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Billionaire Divorce

$100K a Month in Child Support

10/22/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian is used to writing big checks, so it may only come with a wince that he has to pay $100,000 a month in child support -- for one kid!

Kerkorian -- who had one of the nastiest and richest divorces ever from ex-wife Lisa Kerkorian -- has been fighting Lisa's bid to drastically increase support for their 12-year-old daughter.

So who woulda thunk?  Kirk and Lisa settled ... and TMZ has obtained a copy of the agreement, in which Kirk agreed to double the current monthly support, which had previously been set at $50,000.

Child support king Michael Trope managed to squeeze out an additional $10,250,000 in retroactive child support for his client, dating back to 2002.

As part of the deal, Lisa agreed to drop a civil suit she filed against Kirk -- which could have been worth tens of millions of dollars.

And here's the most incredible part -- Kirk may not even be the biological daddy.


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@Just Saying,
I think she might still have that skill to gain the protective instincts of some males but she might have to wait till these billionaires are senile or close to it because her case is so well known. It's also hard to find old men without protective families who might chase her away or whisper in the ear of the man. Then she'll have to do some immaculate interception of the emails.

1429 days ago

karen lee    

LISA got pregnant ("dating" w/the 2 men she had affairs with). Bing supposedly KNEW about her affair w/KK. BUT: KK DIDN'T KNOW LISA HAD BEEN SCREWING BING.

WHICH IS WHY KK MARRIED LISA (thinking HE was the baby's papa)./

KK didn't learn OTHERWISE until the child was too old - and he already THOUGHT she was HIS.

Lisa got lucky w/this one.

1429 days ago


what a joke!!!

1429 days ago


"And I imagine there are serious security costs involved for the child of a billionaire or the kid would be kidnapped every other week."

Exactly, He's worth 16 billion dollars. The kid would be getting kidnapped and held for ransom every week if there wasn't a security detail in place 24/7 and armored car to transport the kid etc. The women whining that it shouldn't cost him more then a few grand a month to raise the child are dumbasses, and jealous sounding ones at that.

1429 days ago


This is ridiculous. A child costs the same thing whether you make 30,000 dollars a year or 30,000,000 a year. As a woman, I'm offended when other women go into court and try to milk ridiculous amounts of 'child support' out of a man just so THEY can keep living in mansions. Your kid needs a decent roof over their head, money for doctors, food and clothing. Oh, and by the way YOU are ALSO supposed to be paying for half your kids needs. He shouldn't have to pay more than 2000 a month AT THE MOST...because it doesn't take 4000 dollars a month (that would be YOU providing half your kids needs) to take care of one kid.

Posted at 1:20 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Alpine


Oh please, your being ridiculous. Men who make $30 mil a year spend $30K a year just to send their kid to private school, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in what they spend on their kid every year.

You can't even begin to imagine the world they live it or how much it costs to live life like your royalty. But you do sound jealous.

1429 days ago


How do they expect a 12 year old girl to live on a mere $100,000 per month? That is just $3333.33 per day! If she has corn flakes for breakfast, ramen noodles and an iced tea for lunch, and a Burger King buck double and a coke for dinner, that leaves only about $3330 per day! And what if she needs shampoo or something? A months worth of Head & Shoulders shampoo is about $2, so now we are down to $3328 per month. And gum.. what about GUM? I weep for the poverty of this dear impoverished little girl!

1429 days ago


When is someone going to stand up for men and do something about these outrageous court decisions?

1429 days ago


When is someone going to stand up for men and do something about these outrageous court decisions?

Posted at 10:35 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Dave

Do you even have a clue how much a Billion Dollars is? (Hint, a Billion is a "Thousand Million" and Kerkorian has more than a couple Billion)

$100thou a month is chump change to guys like that and you feel sorry for him. Old chump knew what he was putting his dong in and even had her sign a prenup so anybody feeling sorry for that old perv is just stupid.

1429 days ago


The reason they give such high amounts of child support in cases like these is because the child should not suffer eating beanie weenies while the non-custodial parent is eating lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is supposed to keep the child in a standard of living that they would have enjoyed if the parents were in a one house relationship.

Is it extreme, yes, but when you have the money this man does he would be speding it either way... look at the money Paris Hiltons parents have put out over her lifetime.

1429 days ago


Well if the american law system is so sick that something like that is possible??? If you look at it from the "positive" side. Weman usualy do not have much power in society. So it seems here is there chance to play it all out and show what pigs they can be.

1429 days ago


A man's world became a nightmare from the bitches were made!!! Burn all the bitches.

1429 days ago


The child, a daughter, was already proven not to be Kirk's. His private detectives took dental floss from the trash of another billionaire, Steven Bing (who is also the father of Elizabeth Hurley's son), and determined that Bing was the father. Outrageously, Kirk was ordered by the Court to pay support, because he was legally married to the mother at the time of the birth, and had been treating the child as his own. The Court deemed it to be in the best interest of the child. Also, by the time Kirk suspected, he had already fallen in love with the child. Just amazing!

1429 days ago


Some women shouldn't be allowed to be mothers. No one needs that much money to raise a child, and she is using her daughter for personal revenge and or profit. The poor child probably feels like a piece of property. I hope the judge orders that women to put the money aside so the child can afford all the therpy she will need in about 10 years.

1429 days ago


that's reason for murder

1429 days ago

karen lee    

KK is a very generous gentleman, who obviously wants his daughter (even not blood) to know she's important to him. He's regarding his ex-wife with a certain standing other "climbers" wanna-be's aren't entitled to it ...

THINK THE IRONY ... a certain GREEDY grasper LOST HER former "big legal HAMMER" ...

Contrast THIS will the Russian gold-digger of Mel Gibson ... Oksana just recently FIRED (or they resigned HER case) ... THIS LAW FIRM (SORRELL-TROPE) WAS THE ONE WHO GOT LISA K HER lifetime annuity, etc.

Poor pathetic greedy gold-digger ... lost on the "big payday" ... and SHOULD have BIDDED her time .,.. Instead, she carried ON with landscapers, FREE bodyguards (to her -for a price), etc.

What a CONTRAST in lifestyles ... KK should BEWARE gold-diggers like "piano strumpets" like Oks G. She's always on the LOOK for "FRESH WEALTHY victims":

1429 days ago
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