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Russian Immigrant with

39 Lawyers

10/17/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva -- who has said she doesn't have the power to fight the Mel Gibson machine -- has hired a grand total of 39 (THIRTY-NINE) lawyers so far ... to wage legal war on her behalf.

All 39 lawyers have been doing legal work for Oksana in her fight with Mel.  Even more shocking, we know at least 18 of the 39 lawyers have submitted more than $1 million in legal bills to the court ... and they're asking the judge to make Mel pay the tab.

As for the 39 lawyers who have jumped on board team Oksana, they include: Lisa Bloom, Martin Garbus, Daniel Horowitz, Eric George, Sonia Lee, Robin Sax, John Carlson, James Spertus, Ezra Landes, Mary Fulginiti, Amy Hinkley, Dan O'Malley, Suzie Obeda and Amanda Touchton.

But there's more ... the firm of Trope and Trope has put the following lawyers on Oksana's case:  Sorrell Trope, Anne Kiley, Angela Harris, Bret Hunter, Hillary Slevin, James Durant, John Ellis, Jennifer Leong, Jonathan Pakravan, Katie Heersema, Lori Howe, Melanie Shornick, Mark Patt, Sophie Bidet, Sarah Luetto, Thomas Dunlap and Tara Scott.

And, the firm of Freid and Goldsman have put the following lawyers on Team Oksana: Manley Freid, Gary Cohen, Marci Levine, Janet Kaplan, Cori Steinberg, Susan Park, Jill Foley Alexander and Kristine Capell.

And the irony -- at the moment Oksana has no family law attorney repping her ... almost all of them have either been fired or quit.


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Ugly whore !!!

1408 days ago


How do you say, Money Grubbing Media Whore in Russian?

Posted at 1:04 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by Michael

Hi,Michael, hi everyone,

Something like " Padkaya na dengi publichnaya shlyuHa (hard H)".

Her origins is UKRANIANs and her behaviour is very ukranian as other ukranian sluts who claiming that they are russians.
Personally myself met some of them, who date to men because of living place or for other things, not because of love or at least just for having fun. And when I ask why are they lying, they told that ukranian women had bad reputation and can harm to them.
I don't know do have Oksana russian citizenship because when she left to England Russia was in USSR yet.

When Oks use to walk on the red carpet with Mel ukranians was so proud of her, sending comments to russians that ukranians rules in Hollywood and all the nasty thing about Russia.
Now- the World knows her as russian...

Ofcorse we will drink vodka...

P.S.My apologies for english...

1408 days ago


Oksy..cotin - She is just as toxic

1408 days ago


Umm.. You're missing one.. Shouldn't one Harvey Levin also be included... He's given some very good pro bono advice? :) Go get her Harvey.

1408 days ago


Oksy..cotin - She is just as toxic

1408 days ago

little aussie reader    

39 freaking lawyers to do what exactly?

1 to put the tape in the machine one to push the button one to listen to it one to say commets one to take notes one to write press release one to send the press release one to take the phone, one to speak on the phone, one to make the cofee, one to serve it, one to say what time it is, one to compliment oksa, make that 3 to 10, one to make mistakes, one to wake up horowitz, one to call gloria Alred, one to support death threats, one to call the taxi one, to call the court, one to look out the window.
Posted at 2:07 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by Sweetheart

LOL. How many lawyers does it take??????

1408 days ago


As most people have focused attention on the mediation as the point where the extortion is based

I do not agree!

If Oksana told mel over the phone that she had recordings of him ranting and all, she would have either
told him as a warning or in an attempt to make some form of gain, ie; money for support, child support,
a better position in terms of residence and property, any form of financial security or celebrity status ascension.

Either way if she herself was the person who spoke to Mel about the recordings it could easily be construed
as a threat by holding the recordings over his head in a way as to cause damage in numerous ways, and levels.

It is very important that it should be established just how Mel Gibson first became aware of the recordings.

It is already known that Oksana had signed a previous agreement with Mel in which she was not able to get
any money of ask for monies, an agreement after reflection upon, she chose to ignore with much growing resentment.

By her own admission she either told mel notified him by mail,
or e-mail that she played them for her lawyer(s),
which means he was made aware of them previous by her
before she even played any recordings to the lawyer!

