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Canada to Randy & Evi Quaid -- Don't Go Too Far

10/22/2010 9:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Canadian police will release Randy and Evi Quaid -- once they post a cash bond of $10,000 CAN -- but they're not free to leave the Great White North ... not without checking in with officials first.


Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board just ruled on the Quaid's release, scheduled their next hearing -- for Thursday -- and slapped some strict travel rules on them ... such as reporting weekly to the Canada Border Services Agency if they leave the country.

Randy and Evi were arrested yesterday in Vancouver on outstanding warrants for a felony burglary arrest in Santa Barbara last month.


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Richy Marvel    

To the comment about serial murderers coming from BC you must be on something to write such crap! I believe the USA has defined that role with loose gun laws married to troubled personalities. I do pray for the USA to push a refresh button on their constitution. I love the US and half my relatives are from there and have been demoralized with the violence being played out down there MUCH MORE than here. Remember Canada only has the population of California. We do need good American citizens to come here and settle. These two people would be improving their lives immensely by moving here. I wish them well and I do hope they clear their heads and participate in this province in a good way. Mr Quaid I live on the West Side of Vancouver and if you are reading this and need advice or guidance feel free to email me. I am at envirosurfer at hotmail or yahoo. I can not write the full address here of course. My wife and I could assist on your settling here.

1426 days ago


Canada is so pro-criminal that it is not funny. To see how absolutely useless Canada is, when is come to handling(just about anything) criminals, check out "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father"(

Absolutely useless.

1426 days ago


You know what, Canada? KEEP' EM! These two suck more than outer space! God I hope they don't try to breed.

1426 days ago


we don't want anything to do with these hollywood losers

pics here from the van sun

1426 days ago


Probably got arrested on purpose just to have a roof over her head that she doesn't have to pay for.

1426 days ago


Hell no, get them out of Canada - we don't want them! Freakin' psychos (and btw "Truth", you are an idiot).

1426 days ago


He's a millionaire he doesn't care about this stuff as much as tmz does. Note to tmz, millionaires don't care about this stuff. Look at Lindsay she has been in court the last three years for being dumb and spent little time in jail. If I did the things she did I wouldn't be free for 5 years.

1426 days ago


Joann....i totally agree! these 2 just crack me up!! there is just so much wrong here and they seem to look like they are 4 year olds caught with fingers in the frosting. i just keep thinking......what?? too, too funny!

1426 days ago


Isn't Canada suppose to extradite them back to the USA?

1426 days ago


So they have to come up with $10,000 CAN,isnt that like $50 US?

1426 days ago


Where are their children?

1426 days ago


What a joke. Do they really believe these two are going to comply with any rules that are set forth before them? Randy and Evi have shown time and again that they don't care about the law; it really doesn't matter what country they are in at the time.

1426 days ago


These creepy americans have claimed refugee status!!

1426 days ago


@ 350TPI: Sorry to disappoint, but it would be $9744 US

1426 days ago


I'm from Vancouver and this is the link for my ISP's (Telus) take on this story:

1426 days ago
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