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Willow Smith

Whippin' It Up in NYC

10/19/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The same day her new video was released, nine-year-old pint-sized celebuspawn popstar Willow Smith whipped her hair in NYC on Monday.


How old were you when your first music video came out?


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such haters!!!!!! willow you did your thing im so impressed and you have great parents they did a wonderful job keep your head up enjoy life and always thank GOD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS THE VIDEO WAS HOT!!! VOCALS AT 9YRS OLD VERY IMPRESSIVE BETTER THAN MOST POP SINGERS NOW JADA AND WILL YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND TO THE SMITH FAMILY WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT ALLL OUR HATERS!!!

1429 days ago

my opinion    

I am outraged by the comments posted here this is a 9 year old child.

Try LOVE, KINDNESS, and PEACE it makes a better world for us ALL

1429 days ago


I agree with the ppl who think that they should be kids and not open their children up to this type of scrutiny. Look at johnny deep or michael douglas & KZJ you never see their kids all over the media

1429 days ago


Dare i suggest this girl would be better off not being in the spot light at this young age! Hollywood parents never cease to amaze me with their parenting skills or lack there of!!

1429 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

Will & Jada Smith need to be 'whipped'. Their son's attitude is deplorable. Watch the interview with David Letterman on YouTube- the child has absolutely no respect for adults and does not understand his place as a child.

Willow, who could be an adorable little girl, is being raised to think far too independently.

Not to bring up a controversial topic, but this makes me think of some of the criticism about Michael Jackson's children. Prince, Paris and Blanket have been raised (in my opinion) to be respectful, humble and kind. They are not arrogant, Paris & Prince are enrolled in a proper school. Blanket receives a proper education at home until he is ready to begin school in a different setting.

Hats off to Michael & Katherine Jackson for putting the children first. Fame, music videos, fashion, etc. can all come later in life. First, educate a child. Teach them to respect and let them become who they will become once they have experienced childhood.

The attitudes coming from these two young people (Jaden & Willow) is not healthy. Jaden acts like a smug thug and Willow things she is all that and a bag of organic chips.

1429 days ago


creepy little critter...........

1429 days ago


I wanna be YOU!

1429 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Unless people said something directly about the child, I think most mean to speak of loss childhood and security for the Jad.

1429 days ago


About the "disaffected look" someone mentioned - I don't think it's anything meaningful, they just look so much like their dad. Take a look at pictures of him - the way the facial features settle at rest is the same. Doesn't have to do with emotional state or whatever.

The kids aren't exactly huge talents, so it will be difficult to keep them from getting a case of swelled head disease and thus setting them up for failure later in life - but who knows, maybe their parents have emphasized that they are getting unusual opportunities that other kids have to work long and hard for, that they should just enjoy it and not think they're overly special, that they need to realize they wouldn't be too likely to get the same opportunities in an open audition under a different name. They're getting these chances because their parents are in the biz, just as kids whose parents raise horses get to ride horses a lot ... If you have a boat, you teach your kids to sail. If you have a motorcycle, your kids probably have their own helmets and get to ride behind you. If you have a garden, your kids can learn all about that and enjoy the taste of a real carrot fresh out of the ground instead of the supermarket cr*p the rest of us eat. All parents do it, their parents just have fancier options. Kids just like to hang out with their parents and do what their mom and dad do, though, so don't think for a minute that you're "depriving" them if baking cookies or watching tv together is your only special joint activity....

1429 days ago


Well...I really want to meet Willow in the future because IM 1 year young then cause My B-day is in December.So if I meet her we could be good friends.

1429 days ago


The comments about Will Smith's children were probably made out of sheer jealousy. I think both she and her brother are cute kids, and I think some people are envious of that fact and also their parents wealth and fame.

Maybe what some people are calling a snobbish attitude from the Smith children is nothing more than self confidence.
BTw, I thought the video was very cute and kid friendly.

1429 days ago


U guys are just F***king mad yall dnt hhave talents like the whole smith family. Grow the F**k up and kiss balls...

1429 days ago


Total garbage!

1429 days ago


Go Willow. Too cute, having fun! That's what its all about.You idiots are reading too much into it. Just a fun video. Like she said about the haters..just shake em off.. She is so not snobbish at all, obviously you have not seen her do an interview, she is so much a 9 year old and cute as can be. Will and Jada did not create a wilting flowers but assertive kids with talent. No different than any other kid in hollywood who has big name parents, why wouldnt they want to be a star too. Her dress is kid punk rock idiots. Its better than dressing like a slut like Miley and these other teens in Hollywood. Team Willow.

1429 days ago


who gives a **** about what yall think about how she dresses? out of all the things to worry about, yall bashing a nine year old on her style of dress. wow, either way it goes... she's gettttin paidddddd. & yall aint gettin paid ****, hatin is 24/7 joby & you get paid $0.00 for doing it. smfh. haters are some dedicated "workers" stay on your job, losers lol.

1429 days ago
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