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Mel to Oksana

Relax, You'll Get Your Money

10/17/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson ain't gonna pay Oksana Grigorieva the $20,000/month in child support until the judge clarifies if OG's housing is included in the payment -- much to the dismay of Oksana's layers, who were shot down in court on Friday ... TMZ has learned.

Oksana's 39th lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said Friday that Mel Gibson was a deadbeat dad, insinuating he was behind on child support. But sources connected with the case tell us ... the new child support order signed by Judge Scott Gordon is unclear as to whether it includes Oksana's housing payments -- payments Mel has been making from the get-go.

Mel has been paying Oksana $5,000/month in child support in addition to all of Oksana's housing expenses. But now that the judge has upped the monthly child support to $20k, we're told Mel's team wants clarification -- is it 20$k including or plus housing expenses?

Until the judge clairifes his order ... Mel will continue paying $5,000/month.

Oksana's lawyers tried to force Mel to pay the $20K immediately, but we're told the judge said he would take the matter up in November ... as previously scheduled.


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What greed.

1466 days ago


I really hope men learn a lesson from this farce.

1466 days ago


AS Oksana said many times:

This is NOT about MONEY. :)

1466 days ago


Hopefully Oksana will be living in prison pretty soon anyway , rent free.

1466 days ago


OMG - Do you think that maybe Oksana and baby Lucia will starve to death between now and November???

1466 days ago


kick in the cash deadbeat, Lucia is outta pamperz

Posted at 8:34 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by TMZgossip

pamperz cost 5k/mo? wonder where OG shops! she using those pamperz with gold lining isn't she?

1466 days ago


What Oksana is getting rent FREE, including all expenses. Now I heard that includes insurances, gas, groceries, car, etc.. Anyone know for sure? This being in addition to the $$ support and still, she wants mo' money.

1466 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


So ugly Bloom Pants on Fire KNEW this coming out of court whens he stood on the steps and threw slanderous crap at Mel.

She grows uglier before our eyes, just like Ox.

1466 days ago


Yeah, Lisa Bloom--covering up for her Mommy's evil doings concerning Oksana and Violet, a real asset for Oxgoad. bwhahaha!

1466 days ago


The funniest thing is that Bloom and companty are trying on ROL to sell this as if those Mel wants Lucia to pay rent. Oksana needs a job, it is not Mel's job to support Oksana for the rest of her life despite that being what Oksana wants. Heis responsible for child support not every expense Oksana can think of or incurs.

EXCLUSIVE: Team Oksana -- 'Mel Wants Baby Lucia To Pay Rent'

Posted on Oct 17, 2010 @ 05:53AM

Oksana Grigorieva's camp is fighting mad at her former lover Mel Gibson, who they claim "wants to charge his own baby daughter" rent to live in his Sherman Oaks, California, home.

Speaking exclusively to, multiple sources connected to the Russian musician, 40, have confirmed our earlier report revealing how the Lethal Weapon star, worth an estimated $60...0 million, is refusing to pay his court-ordered $20,000 monthly child support.

"It's simple -- Mel wants baby Lucia to pay rent," a Team Oksana insider told

"Mel is holding out on the child support that has been ordered by a judge because he wants to charge Lucia $6,000 each month for rent, even though she is not yet 12 months-old, to live in the home where she and her mother reside.

"What kind of a father would do that to his daughter?"

Even though a Los Angeles judge had ordered the Oscar winner to increase his monthly child support payment to Oksana from $5,000 to $20,000, lawyers for Mel are so far refusing to hand over his hard-earned cash, until a dispute over the rent payment is settled in court.

In an exclusive video interview on Monday, Oksana's new attorney, Lisa Bloom, said: “He has a lot of excuses as to why he is not paying, but the bottom line is that, just like any ordinary person, who has to pay their court ordered child support, wealthy celebrities also have to pay it too. We are going to fight until Mel Gibson pays every penny of the court ordered child support."

1466 days ago


it is completely insane if he has to pay her legal bills. She has been attacking him in the media and going through lawyers faster then baby daddies. She should be footing her own lawyer bills.

1466 days ago


How much it cost all the housing expenses? $10,000? Lucia is covered, right? Plus MG is giving her an addition of $5,000 a month.

Oksana has NO RIGHT of any money from him, according to the law.

The only way to get money is to stomping HIM down, making pressure using the media about the domestic violence issue. That's why she is firing and hiring so many lawyers. She wants MONEY for herself. The extortion case is soooo obvious...!!! Hello Judge Gordon!!

1466 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

it is completely insane if he has to pay her legal bills. She has been attacking him in the media and going through lawyers faster then baby daddies. She should be footing her own lawyer bills.

Posted at 8:51 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by Me

And faster than babydiapers.

1466 days ago


Hey Lisa moved out to CA to be closer to your younger lover, did your kids' Dad pay for that?
I worked to pay for myself and my share of child support into the raising of my kids, in addition to the child support from kids' Dad. That's how it is suppose to work, what does Oksana contribute to her own rent/support, let alone her daughter's (or son's) support??

1466 days ago


Hope the judge man's up or at least follow his own rulings...if he won't enforce it, obviously no one else can or will!

this judge and DA are in someone's pocket, waiting on this darn election or just do not care about justice.

which is it? any one of those 3 is unethical!

1466 days ago
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