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Michael Lohan -- Am I On the List?

10/18/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center today to try to see his daughter Lindsay, and although he was turned away -- believe it or not -- there's still hope Michael might get inside.

As we first reported, Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford's "Family Week" -- and he is technically family.

Sources say Michael was turned away by a guard at Betty Ford who referred him to someone in charge of the "Family Week" list.

We're told Michael went to his nearby hotel room and made the call -- he's waiting for a call back. .


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Hey # 8, Pam is it? Take your talk show therapy diagnosis and shove it. This is a classic dysfunctional father at work. He only cares about what she's going to say and how he can make her say it. Pam, cancel cable and go to the library.

1467 days ago

nancy jo    

Lindsay, Please Get Better and Stay Better!! Your Mom and Dad Also Need to Get Better and Stay Better!! Remember That You Guys Love Each Other! WE Love You! Now Smile!!!!!

1467 days ago


It shouldn't matter if it's "family week" or not. No one should be forced to see someone they don't want to.

1467 days ago


To all the idiots saying she needs to accept his apology and move on, she should do what she wants to do when she wants to do it and not be bullied or harassed into it by a psychopath like her Dad. She is the best judge of when she wishes to re-establish a relationship with him - if ever. He's done his damage and now he has to live with the result. If he would only stop stalking her and start conducting himself like a true redemptive person, over time, she might be willing to talk with him. Just cause Daddy "wants it now" doesn't make it happen. He acts like a petulant 5 year old.

1467 days ago


Michael Lohan is poison in this situation. Go away Michael Anthrax Lohan. Just go away and play with one of your paid girlfriends/fiances/wannabes. I bet you're in your hotel room right now, eyes on the TMZ comments, one hand on the phone, the other on your d.i.c. k. cause you get off on the chaos you create.

Captain Chaos strikes again.

1467 days ago


As for the rest of you that scream, take responsibility, you have know idea what that means. You should also cancel cable and go to the library.

1467 days ago


Michael Lohan is a master manipulator, a control freak, and he cares only for his only self promotion. Don't be idiotic. He only wants to get close to her so that he can control her and manipulate her in the same Machevanilian way as he does everyone else. And when people rebel against he control, the results are disasterous. Three seperate women of accused him of domestic abuse. Also, he went to prison for, amongst other things, assault.

Nothing good can come of her seeing him. All he ever does is tear her down anyway. Not just addiction-wise either. He doesn't approve of any her friends or anyone she hires or anyone she works with. He spoke out against Samantha Ronson. He has slammed every movie project that she has reportedly to be associated with.

He's an emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive bully and nothing she does will ever be good enough for him. He will never see her as anything more than a failure and she will never recover when all he has to offer is negativity, cynisism, bitter anger, and paranoia.

Plus he secretly recorded tapes do***enting her addiction struggles and then sold them to RadarOnline. And he tried to sell a diary that she had kept while in rehab at Cirque Lodge. What kind of man does something like that?

1467 days ago

Moe Green    

While it appears he is a stalker, he did get on TMZ for this so he must be making money somehow from this behavior.

1467 days ago


JLs noneofyourbusiness, you're both f*cking nuts, OK Dina may noy exactly be the most competent parent, but she looks Mother f*cking Theresa next to Michael, why the f*ck should Lindsay forgive that worthless f*cking piece of dog sh*t? He's done nothing but burtful things to her all in the name of making moeny off of her, he's a goddman psychopath! He's beaten Dina (not to mention his last 3 girlfriends), god only knows what abuse he's inflicted on the rest of the family, so no Michael has absolutely NO I repeat NO f*cking right to see his daughter now after all the pain and suffering he's caused her. Yes Lindsay should take responbility for her own actions, but you cannot deny that her father's treatment of her is very likely the main reason why she started doing drugs in the first place, I know i'd definitely want to do drugs if I had him for a father.

1467 days ago


Plus he secretly recorded tapes do***enting her addiction struggles and then sold them to RadarOnline. And he tried to sell a diary that she had kept while in rehab at Cirque Lodge. What kind of man does something like that?
Exactly he deserves no more chances and can't be trusted.
Even if it was a temporary success as soon as things deteriorated he would just leak everything and put Lindsay in an even worse position than she is now.
The best choice is just to cut him out and hope he eventually goes away when he has nothing else to sell or leak.

1467 days ago


seriously i cant stand that man. he wants attention all time time and its extremely annoying. when i see his face or hear about him i seriously want to puke

1467 days ago


this is really tragic in the sense that it might very well annul all progress Lindsay has made sofar at BFC . It's also further proof his main interest isn't making sure Lindsay gets better ( if that were the case he'd WAIT until SHE is ready to see him ) .If this particular stay at a rehab center fails we can put some of the blame on Michael Lohan and his antics .

@JLS you're correct that SHE is an adult ,but that also means she has every right to decline this dad-daughter therapy at this time. And if he does have his daughter's best interest and well being at heart he'd respect that decision. The fact he's seemingly incapable of respecting that decision is telling enough in itself.

We don't know how and why she developed this substance-abuse problem but we can certainly guess the fact mum and dad are fighting all the time and putting her in the middle accounts for lots of the issues she has experienced. Both parents need to understand that and back off and let the therapy first do its job .SHE and she alone will decide when she is ready to deal with her parents and confront them with all the problems they have caused. She doesn't even get the time to search within her own soul and mind to ascertain where and when everything went wrong.Mum and dad don't give her that time.

1467 days ago

O-C Guy    

Michael Lohan should be ashamed of himself as a father who allowed his daughter to end up in the mess that she finds herself . . . as well as using her as a prop for his sick, pathetic existence. If he is really concerned about Lindsay and has an ounce of sense in his small brain he should leave her alone and get Lindsay's mother to do the same. They are both toxic to her life - as we all have sadly witnessed.

1467 days ago


Michael Lohan is a dirty rotten creap. He's owes thousands upon thousands of dollars in child support to the two minor children he fathered, Cody and Ali, but Cody and Ali cannot get him the media attention he so desperately craves, nor can he profit montarily off of them in the same way as he can with Lindsay, so apparently he doesn't care about them. That's type of father Michael Lohan is.

Lindsay is sick largely because she desperately needs a father who actually cares about her and he just doesn't give a damn. All he ever has done or ever will do is use her. She knows it and so does everyone else.

And Dina is well aware of the fact that Lindsay is a drug addict and alcoholic. If you ever listen to those tapes that Michael Lohan sold to RadarOnline, you'll hear the truth. Dina knew Lindsay was mixing alcohol with Adderall, she was worried what might happen if Lindsay got back behind the wheel of a car in her condition, she tried and failed numerous times to get Lindsay back into rehab, and was even attacked physically by Lindsay one time for attempting to orchastrate an intervention. These tapes from around a year or so after Lindsay left Cirque Lodge,

1467 days ago


It is called forgiveness.... the great healer. God will not forgive you if you will not forgive others.

This is basic 12-Step and Betty Ford should know this. Forgiveness will heal of the Lohan clan... and then maybe they can all move onto bigger and better things. Without forgiveness ... LiLo is going nowhere fast and will be back to square one.

She should take this opportunity to see both her father and mother while she is protected at Betty Ford... this way she can have help processing all of the emotions, etc.

Get real... forgive.

1467 days ago
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