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T.I. -- He's Got a Thing for White Russians

10/17/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

T.I. loves him some White Russians ... and we don't mean Oksana Grigorieva -- seems the rapper ordered a pair of 'em right after he was sentenced to 11 months in prison.

After T.I. got the bad news on Friday, he headed from the court to Mary Mac's Tea Room in Atlanta with a few family members and friends. They ran up a $224.73 bill -- which included several orders of fish and chicken, plenty of sides, and a few alcoholic beverages ... including the aforementioned Kahlua-based drinks.

The only way T.I. will get a White Russian for the foreseeable future ... is from a conjugal visit.


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Mary Mac's Tea Room is a great Atlanta tradition; most of the waitstaff appears to have been there for eons. I'm a little surprised a copy of one of their receipts made it into the news.

Visualize: the waitstaff doesn't take your order; there are glasses holding mini-golf-size pencils. You use the pencils to write down your order and hand the order in.

1466 days ago


Just ONCE, I'd like to see someone file a lawsuit against one of these restaurants/bars that invade people's privacy by releasing copies of their receipts. It's SO WRONG!

1466 days ago


#16, he's getting jail time for felony possession of a controlled substance. Not the weed...he was stopped for smoking weed in his car...then they found the hard drugs in his car. That's not racism, that's just the stupidity of TI.

1466 days ago


Maybe he can find himself a large white Russian while serving his time. Not that I totally disagree with some of these posts. If his name was Lohan he would be in rehab not going back to jail (although their original crimes are much different). Of course if his name were Lohan he would never have gone to jail the first time though that is where they both belong.

1466 days ago


He can't even eat in peace, fire whoever reported this story..I like White Russians too (the drink TMZ)

1466 days ago


Well It allegedly already cost near 30,000 the first time T.I was locked up....lot of money..T. I.. well it allegedly cost nearly 30,000 a year to warehouse federal inmates. T.I is headed back to prison and Everyday in America, someone goes to prison because of the laws-- Mandatory Minimums. Mostly African Americans. It cost nearly 30,000 dollars a year to warehouse 1 single inmate in the federal system ALONE... Now, most of the people picked up on these 1 sugar packet of coke drug charge, get 5 to ten years. Also, every other time they have been arrested, counts as points toward their sentence. Say, as a child one stole a ten cent ring. This will be a point or some points. After your points are all added up along of course with the sugar packet of drugs. One could even face the high end of incarseration, say 40 years. If a firearm was involved or found in your gramma hat box then - forget it-- life - in prision is very possible. Most of these people are non violent black americans - poor and cannot afford a paid lawyer. Imagine this young black person, thrust into a prison cell with-- well, to be honest--murders and mentally ill- who by the way get treated horribly in prison. The moral of my story is.. Thirty thousand dollars, for each young black male or female - not just the young I must point out. Just the idea that it cost this much, and guess what, education, and dental, and well lights, gas, water, food and more expenses. If there was fair sentencing then it would not be more blacks in prison than other races. People turn a blind eye to this matter. Majority of these people are Non-Violent. It cost almost thirty thousand dollars. Imagine that taxpayers. There are people out here unemployed barely surviving, there are homeless out on the streets, dying in the cold and there are decent human beings incarserated for tens of years over sugar packets of drugs. Also, on social security the money that is used to incarserate these inmates who could be in rehab. could be used to help the unemployed and early social security. Instead, Young men like T.I are incarserated everyday for something that they could get REHAB for. T.I. is just as decent a young man as can be, he needs help, so do millions of other young men who are jailed right now and females and it is a shame it is the children in many cases who wind up in foster homes and -- There always seems to be money to lock away decent people -- yet no money to help the unemployed and the EXTENSION of SOCIAL SECURITY. As long as people are ignorant to the fact or turn a blind eye it will continue.

1466 days ago


What a crappy tip!!!!! Come on. I'm sure they were horrible to deal with too

1466 days ago


DeeDee, This guy is done a hell of a lot more than get busted for a couple of piddly misdemeanor DUI's or a tiny bit of cocaine. He is a felon who has been in serious trouble in the past include a firearm conviction and assaulting a police officer and many past probation violations stemming from felony. You can't even begin to compare his rap sheet to Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

1466 days ago


cheap ass only left $40 tip! Thats not even 20% of the bill

1466 days ago


7 you must be a cheap F... You think that is a nice tip? Not even 20% and he is supposed to have money. I feel sorry for the servers when you go out.

1466 days ago


He is a convicted Felon and violated Federal Probation so you can't compare it to Lindsay or Paris's state misdemeanor offenses. The Feds have stiffer sentencing guidelines so it has nothing to do with race.

1466 days ago


yes crappy tip considering how much he makes & especially with it being a large party....& why pick out the white russians?? only 2 were ordered, & who said he didn't have the heineken (hieny woulda made for a nice lil title line too tmz!) but seriously let the dude eat in peace...oh & only reason he's getting so much time is because he was on federal probabtion & being a 7 time felon, as much as paris & lindsey get on my nerves it's not a race thing, they don't have the same rap sheet as TI nor were currently on probabtion.

1466 days ago


This is an invasion of privacy. Whoever leaked this receipt should be ashamed of themselves. Don't worry about the difference between TI and Lindsey or him being a poor tipper. Worry about the fact that if one day you are in the wrong place at the wrong time or on the wrong side of the law, your privacy could be invaded for all to see. How would you feel if every receipt you had was made public? I bet being a poor tipper or drinking two white Russians is the least most people would have to be embarrassed about!

1466 days ago


what a cheap ass...I tip more than him

1466 days ago


18% is weak .... I would atleast dropped 50 and Im not a famous rapper

1466 days ago
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