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Michael Lohan -- Am I On the List?

10/18/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center today to try to see his daughter Lindsay, and although he was turned away -- believe it or not -- there's still hope Michael might get inside.

As we first reported, Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford's "Family Week" -- and he is technically family.

Sources say Michael was turned away by a guard at Betty Ford who referred him to someone in charge of the "Family Week" list.

We're told Michael went to his nearby hotel room and made the call -- he's waiting for a call back. .


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Dude leave her the hell alone! What is the matter with you? Your daughter is trying to get help and you show up to make the situation worse?!? If you were my father, I'd also probably need to be a crackhead to deal with you bull*#$&. You are a disgusting piece of garbage.

1466 days ago


Look, when you go to a rehab center, they will offer treatment for all of these conditions. Sustance abuse, depression, eating disorders, self mutilation, insomnia. Why? Because these are all behavioral-based mental illnesses, and that is what rehab centers specialize in. Bi-polar or schizphrenia, on the other hand, are genetic-based mental illnesses, and rehab centers don't specialize in treating those conditions. You'll have to go to a mental healthcare facility for that. If I'm having to explain this to you for the first time, well, I don't know what to say to you about that. Perhaps you need to get out more often.

Rehab centers would not tie all these services together though if they were not directly related. So, like I said, addiction is a mental illness.

1466 days ago

Sad sad    

So wait kids who are addicted to games are mentally ill? Honestly, though I think the term gets thrown around way to loosely. Man according to that I am mentally ill myself. It's all good. It's so happy in here ;p Ok, continue with your debates.....

1466 days ago


Ernie we're you even listening, Lindsay is not very well-off financially right now, so 12 months in rehab quite simply is NOT an option for her, but that's not because she dosen't want it, rather it's because there is simply no way that she can afford it right now(yeah she probably should've taken it back in 2007, but that was then and this is now, so there's really use in dwelling on the past) Though there is good news, the staff Betty Ford are encouraging her to stay there for another 45 days, something which would be a very good idea for her to do. They also have been telling Lindsay that she should drop Dina as her manager, as they put it Lindsay and Dina don't have a normal mother-daughter relationship, so it would be best if Dina stops working for Lindsay and just concentrates on being her mom, so Lindsay definitely is making progress. Also I wouldn't put too much thought into what the doctors at UCLA said, they certainly weren't very professional by letting Lindsay out far too early and they didn't do a very good job of diagnosing her since UCLA is really more of a psych ward then an actual rehab facility, so the docs probably didn't know what was really going on with Lindsay, if they did they would've kept her for longer then 23 days. Oh yeah and Ernie, name-calling DOES NOT automatically make a person uneducated, don't know where the hell you got that from. Also I REALLY hate to break it to you, but addiction IS a disease, it's defined as one on many websites, so deal with it.

1466 days ago


By now, I get a stomach ache from sheer nervousness every time I see this jerk, and I'm not even in the U.S! So how must poor Lindsay feel?

How can Lindsay Lohan ever grow up and take control of her life with this slimy father lurking around her? He's as bad as the paparazzi, or worse!

The best way to help Lindsay for her parents, is to get their own lives in order and just be there if and when SHE wants to go to THEM.

1466 days ago


@ darkrage6 --- you started out on a good note ... then had to revert to your typical putdown.... What does that prove?

Just because websites say addiction is a disease does not prove it to be one. Please ... name the test one can take to prove one is an addict. One? And please don't say ... "some websites" that is not a medical test.

It would cost Lindsay zero to attend a 12 month faith based program. Again ... no charge. Free. I wonder how much she is spending at BFC?? I am sure it is thousands... and where are their success stats?
If you are going to spend some big bucks I would hope they could "heal your of your disease" .... Joke... addiction is not a disease.

The longer she stays in any program will not only help her but society in general... especially if she relapses .. like she has in the past ... and drive one of her fancy cars and kills someone.

Keep her .... and 12 months would only be the beginning in her case.

