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Joe Jackson -- I Want Half a Billion Bucks

10/20/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's dad, Joe Jackson, wants somewhere between $10 million and $500 million from Dr. Conrad Murray to compensate him for the loss of his son's support ... this according to new documents obtained by TMZ.

In the docs -- part of Joe's wrongful death lawsuit -- he claims the money he seeks is in "the realistic range of provable damages."

Joe says 20% of his damages are for loss of support, 40% are for emotional distress and 40% are for "loss of comfort, aid, society and companionship."

And this is huge ... Dr. Murray says he's broke and can't settle anything because his insurance company is refusing to cover him.

Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, also says he may take the depositions of more than 60 people who have info regarding Jackson's death.

Dr. Murray says in his new filings he does not want to sit for a deposition until after the criminal case runs its course.  It's a whole 5th Amendment thing.


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1463 days ago


I hope they have good security at MJ's burial site cause the vultures sure are and have been and will continue to circle.

1463 days ago


I too would like somewhere between 10 million and a half a billion bucks. Thank you, society.

1463 days ago


Wow Joe! You are never going to quit, Thats the only thing the Jackson's care about is ****ing money especially Joe!

1463 days ago

Y do he got    

GO JO JO kick the A hole in the poorhouse and shut dwon his murder inc.contract killings MJ loved you no matter what the F`uped press rattles bout

1463 days ago


Pimp Daddy is really reaching. Get a job or file for Social Security. Don't you get it, Michael didn't want you to get any of his estate. You get your money through Katherine anyway. If she is foolish enough to put up with you and give you money, that's her decision.

1463 days ago

reality check    

I think it's time for Joe Jackass to get of his deadbeat ass and get fu*king job and stop living of his dead son's fame.
I am sure Micheal Jackson is spinning in his grave over how his family is trying to milk his fortune for them selves. Here is tip for the whole family GET A LIFE AND A JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1463 days ago


Joe and the rest of the Jacksons need to support themselves. Keep their greedy fingers to themselves and STFU.

1463 days ago


I can't believe what a slime ball Joe Jackson is even after Michel died. Dude wants money for lost companionship? What a joke. According to everything I have read, Michael barely spoke to his father so there was no companionship to lose. And I just can't believe he is trying to make money off his dead son. I hope Michael haunts him.

1463 days ago


He sure has expensive tastes in thinking that MJ would be able to generate THAT much money to support someone who beat him as a child!

1463 days ago


I should have clarified that if Katherine wants to give Pimp Daddy part of her money, then so be it. It's her who is going to do with less. Any money coming from Dr. Murray is going to go to the estate trust and that means Pimp Daddy gets none of it!

1463 days ago


Joe has never shown any intelligence or class.

1463 days ago


Plus how long did he expect MJ to live to contine supporting him? until he reached the age of 150??

1463 days ago

C Carroll Adams PhD    

Joe Jackson still has not proven he even has legal standing to bring a wrongful death suit.

Let Joe Jackson and Michael Lohan share a room and bore each other.

1463 days ago

comanche black    

Shame on you Joe Jackson. Even in death you are making your child work for you to no end. I didn't agree with a lot of what MJ did, but he didn't &doesn't deserve your screwed up sense of self. Hell, you helped make him what he was and probably helped to cause his untimely death in the long run. What a selfish bastard.

1463 days ago
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