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Gloria Allred: I Smell a Meg Whitman Rat

10/20/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred says she's been sandbagged by Meg Whitman -- in a crass attempt to win the election in spite of the undocumented housekeeper scandal.


Gloria and her client, Nicky Diaz Santillan, Whitman's former housekeeper, were supposed to appear today before the California Labor Commission ... to formally protest Whitman's refusal to pay Santillan for work she did. 

But the hearing was mysteriously continued until November 17 ... two weeks after the election. A rep from the state agency tells TMZ ... the hearing was continued because Gloria wanted to amend the legal papers she filed with the Labor Commission.

But Gloria is calling BS, claiming she never asked for a continuance and believes this is a power play to get Meg elected Governor. Gloria says, "If this is how she treats her Latina housekeeper, it does not bode well for how she may treat working people if heaven forbid she is elected."

As for Meg, her camp tells us, "Someone needs to tell Gloria Allred that her political circus has left town."

Gloria's parting shot ... "This is not EBay and we are not buying the lies she is selling."


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Meg is kind of heavy-handed.

The Brown campaign apologized to her promptly when she aired the illegal tape recording of someone calling her a "whore." The ex-nanny still awaits a resolution to her grievances against Whitman.

I guess that's the difference between being a billionaire and being a Hispanic. But it shouldn't be that way.

1464 days ago


I sure hope "Nicky" doesn't drive to this hearing as her Drivers License (and SS card) was revealed as fraud.... She probably still drives as unlicenced and undo***ented in her unregisted, uninsured mini-van....Don't worry, we will be happy to pay extra for you, not!

If Meg loses, what SS# is she supposed to use to pay the back wages??? Will "Nicky" just type up a new one? hmmm 123-45-6789 sound like an easy one to remember.

1464 days ago


One day potential clients of Gloria Allred will realize that her presence taints even the most worthy cases/causes. If you want publicity, go to her. If you want justice and/or to win your case, look for a lawyer who has a rep for winning rather than being on television.

1464 days ago


"the hearing was continued because Gloria wanted to amend the legal papers she filed with the Labor Commission...But Gloria is calling BS, claiming she never asked for a continuance and believes this is a power play to get Meg elected Governor."

It's not BS. Allred is full of it, if you know how to read this. She does not deny she wanted to amend her papers. Normally, such amendment would trigger a new deadline for the other side to respond to the new papers. The extension was automatically done by the very act of Allred. Allred caused it.

1464 days ago


Glorilla, give it up. You never had any kind of case at all, just a desire to hog the spotlight and help elect your lunatic Comrade Moonbeam. Looks like that shark got you in the face as you jumped over it.

1464 days ago


I liked in the debate when Brown ask why Whitman couldn't have gotten Nikki a lawyer. It was an act of pure stupidity on Whitman's part. Nikki seems to have found one on her own after she got fired!

1464 days ago


When are they going to put that undo***ented law breaking ungrateful housekeeper in jail?
She need to go to jail then deported.
Lets see her make over $23 an hour as a housekeeper in Mexico

1464 days ago


God just deport her already. Nobody cares Gloria this woman doesn't belong in this country. I can't believe that our courts are being used for **** like this. Gloria should lose her license to practice law what a loser.

1464 days ago


Same old, same old. Horia is bytching.

1464 days ago


Allred sought to amend her claim because she likely knew it was going to get thrown out at the hearing because her "client" didn't keep track of the time she worked so she has no proof to back her claim she was underpaid. By continuing the hearing after the election Allred is trying to keep the story relevant.

1464 days ago


Those of us who are native to this state remember the job Jerry Brown did the last time he was Governor of CA. Gloria needs to shut her trap and just stay away from the camera for a very long time. Can't she tell the most of the American public just doesn't like her?

1464 days ago


Why did you change Gloria's pictures?
Did she complain?

1464 days ago


I have got to say this and I mean it in the nicest way possible....but that Meg Whitman has GOT to be the ugliest woman on the planet Earth. If there is an uglier woman out there, can someone post a link to it?

She must have been built on one of God's off days. Bless her heart.

Posted at 3:35 PM on Oct 20, 2010 by jack e. jett

No need to post a link - the ugliest woman on the earth is to Meg's left.

1464 days ago


funny the reason this about the maid came out was to ruin whitmans chances at governor yet when the case gets continued till a week after the election the liberall gloria wants to whine.typical democrat working for ya thout this here...then you have bill the dip **** mahar digging up the crap on odonnell yet for some reason he wont even try to dig up obamas birth certificate

1464 days ago


She wouldn't have been "sandbagged" if she'd just gone away in the first place.

1464 days ago
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