Her attitude should be ... "however long and whatever it takes"

She shouldn't worry about being broke. She will be even more broke if she comes out and screws up again.

Did I say the programs are free?

Please ... what's the name of that test one can take to prove addiction is a disease?

1466 days ago

Dr. Steve    

RE: Dumas 1000 writes: "If you do not understand that addiction is medically classified as a mental illness, then you are a moron. Yes, by medical definition, addiction IS a mental illness."

Actually, chemical dependency (alcoholism and/or addiction) was classified as a "disease" by the American Medical Association in 1956. It was defined as a primary, progressive, chronic and fatal illness. It was not regarded as willful misbehavior, as a leaned set of bad habits, as a symptom of some other problem or as a mental illness. Rather it was determined to be a primary biochemical disease; a legitimate illness.,

However, Dumas, your point is well taken: The illness model of the AMA was compromised and the treatment of the disorder was relegated to the Associations's psychiatric branch. Sadly, in many hopsitals today it is still regarded as and treated as a mental illness.

Not so at the Betty Ford Center and Hazelden, though. There a person receives the best treatment for his/her illness a person can get. Thank goodness Linday is at the Betty Ford Center.

1466 days ago


The problem is the assumption that Lindsay's substance abuse is what needs to be fixed in order to have Lindsay live her life. Sobriety. What if UCLA, whose diagnosis we do NOT know, was right? I disagree with Dumas1000 in the sense that UCLA was recommended by court-appointed psychiatrists that spent time analyzing Lindsay. What happened to dual-diagnosis? One or two failed drug tests does not nullify that there's more that needs addressing than getting Lindsay sober.

But what needs addressing? Dumas1000 mentioned cutting. Lindsay cuts, Dina admitted it on the unauthorized tapes released. Depression. Lindsay has prescriptions for depression. Hoarding. While not a "hoarder" she certainly has had problems with clutter in her own home. Eating disorder. Check again, she has been scary skinny at times. OCD. Check once again, Lindsay admitted to OCD tendencies when she was a teenager. Sleep all day. Lindsay's an admitted night owl with sleep regulation problems and gets into periods of clubbing excessively. And what's the deal with Lindsay stating she can not be alone? And Dina said because of something her father did to her. This can all be uncovered and worked on in rehab, but is rehab enough for these issues or does she need something more specialized?

Since Dina isn't Lindsay's manager, and since Lindsay is big on patient/doctor confidentiality, stories of what BF counselors are advising for Lindsay is suspect. Dina has not managed Lindsay in years, this is a bogus story. Dina may have some role in Lindsay's public relations, and she may get paid for it, but Lou Taylor is her business manager, and at one time her manager was Jason Weinberg.

Something people need to pay attention to is the following. Lindsay has some of the obsessive behavior of her father. She's also prone to promise to change her behavior yet fall back into the same problems. Her father did drugs and alcohol yet now he is "clean". But does he act normal? Is it possible that he has a mental disorder? Is it possible that Lindsay inherited his mental disorder? If anything, I think both of them should be examined for their impulsive and at times obsessive behavior and poor self-control to see if there is a connection. Yes, Lindsay isn't as vile and nasty, but, there are similarities between these two.

1466 days ago


@ Dr. Steve..... hey doc ... what is the name of the medical test one can take to prove your claims and the AMA's???

CT Scan?
Blood Test?
Brain Scan?
Tread Mill?

I have a friend who has a real disease.... CANCER .... it is killing her. It was properly identified via medical tests.... treated ... medically .... and unfortunately she still has it.

LL and other self-abusers should be ashamed of themselves trying to clump their self inflected party lifestyle onto others who really do have legit diseases.

Substance abuse is the only disease that if one stops ... one no longer has the disease. If so, then again ... please name the test that can identify the gene ....

Thank you Doctor Steve.

1466 days ago


Lindsay does herself a disservice when she avoid her dad.

If most of her issues truly come from him, she should deal with them by confronting him.

Dunking him constantly will just make her weaker in the long run.

Posted at 2:55 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by MightyMad


I agree with you. I think he cares about her well being.

