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Kat Von D -- Meltdown Over Jesse James

10/24/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More drama behind the scenes at "L.A. Ink" -- where sources tell us Kat Von D went nuclear over the way her ex-boyfriend Jesse James was portrayed in an upcoming episode.

Multiple sources tell us the recent drama began in the last few days ... after Kat viewed screeners of some upcoming episodes which spotlight her relationships with Jesse and her on-again BF Nikki Sixx.

We're told Kat -- who was dating Jesse when the show was being taped -- has decided that she no longer wants any traces of him on the TLC show  ... and demanded that producers pull him from all future episodes.

Now, producers are desperately trying to rip Jesse from the show -- but we're told there's so much content to remove ... they're worried they may have to pack the show with extra commercials to fill out the time before the show airs Wednesday night.

Calls to Kat's reps have not been returned.


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Ivana Tinkle    

I'd normally brag about being first, but with these two "look at me" personalities, it's not worth it.
He's a douchebag, she's an opportunist for publicity.
*yawn* 15 minutes. up. Enough. Who cares.

1462 days ago


Wait, they have broken up?? HAHAHAHAHAHA color me shocked.

1462 days ago


I totally lost respect for her when she started dating Jessie. I will no longer watch her show and I love it but she crossed the line with that duch bag.

1462 days ago


Oh me spelling bad!!! Who cares you all know what I was saying... DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!

1462 days ago


What is she, 15? She is pathetic and should be replaced on the show.

1462 days ago

Sad sad    

Um oh now she has regrets? Her and Sixx are perfect for each other. You'd have to be mentally ill (lol) to hook up with Jesse after all this. But I love him. Oh, wait no just the publicity. To me that is equivalent to a prostitute. I say the show should ignore her crying. She needs to just deal with it like most adults do. Oh, no wait it would reveal "reality". Can't do that no. What would people think? She's the one who spread her legs to that nasty sauce. These reality shows are a big fat joke anyways. Hollywood needs a whole new cast. These people are vomitous.

1462 days ago

Christina G.    

Nothing worse than a reality show diva. Didn't she just proclaim that she was in love with Jesse after dating him, what, three days? It's too bad, because they were perfect for each other. And I don't mean that as a compliment.

1462 days ago


So much for 'reality'.

1462 days ago

syntanx man    

Is there a proofreader there on the weekend shift? Tow postings in a row that are total hacks.

1462 days ago


She is not all that - why don't they tell her to "take a hike?" It costs a lot of money to regroup and she definitely is not worth more money. Besides, her "press" is out there with Jesse anyway, so that part of her history will not go away. Duh!!!
Guess all of those tats affected her brain!!!

1462 days ago


Bah! Just cancel the frickin episode already! Then dump her ass at the first opportunity. This little wench is making my ass tired, and I don't even have to deal with her.

1462 days ago


LOL@SyntanxMan..."tow postings in a row"...As****, you need the proofreader!
Kat is a horrible person with a nasty look!

1462 days ago


Two people who obvisouly didn't get enough attention as children. They're both famous for.........what? Tattoos? Really, have Americans stooped so low that trailer-park-trash like these two are given celebrity status? A sad, sad commentary on the state of our society. Won't they both just PLEASE go away?

1462 days ago

Interested Lawyer    

TMZ....Please check your grammar.(they're worried they may to pack the show) come on, is your staff drunk or stupid? Sorry they are stupid.

1462 days ago


who is watchting this show from that COWFACE anyway?

1462 days ago
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