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Michael Lohan's Conservatorship Try Has Britney Ties

10/18/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters sent to Michael Lohan from his lawyers concerning Michael's attempt to put Lindsay Lohan under the control of a conservatorship -- and wouldn't you know it ... Britney Spears' name came up.


The letters make several mentions of trying to curb Michael's antics with the media -- including his uninvited trip to the Betty Ford Center. Lohan's headline-grabbing ways are deemed by his lawyer as being "against my express advice."

But when it comes to actually trying to get Lindsay under a conservatorship, that's when the Queen Conservatee comes up. The lawyer mentions a Dr. Stephen Marmer as having been used as an expert on Britney's case. But the lawyer concludes, "Frankly, I do not think he would agree to be retained as an Expert in this case."

It doesn't end there -- Dr. Robert Bilder, another doctor who worked on the Spears conservatorship was brought up: "He worked on the Spears Conservatorship and would be an excellent expert witness in this case."

Calls were made to both Dr. Marmer and Dr. Bilder -- we never heard back.


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This story is very troubling. It is doubtful that Michael leaked the letter to TMZ, so it would seem that someone from the attorney's office probably did. I do not like Michael, but doesn't he have a right to confidentiality in his attorney-client communications?

1429 days ago


@delmar the media only covers this stuff because readers and viewers are interested in it ( if you don't believe that look at # of hits any of these stories receives ) .That's because of envy - in part - and sort of a satisfactory feeling folks get when they see these rich and famous people are just as human as all other folks with weaknesses and problems any other person might experience in life . That's also why you see so many hateful posts when discussing Lindsay Lohan ( they THINK they know her based on the media created image of her but nothing could be further from the truth ) .

That's another reason for her to leave USA for a while . Interest in her would surely diminish and she'd have a chance to pick her life back up ( and career ) .She's got plenty of talent to do that ( if an actress like Meryl Streep says so I'm inclined to believe it) ,but she's simply not able to do it with everything going on now.

1429 days ago


@Rikwes I'm in agreement with you. I'd love to see her at least leave LA. But honestly, I think if she went to Paris or London or places in Italy and some other western countries with big tabloid presence, she'd still have significant problems.

1429 days ago


@ Delmar Ever since the accident with Princess Diana the rules for paps etc. have become very strict in Europe.You can't stalk celebs anymore like they do in USA without risking arrest by the police. There's also quite a lot of self-imposed rules since that tragic event . In short : it would be far less brutal for her in Europe.

1429 days ago


Yeah, maybe a few months in Europe would be a good thing for Lindsay-If she can afford it that is, given that she's not very well-off financially right now, I don't think she can afford to live overseas for that long. As for Michael, well his actions speak for themselves, he's made it perfectly clear that he only loves Lindsay for the money she brings in and dosen't care about her well-being, if he did care then he wouldn't be doing stupid sh*t like planning to relapse or this, I just hope that things go well for Lindsay today and Michael gets arrested.

1429 days ago


I think putting Lindsay under a conservatorship would be an excellent idea - but NEITHER of her parents qualify to be the conservator. She should have an impartial, court-ordered guardian who might actually be able to help her.

1429 days ago


To Peter- Poster #15:

Lindsay has dropped her case against e*Trade, so there will be no settlement. Apparently she realized, in one of her rare moments of lucidity, that she didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning that case.

1429 days ago


VickiC- Actually she DID get a settlement from E-Trade, they reportedly gave her an undisclosed amount of money.

1429 days ago


Ok. Before we suspected that her Dad was only after her money, now we know for sure.

I think Michael Lohan is the one who's nuts here. First he was in prison, now he wants his daughters's money so bad he's will to try to have her committed.

It must suck to be Michael Lohan.

Do any of them have a restraining order against this guy?

If not, they should.

1429 days ago


Leave Lindsay alone !

1415 days ago
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