1466 days ago


@ Dr Steve - You said:
"Not so at the Betty Ford Center and Hazelden, though. There a person receives the best treatment for his/her illness a person can get. Thank goodness Linday is at the Betty Ford Center."

Did they hook up Lilo to a machine when she arrived to help them identify her "disease?" If not ... then I would run as fast as I could to get away what you call, "the best treatment for her illness."

Again .... what illness? What test did they use to find that "illness?"

Please .... please anyone ... name the medical test used???

When you walk into an AA meeting one would think they could hook you up to a test ... and say ... "see ... see that gene... that's your disease." HOWEVER.... sorry .... no such luck. Darn

1466 days ago


I'm really sorry about your friend Ernie, but face the facts, an addiction isn't something that people can just stop anytime they want, years of drug use will alter your brain chemistry and severely cloud your judgement, so you CANNOT soley blame the person for having an addiction, there are many underlying factors to them. ALso faith-based programs simply DO NOT work for everybody because not EVERYONE believes in God(my family believes in God and I really tried to get into religion but it just never really clicked with me, and after my cousin died in a car crash I pretty much lost faith gave up on religion for good), and I REALLY don't see how a faith based program is going to help Lindsay(and considering Michael Lohan supposedly belives in God, Lindsay probably will reject anything faith-based) Betty Ford is a well-respected rehab facility, but you put it down simply because they do not release they're stats, well did it ever occur that just maybe there are far more important things then stats? Bottom line, a faith based program might be very helpful to alot of people, but Lindsay isn't one of them, and no program is perfect anyways, so you have no real proof that something like that would even work, you might think you're always right but you're definitely not.

1466 days ago


@darkage6 .... you said... "you may think you're always right but your're definitely not." AND ... you are?

Please ... darkage6 .... I have only asked for the name of the medical test a doctor can use to identify the substance abuse diseases.... alcoholism... drug addiction.

I am not trying to play "I am always right." I ask questions ... and expect intelligent answers.

For you to say Lindsay would not make a good canadiate for a faith-based program is only your take on this.

I am sorry you left "religion" when you lost a loved one. That is so sad. However, religion is not the answer. Religion is man-made. It never saved anyone.

We both are entitled to our comments. I am not putting you or anyone else down ... just trying to get some answers to legitimate questions.

In any program ... one has to want to get better. Again ... it is all about the person...and nothing about having a disease. A disease is a good excuse for not taking responsibility for one's actions and many have gotten away with it for years. However, it does not make it right to clump substance abuse in with real life diseases. There are very few cures for real life diseases.

It may take one awhile to detox from substance abuse ... and the damages done by the abuse to one's body maybe incurable .. however, if one does not start ... one does not have the disease ....

One can get "addicted" to anything ... but once you stop ... you are no longer addicted. If so, name the test to prove it.

1466 days ago


@ darkage6 You said:
"Betty Ford is a well-respected rehab facility, but you put it down simply because they do not release they're stats, well did it ever occur that just maybe there are far more important things then stats?"

Why would you consider BF a well-respected rehab facility when you do not know it actually works? It is not a sin to ask for a rehab's success stats. I mean... they demand big... big... big bucks... you would think they could give you some hope up front that their "treatment" actually does work.

Secular rehabs get let off the hook all the time... when their actual success ratio is nil to 3%... They charge you a small fortune and can not prove they work... and will shy away when asked for some real hard stat facts.

Then if you screw up .. they are there to take more of your money ... and blame you for your troubles. BLA!!!

Give me the stats.

Oh by the way... most faith based programs have very high success stats. Teen Challenge boasts 86% ... .and guess what? They are free?

Now an intelligent person who really wants help when given the choice which one do you think they would take? Nil to 3% or 86%??? Thousands of dollars for not much help to free and lots of help???

Hmmmmmmm ... let me consult my shrink on that one. Maybe call Betty Ford and ask her. Which one?

1466 days ago


Hey darkrage, you're a moron. Nuf said

1466 days ago
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