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Beyonce's Mom -- She's Not Pregnant!

10/20/2010 10:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyoncé's mom Tina Knowles just blew the lid off the story that her daughter is pregnant -- telling Ellen DeGeneres, the rumors are simply "not true."


Ellen's interview will air tomorrow.


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I don't understand why they lie. She totally denied their relationship for years when it just would have sufficed to say she didn't want to talk about her personal life and leave it at that. The same goes for this baby business. For all we know she has probably already had the baby, that may be why her mother says she's not pregnant. And anyway, people fall in love, get married and have kids all the time, I don't know what all the hoopla is about. For the kid's sake let's just hope it doesn't look like Joe Camel.

1373 days ago


she has to be no matter what we'll find out the truth

1373 days ago


OMG!people this lady is always in her daughter's mix!I know her mom is more than likely bitter over her husband having a NEW outside child by another women, she can't control her own husband, so she wants to control Jay's wife! And anywho!B is not even HOT any more..Her time has come and gone--So it's time to spit out some babies for Jay and be like her homegirl; Kimora Lee Simmons-Djimon Hounsou!Girl please they say; one of the Disc-jockies from Dallas did a live interview with her and she had:a bad case of "Halitosis"! it was so bad; he put a tic-tac in his mouth!

1372 days ago


Im Getting Real Tired People Looking at This And Always Got Something Smart To Say Did You'LL Mothers Ever Teach yall If Yall Dont got Nothing Good To Say Dont Say it At All Well If So Do That Then I Mean Really If you Dont Like Her Dont Press Play And Look At The Video Then I Mean Come On Now You On A Computer Writting Comments Why She Making Money SO DO YOU TINA KNOWLES BECAUSE FROM THE COMMENTS IM READING YOU HAVE ALOT HATERS ....

P.S you haters just mad because you are not where is...LOL HAHA LAUGHING AT YALL BECAUSE IM NOT MAD IM PROVE OF HER AND HER DAUGHTERS

1372 days ago


Is she promoting the pregnancy or showing off HER horrible face lift and bad nose job! Is she the publist now!

1371 days ago


Do you really care? Beyonce "no one really gives-a-hoo"!
Give some of that money to homeless childrens!!!!!

1369 days ago


I love beyonce and her sister but there mom looks a mess. Why did she **** up her face like that? She was getting wrinkles? So what it's apart of getting older. Leave lipo, face lifts all plastic surgery to the people who need it (life or death). Nothing was wrong with your face before. but now ewwww she looks like a fat Asian boy playing in mommy closet and make up draw . . smh Kim K learned the hard way leave yourself as beautiful as God made you. Stop with this crap already . .

and if Bey is pregnant congrats and god bless hope you get the privacy you deserve and raise a lovely baby.

1366 days ago


damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i would have thought that omg

1341 days ago



1329 days ago


Reyna38- why your dumb ass would say that... y people always talking about other people and if she is or not pregnant it doesnt matter, because thats their child they going to take care of not none of us... I hate when people talk outside their neck, damn get a life, and leave people the **** alone... i hope your child dont die or whateva your dumb ass said... the only person can do that to somebody is GOD... not you... so you just hurt ur own feelings, becuz whatev you say about other people its going to come right back to you... YOU LITTLE WITCH!!!

1329 days ago


Wow good to know she's not preg. Jay-Z wouldn't b a good daddy anyway.

1316 days ago

lil rich girl    

i think the haters should stop hating and move on i am glad she is having her first baby

1304 days ago


thank u Marche' and Ka if u don;t care quit looking at the video and looking it up period ppl getting on my nerves talking about them if she is she is if shes not shes not let her be it's her personal dang celebrities need some privacy

1291 days ago


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1285 days ago


Well i heard Beyonce has been pregnant in the past and that she had abortions to keep such a nice body.And now knowing that we have all seen her with a big belly she obvisously was pregnant.What she did with the baby who knows.All im saying is really watch and listen.The media can say one thing and cover things up.

1282 days ago
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