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Lindsay -- Work Can Be Hazardous to Her Health

10/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's management team is already lining up projects for the actress as soon as she steps out of rehab in 2011 ... but LiLo's closest friends are concerned that rushing her back into the spotlight could be a dangerous move.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lohan's team has been devouring movie scripts, furiously setting up meetings, and organizing fashion projects, all in anticipation of LiLo's release from rehab -- January 3, 2011.

But one friend tells us the people who still care about LiLo's well-being feel that she "shouldn’t be working the first week. She shouldn’t be working the first couple months. She needs to be attending daily meetings to stay on track for sobriety." Another adds, “Lindsay needs to focus on herself for some time."

As we previously reported, LiLo has recently expressed concern about her career and her crumbling fashion line. But according to her probation officer, Lindsay also acknowledged that her "lifestyle" is filled with temptation.

Fortunately, Lindsay will have a couple of months to think about her next move.



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here's what i dont understand with Lindsay Lohan this famous people get off scott free on big charges and they dont serve no jail time for the crime they have done, the only thing different between us and them they have fame and money if they do the crime they need to do the time of what they have done Lindsay needs to have her butt in jail and server the time not this 2 days or rehab stuff, the judge needs there head examed and realize behind the fame and money there still working people but they just get paid more money, and her parents need there head exammed to as well there just using this girl for her money and fame

1459 days ago


Lindsay needs to take out a loan or something if she has to. She needs to STAY IN REHAB until January at least and get the CURSE of drugs out of her life for good.

The drugs, partying, and driving drunk have probably cost her a few MILLION in missed movie opportunities. Her clothing business could be booming these days if she just managed to stay out of trouble. She could have made a few hit songs and be in competition with Katy Perry these days if she was staying away from the party scene.

Trouble finds YOU when you are taking drugs and partying all the time. Especially if you drink and do drugs and you're stupid enough to be DRIVING. Lindsay needs to learn how to deal with life and have fun WITHOUT all the brain altering chemicals.

Lindsay wasn't born into a super rich family like Paris Hilton and those other drug addicted brats in L.A. She cannot afford to have drug and alcohol problems like those "trust fund babies" who could be heroin addicts 24/7 and they'd still have plenty of money to throw down the drain.

1459 days ago


@karen folks saying she gets away with it all have never been in rehab (and most definitely not such a long time ) and still think jail is more of a punishment.

1459 days ago


Who said she wasn't staying there until January 3rd she 100% will be there for the next 72 days but it isn't like jail or UCLA which is complete lockdown it has progression.
On Thrusday when she begins the residential day treatment and leaves the lockdown clinic and moves into the townhouse she can get her blackberry and internet access back.
"Free time in the evenings and on weekends provides opportunities for patients to develop sober lifestyles by participating in healthy recovery activities, and learning to establish a sober support system in the community."

1459 days ago


Who is this nasty broad that you plaster your pages with her..She is not SMART, she is not pretty--She is not of good body or figure, thick legs--her hair does not shine and changes color weekly... she dresses funny and is a drunk and drug addict..I do not understand this mess..Get her outta our faces..she is a little piss ant who smells like something foul..she is Meaningless .she comes from insane people..stop the insanity with this family of nothing...Hire a hit man for the lot of them

1459 days ago


TALENT-LESS ACTRESS IS WHAT YOU ARE, and you made it even worse by proving you have absolutly no self control and you cant handle your own life. Just goes to show you, no matter how much money you have, you will still be miserable..

1459 days ago


She's going on my death watch 2011 list.

1459 days ago


WHO is making appts after Jan. 3rd??? Please report this. This person should be ashamed of themselves. Most 24 year olds are broke and going to college, which maybe Lindsay should consider. No one wants to see her as Linda Lovelace or wear her clothes for a good long time. Maybe go on a vacation for a couple of months when you get out.

1459 days ago


Another large spell of folks who are so frustrated with their own lives they wish something bad on folks they do not know to compensate for that.

These comments come in "waves " it seems .

1459 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Memo to Lindsey's "management team" (a.k.a. Dina):
Are you high on drugs or just insane?
LiLo's career, at least as far as Hollywood films are concerned, is deader than Kurt Cobain.
I know for a FACT that no project in which she is even tangentially involved will be able to obtain completion bonds or insurance. In this town, that is the DEATH SENTENCE, unless somebody is just going to underwrite the whole thing for cash.
She may have a "career" writing a book about what a loser she is, make the rounds on Oprah and Ellen, or possibly some Comedy Central roast or special about trainwrecks.
Other than that, her only career opportunity is porn. Vivid will pay well to have her do what she does best, even more if Dina or Michael get involved in the action, but that's it.
Career over, just move back to Jersey and stop bothering the normal people.

1459 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Note to LiLo's "management team":

1459 days ago


keep lindsey off tmz news and we don't care what happens to a wash up dug addict, who can;t act. please tell about people who actually do good work and do good for others less welloff. this goes for paris,kim k and melgibson whore-we don;t care and these people need to never be pictured on tv and hopefuly will just go away.

1459 days ago


Die already you useless trash-twit.

1459 days ago


Lilo you owe me money hoe pay me for that crack bitch

1459 days ago


Last time I checked, Lindsay's closest friends were the party people who encouraged her to go out with them to clubs and bars while she was wearing a SCRAM bracelet. These are the same people who did nothing to get her to admit she had a problem. And now they think they know what's best.

Work is probably the best thing for her. It will keep her mind off of drugs and alcohol. There are NA and AA meetings at all hours of the day. She can do before work, after work, during lunch, or schedule a daily time when she is out and they shoot scenes without her. Lindsay thinking only about Lindsay is what got her into this mess.

1459 days ago
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