. really stands for..."Total Idiot"! or maybe it's "TOO IGNORANT".

If he's not a total moron he will get his rehab in prison and come out clean. My money is on him pissin' away his time..acting like he's a big dog, like he's special and some kind of role model, and then getting out and doing it all over again.

He's obviously not too smart and has burned the last few brain cells left in his head. Kids, weed and spice is not brain enhancing! What's the point of making it in the music biz, making a lot of money, getting a nice big house in a nice neighborhood...OUT of the HOOD...just to put yourself back into the HOOD and prison by your own actions????? STUPIDITY! LACK OF EDUCATION!!! ARROGANCE. LEARN BY HIS EXAMPLE...stay in school.

Pathetic POS.

1470 days ago


FYI....I am a Felony Probation Officer.....I handle felony cases....not federal cases....the Feds handle those cases...MUCH MUCH more serious.

TI F*cked up....race has nothing to do with it! If you play the race card it means you have no intelligent argument...which most people on here don't..especially if you are defending toting a semi-automatic gun around or driving around with drugs in your car. Ridiculous.

If T.I. was SUCH a 'role model' for black youth, he would be an advocate AGAINST drug use and violence...that includes drugs and drinking. His actions keep blacks and whites alike in poverty down....his lyrics are terrible and not uplifting. The only reason he does anything for others in the community is to OVERRIDE his criminal behavior....he feels guilty. He's far from anything to look up to.
You Diedra, need to broaden your horizens, go to college, and grow up. Time will teach you what is really important.

1470 days ago


Those waxed eyebrows of his will go a LONG way in the joint! He's going to be real popular.

1470 days ago


For the children who can't get off the race card....2 words for you.....O.J. Simpson.

He got to murder 2 white people and get away with it!!!!

1470 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

What on earth was he thinking? On probation and doing those drugs. He should have at least stayed at home if he needed to party like that. Did he forget what jail was like? How awful it is? Yeah, I like smoking some now and then. But, guess what? I like my freedom better. No drug is worth being caged like that. Yes, it was stupid. But I feel bad for him. I would seriously rather see those two Tw*ts Lindsay and Paris in prison instead of him. I hope he stays strong.

1470 days ago


Damn.. ! ! !

1470 days ago


It's already been said, but DAMN! He really should of knew better. All he can blame is himself.

1470 days ago


So unfair. I'm not a fan of his but Ms Lohen breaks her probation and gets rehab. He needs to move to LA and then will only spend a few hours/days in jail before being release.

1470 days ago


funny how all these hollywood whores (lohan, hilton. etc. etc.,) get off with a slap on the wrist and T.I. gets his probation revoked and thrown back to the big house. Is justice really blind? It doesn't appear to be color blind, and that is a fact!

1469 days ago


For those of you crying double standard and racism etc,etc. Please! enough already. Even the purse snatchers and 3 card monty hustlers know that when the word FEDERAL is involved, you tread carefully. Very carefully. He got the whip also,because his status is one of influence to the youth.
If I was the judge, he would have gotten another lash for his little PR stunt.

1469 days ago
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