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Bounty Hunter -- Glowing after Hospital Release

10/21/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter was back out on the town following his brief hospitalization earlier this month for internal bleeding -- and we gotta say, he couldn't look more ... er ... radiant.

Dog -- whom bad guys can see coming from a mile away ... at night ... in a fog ... without their contacts in -- lit up Boa Steakhouse in L.A. last night.

Get your shine on.


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Wow, the trolls are out in force, aren't they?

Dog, I love your show, and the fact that you are about redemption and second chances.

1462 days ago


Good God he's a tomato!!! :O

1462 days ago


Why do people hate so much, The man and his family hasn't done anything to you,You just have to be hateful to make up for something missing in your life,He has helped me see that people deserve a second chance and it is people like you is the reason they never get it, Because they are embrassed to ask foe help for getting the same hateful comments toward them, If you really want to hate on someone hate the bullies out there that make life so hard that kids take their own life, I lost my best friend because he was gay not because he was mean or anything but for his choices, Just remember what you say has alot of affect on people if you dont like him dont look,But he will still be around after you grow up and relize that all the hating is a waste of time ashlynn

1462 days ago


Needs a bag to go with those Stilletos..

1462 days ago


Abolutely love the show! U guys are the best! Keep bringing those bad people in and get them off the streets...all the negative people are prolly wanted anyway and are just looking for a little extra attention!! bahahaha apparently Dog is doing something right in his life!!

1462 days ago


I hate to see the hateful remarks made about Duane Dog Chapman.So he is an American Icon!! We need more people like him to help this world we live in. I think the family involvement is great and shows his great love of family and people. And just remember he was not a murderer. He did shoot the guy and was so far away from the scene. It was a complete misuse of justice in a small town in Texas with old laws that would never apply today. So, he spray tans - just like every celebrity before making an appearance. Get over it.

1462 days ago


I think DOG and his family do great work . They help get those who need to be behind bars put there and give those who want it a hand at starting there lives over without drugs and alcohol. They are Champions at cheering on those who need it most and giving them the drive and strength to go on :) ALOHA to the Chapmans and MAHALO to you for all that you do !!!

1462 days ago


The real Dog

1462 days ago


Hey Dog fans.

Check out Dog putting a bounty out on bullies last night.

1462 days ago


Hey Dog, when is "Baby Lisa's" birthday again I would like to give her a Pearl NeckLace.

Baby Lisa is the 24 year whitetrash daughter of Dog's.

1462 days ago


Let me correct what was said in previous comment. Duane Dog Chapman DID NOT shoot the guy and didn't even have weapon. I was typing in so fast I did not the word in NOT. He was so so not guilty.

1462 days ago

You Suck!!    

Wow people are so ignorant! Dog just got out of the hospital and to "pick" on someone just shows how heartless you people really are. Also, things look different in person than they do on camera so stop talking about how he looks excuse him for actually going outside and doing something with his life while most of you stay inside behind your computers and bash people all day because not only does that prove you are cowards but it also proves just how insecure you are because you have to put down someone to make yourself feel better which is rather sad.

Dog your awesome! Been watching your show forever and will always continue to watch. Keep doing what your doing. :)

1462 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

He is starting to look more and more like that a yeti.

1462 days ago


Blonde Sasquatch! LOL

1462 days ago


These comments make me sick. Some people have too much time on their hands. Dog and family are a very kind and compassionate group of people coming from someone that have met them personally. Go away haters we dont need you......

Posted at 10:54 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Sharon


He sweetums, You forgot to mention he's a convicted murderer, an ex gang member, and a racist too. But whatever, keep worshiping his oompa loompa looking ass.

1462 days ago
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