Most lawyers, will try and explain to a client
that the only legal way to leverage a recording or other such damaging packages
is through a lawyer as otherwise it would constitute extortion or blackmail.

Since the recordings were not used to defend her safety by way of handing them over to authorities once she
obtained them, then they should be considered illegally made as she did not seek protection with the lawful outlets
such as the police.

Instead she chose to edit, make duplicates, stored the copies with another family member who then left the reach
of the california's jurisdiction, and then blatantly lie in a public statement about their continued existence with
said family member!

She stated that she only played one recording to her lawyer, what she did not state was that she also played the
recording for not one therapist, but another self lauded therapist who resides in Russia, whom also received a brand
new Mercedes Benz from her!

Not until, after signing the mediation agreement, she was advised by person or persons,that she could have gotten a much larger settlement.

At that point, she defaulted on the mediation agreement, by refusing visitation of lucia by Mel on
fathers day as per the contractual agreement.

She further sought to punish Mel Gibson for not giving her a larger financial settlement, by hiring new attorneys, obtaining a TRO, and only then did she file a report with the police claiming domestic violence and only then did the police find out that she had at least one recording, as it is not known how much information she gave them to file the report. the rest of the investigation as far as we have been told has been focused on the mediation and the difference between negotiation and extortion!

Again i see too much being overlooked in regards to the events leading up to when the lawyers got involved in the first place or maybe that it is actually crucial evidence and is being kept wrapped up tightly, so that unlike the leaks that have been
already made public, they would still be able to present a viably untainted case.

I'm sure i have left out a number of other events that lead up to the mediation but these are the points that to me stand out sharply!

but that's just my opinion....

1408 days ago


Let hope that the Judge will take measures against OG an soon. 39 "lowers", appaling, no one on earth deserves or needs that many, lets hope that MG will not be on the hook for those fees, OG has literally frittered away any settlement for Lucia or herself. Come on Karma, time to kick in.

1408 days ago


Come on now Judge Gordon, get with it, apprehend those children from OG, Alex with TD, Lucia with MG, charge OG with extortion but deport her, put her on the longest way around trip on a garbage skow to Siberia, or on a fast rocket for a crash landing on Pluto. This poor excuse for a female has long ago crossed every boundary. OG and MG may have had some sort of altercation or disagreement, but there is no way on earth, it deserves this type of insanity on OG part. She must feel so proud to have frittered away any settlement she and poor Lucia could have ever had. May the chips fall where they may, what a mess.

1408 days ago

little aussie reader    

She stated that she only played one recording to her lawyer, what she did not state was that she also played the
recording for not one therapist,

Posted at 2:27 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by wondering

Agree with all you said except this bit. Correct me if I'm wrong but qe only know Ox took the tapes to Mel's therapist - we don't know that he listened to them.

1408 days ago


And if you were an immigrant, and fell in love with Mel Gibson, then were beaten by him, threatened, abused, and told that the American legal system would totally favor him what would you do? How far would you go to protect your baby? Hm...walk a mile in her shoes. What a ride you would have.....a bigoted, racist, abusive, controlling *******....oh yea. Sorry, if I were her, I'd find someone I trusted who understood my native language. Then I'd kick his ass. Every which way. You never, ever, ever, put your baby in danger. Ever. Loser. In a big, big, big way. Bye Bye Mel. You deserve it, and you know it.

1408 days ago


Agree with all you said except this bit. Correct me if I'm wrong but qe only know Ox took the tapes to Mel's therapist - we don't know that he listened to them.

Posted at 2:33 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by little aussie reader

Oksana Grigorieva went to Mel Gibson's psychologist days after she made the secret recordings and played them for the shrink ... sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ.

1408 days ago

little aussie reader    

Consider me corrected :o)

1408 days ago


And judge Scott keeps on aproving for more ... To what? A 100 lawyers! Or is that number enough or maybe there´s no limit, scary!!!

And this woman is supposed to be the poor and broke victim, I don´t think so. I´m stunned, I never knew that this is how the legal system works but obviously somebody does.

1408 days ago

little aussie reader    

. Sorry, if I were her, I'd find someone I trusted who understood my native language.
Posted at 2:36 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by kcl

So 39 lawyers is a search for a translator? Puh-lease!

I have an opera house to sell you.

1408 days ago
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